DeSoto County Schools is a public faculty district based totally in Hernando Mississippi and serving all public college college students in DeSoto County in the Memphis metropolitan place. With an enrollment of extra than 30,000 students, DeSoto County is the biggest college district inside the nation of Mississippi.

It has 34,752 students in grades PK, K-12 with a pupil-teacher ratio of 16 to one. According to state check rankings, 61% of students are as a minimum talented in math and forty eight% in reading.

Below is what to anticipate In this review.


DeSoto county positioned alongside the Northwest border of the US state of Mississippi has a populace of 161,252 in the course of the 2010 Census making It the 1/3 maximum populous county In Mississippi.

The value of living In DeSoto Is a touch bit more favored than in Mississippi.

DeSoto county had low land regions that were Developed for the duration of the nineteenth century for cotton Plantations. However, DeSoto county Is also listed as the effective In the nation growing Orchard and Potatoes. 

During the Civil conflict years, The Mississippi Delta was a destination for The South’s African Americans.


DeSoto county Is an awesome area to stay. Moreover, Olive Branch turned into selected as one of the pinnacle 5 locations to live. They provide the fine Public School districts.

DeSoto County Schools provide the great training In Mississippi and It is understood for its variety closer to developing wards.


As a part of the DeSoto County School District, that’s the largest faculty district in the kingdom of Mississippi, all simple and intermediate colleges inside the district are fully accepted via the Mississippi Department of Education and Advanced Education, a country wide accrediting employer.

Read: POLK COUNTY SCHOOLS REVIEW 2021the general admission and necessities for schools In DeSoto county.

  • A. Except for those students who have been legally transferred, every minor toddler searching for to enroll inside the district will be a resident. All college students shall check in at the school they are assigned to wait.
  • B. Any new student enrolling inside the DeSoto County School District or any persevering with pupil whose residence has modified shall be followed to enrollment through the custodial determine, legal father or mother, or person agent of a social service agency of the district who shall check in the minor toddler for admission, except college students who have been legally transferred. This grownup shall verify his/her house as a part of the registration method. At the time of enrollment, the student’s social protection variety will be asked. If no social safety wide variety is to be had to the district, the scholar’s Mississippi Student Information System (MSIS) number could be used to discover and music the student.
  • C. No baby might be allowed to join any grade (K-12) or attend any college with out a licensed start certificates. No toddler in grades K thru 12 will be allowed to enroll in or attend any college with out a valid immunization certificates.

Valid certificates consist of:

1. Form 121 – Certificate of Compliance

2. Form 121-A – Medical Exemption Certificate

3. Form 121-T – Temporary Compliance Certificate

The Temporary Compliance Certificate, Form 121-T, isn’t legitimate after the date shown. 

After that date, the primary shall deny faculty attendance with the aid of such child unless or till the main is furnished any other Temporary Compliance Certificate, Form 121-T, or a Certificate of Compliance, Form 121, or a Medical Exemption Certificate, Form 121-A.

  • D. Subject to the provisions of Paragraph E underneath, any toddler who transfers from an out-of-country public or non-public school wherein that country’s law offers for a primary grade or kindergarten enrollment date next to September 1, will be allowed to sign up for this school district on the identical grade stage as their prior out-of-kingdom enrollment, if:
  • 1. The determine or legal mother or father of such baby was a prison resident of the state from which the kid is shifting;
  • 2. The out-of-state college from which the kid is transferring is duly accredited by means of that kingdom’s suitable accrediting authority;
  • 3. Such baby was legally enrolled in a public or personal school for a minimum of four (weeks) in the preceding country; and
  • four. The DeSoto County School District superintendent or his designee has decided that the kid was making excellent instructional progress inside the previous kingdom.


Students might be allowed transient enrollment popularity if the subsequent files are provided:

  • A. A transient immunization shape from the DeSoto County Health Department;
  • B. A reproduction of an respectable request for a beginning certificates and a duplicate of the cash order used 
  • to order the certificate.
  • C. An respectable letter from a attorney or prison enterprise that affirms the process for custodial or guardianship manner has started for one of the motives indexed in section II (C) (2) of this coverage.
  • D. Proof of brief residence which may consist of automobile registration and voter precinct Identification.

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They encompass:

  •  Hernando Hills Elementary Schools
  •  Center Hill High School
  •  Pleasant Hill Elementary School
  •  Lewisburg Soul School
  • Hernando Middle School
  • Hernando High School
  • Center Hill Elementary School
  • Lewisburg Middle School
  • Oak Grove Central Elementary
  • Lewisburg Elementary School
  • Desoto Central Middle School
  • Desoto Central Elementary School
  • Lake Cormorant Elementary School
  • Center Hill Middle School
  • Overpark Elementary School
  • Olive Branch High School
  • Chickasaw Elementary School
  • Lake Cormorant High School
  • Olive Branch Middle School

Hernando Hills Elementary School

  • No of Students: 641
  • MATH:78%
  • Reading 66%

Center Hill High School

  • No of Students: 1,044
  • MATH : 80%
  • Reading: 65%

Pleasant Hill Elementary School

  • No of Students: 1,020
  • MATH:seventy four%
  • Reading:63%

Lewisburg Soul School

  • No of Students:1,057
  • MATH: 86%
  • Reading: sixty two%

Hernando Middle School

  • No of Students: 965
  • MATH:82%
  • Reading:sixty one%

Hernando High School

  • No of Students:1200
  • MATH:seventy six%
  • Reading:63%

Center Hill Elementary School

  • No of Students: 830
  • MATH:seventy six%
  • Reading:63%

Lewisburg Middle School

  • No of Students: 881
  • MATH:88%
  • Reading:59%

Oak Grove Central Elementary School

  • No of Students: 644
  • MATH:69%
  • Reading:72%

Lewisburg Elementary School

  • No of Students: 766
  • MATH:68%
  • Reading:70%

Desoto Central High School

  • No of Students:1765
  • MATH:65%
  • Reading:54%

Desoto Central Middle School

  • No of Students:1347
  • MATH:74%
  • Reading:fifty seven%

Desoto Central Elementary School

  • No of Students: 745
  • MATH:65%
  • Reading:sixty two%

Lake Cormorant Elementary School

  • No of Students: 657
  • MATH: sixty five%
  • Reading:61%

Center Hill Middle School

  • No of Students: 825
  • MATH:73%
  • Reading:forty two%

Overpark Elementary School

  • No of Students: 689
  • MATH:sixty two%
  • Reading:55%

Olive Branch High School

  • No of Students: 1100
  • MATH:68%
  • Reading: 46%


  • Reading:52%
  • Lake Cormorant High School

    • No of Students:933
    • MATH:63%
    • Reading:41%

    Olive Branch Middle School

    • No of Students: 785
    • MATH:56%
    • Reading: 39%

    And many other High faculties, Middle faculties, and Elementary schools.

    Other Campuses Are. 

    • DeSotoCounty Alternative Center (Horn Lake)
    • DeSoto County Career and Technology Center West (Horn Lake)
    • DeSoto County Career and Technology Center East (Olive Branch)
    • Magnolia School (Horn Lake)


    The tuition charge for each consultation varies as there are new offers, books, and additionally small fees.

    1) Registration rate – $50.00 each semester
    2) Tuition – $50.00 in step with route
    3) Virtual rate – $15.00 according to credit hour

    Tuition charges can be checked right here primarily based on your preference of software and previous years. www.Desotoschools.Com.


    Life at DeSoto county college is amusing. You get to meet awesome people. People with the attitude such as you. You research plenty approximately their lifestyle,

    Get Involved In so many programs, and many others. DeSoto County Schools Students are one of the quality In Mississippi State.

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    Faqs On Desoto County Schools

    Why School In DeSoto?

    Desoto schools offer a high gain over different faculties. Their take a look at ratings are simply true. And also plenty of packed activities.

    What Does DeSoto imply?

    “grave” or “small wood” 

    Major Admission Requirements

    Medical screening workout

    Birth Certificate

    Identification Card

    Utilities Bill

    Letter From mother and father.

    Top DeSoto County Schools Review 2021

    1. Hernando Hills Elementary School
    2. Center Hill High School
    3. Pleasant Hill Elementary School
    4. Lewisburg Soul School
    5. Hernando Middle School
    6. Hernando High School
    7. Center Hill Elementary School
    8. Lewisburg Middle School
    9. Oak Grove Central Elementary School
    10. Desoto Central Middle School

    Are DeSoto county Schools Safe?


    Desoto County schools are very diverse faculties, so it became smooth to satisfy various styles of humans and be inclusive.The college students have incredible potentials whilst It comes to sports and in reality high capabilities In diverse activities.