You are possibly questioning what UNICAL Post UTME seems like along your chances of passing this examination. I hate to break the news, but scaling via the ultimate screening exercising in Unical isn’t any piece of cake. However, in case you study with Unical Post UTME beyond questions and answers, you are 70% certain of passing this post JAMB screening exercise. Get one here right now.

Post-Utme is the submit-jamb screening that the University or Polytechnic of your preference will conduct after the JAMB exam. This is a technique for filtering and selecting applicants for admission.

The number one essence is sincerely to lessen the wide variety of applicants to the barest minimum. Well, it’s far no time to play “jamboree”, it’s far sincerely time to make certain you’re one of the few that receives selected.

Students who wrote post utme at least 5 years after its inception certainly testify to the value of going thru past questions. The fact is, it gave them an concept of what to expect on the examination day.

Unical publish utme beyond questions is fundamental prove that universities repeat questions each year. This is definitely comprehensible since the targets of the test continue to be the same even though the applicants can be distinct.

Hence, if you get a copy of the University Of Calabar flair test past questions and solutions, you may be positive that your UTME 2021 and Post UTME registration price will now not visit waste. So, comply with the spark off below to get your reproduction now.

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What is the Nature of UNICAL Post-UTME?

A few years in the past, I had just were given domestic once I found out that it was just two days away from my sister’s submit UTME screening exercise at Unical. I offered to assist her examine and just then I knew she could fail. I suggest she didn’t have any past questions and once I asked why she stated “I were reading my textbook”.

In summary, she truely failed as I posited due to the fact I knew she became a ways from being organized. You do not go into an exam hall while not having a glimpse of what the examination looks as if.

Your expertise of the exam’s targets, the range of questions, and where they’re drawn from is the first level of your practise.

For UNICAL publish UTME, a replica of the past question and solutions will assist you apprehend what to study and how pleasant to examine it. You must, but, anticipate questions from English Language and three other topics.

These three subjects are the same as the UTME challenge aggregate. This approach you may write the identical issue aggregate as you did in UTME 2021. Furthermore, you may solution a total of a hundred questions in 60 mins or less.

I wager you, the best way you’ll be in a position to finish these questions is to get a duplicate of the past query and constantly track how a lot time you spend on answering each query. So, get your copy as soon as possible. In reality, the fine time to exercise and finish your past questions is doing this COVID 19 imposed live at home.

See the Post Utme Past questions for different colleges right here. Get one and begin practising straight away.

Why You Need the UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

The University of Calabar is a noticeably competitive university. Only approximately 4000 or nearly 5000 of over 15000 students who follow every year to the university gains admission. The mystery to the selection of successful students is the Post UTME reduce-off mark.

Ninety percentage of the selected 5000 students practiced with the beyond questions. In fact, a number of them agree that they’d ransacked the beyond questions and solutions at least twice earlier than the exam.

Unical’s examination unit doesn’t have all of the time to be placing sparkling questions each year, in order that they repeat their questions from past years. This is pretty comprehensible because the goals of the question continue to be the same. So, get your reproduction at once in case your heart-felt preference is to benefit admission this yr.

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They will offer among other things, information to help you cozy admission into UNICAL this yr. Even as an undergraduate, you may still have get entry to to facts on the way to get economic useful resource as a Nigerian undergraduate or even look at overseas options that may also advantage you.

How to Get the UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

I actually have already advised you the reasons why you want these past questions. The Unical Post UTME past query value N1,000 in your challenge combination and to get it, follow the stairs under:

STEP 1: Select Your Subject Combination

You will write the identical situation aggregate you wrote in UTME for the Unical Post UTME. So, we have compiled the difficulty combination you wrote in UTME based totally at the direction you applied for in Unical.

Therefore, all you want do is specify the path you applied for in the description of your payment.

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Free UNICAL post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Test your self and find out how geared up you’re for the examination already. Try our sample Unical put up utme beyond questions under.

Choose the expression or phrase which BEST COMPLETES the sentence

  1. I am motive __________ continuing my course

A) on

B) with

C) as

D) to

E) at

Choose the expression or phrase which BEST COMPLETES the sentence
2. _________ equations use letters to face for numbers

A) Silmultenous

B) Simultanous

C) Simultanous

D) Simultaneous

In the questions underneath, pick out the word(s) or phrase which quality fills the gap(s)

three. Jubril found that thieves had entered his residence in his absence. He went to the police to record the…

(A) get away

(B) split

(C) ruin-in

(D) destroy into

4. After the accused became determined responsible by using the court docket, his recommend… earlier than the sentence became handed

(A) begged for mercy

(B) made a plea for mitigation

(C)made an ovation

5. If handiest I ________ Insured? But I wasn’t But I must pay a lot of cash

A. Am 

B. Were 

C. Have been

D. Became to be

6. Since the petition writer did no longer include his name the vice-chancellor refused to behave on such____ letter  

A. A spontaneous  

B. An nameless  

C. A scandalous  

D. A cowardly

7. Which of the subsequent isn’t a degree of environmental control?

A. Upkeep   

B. Stabilization   

C. Degradation  

D. Aforestation

8. Water pollution is caused by all the following except

A. Elevated silt load 

B. Sand filling  

C. Sewage disposal 

D. Business effluent

nine. Find the common of the first four top numbers more than 10





10. When graphed inside the (x,y) coordinate aircraft, at what point do the strains 2x+3y = 5 and x = -2 intersect?

A. (-2,zero)   

B. (-2,5)   

C. (0,5/three)  

D. (-2,3)

eleven. Daughters receive their X-chromosome from their         

(A)          father
(B)          mother
(C)          relative
(D)          siblings


12.          In bony fishes, the swim bladder is used for

(A)          adjusting the load of the fish whilst swimming at different degrees.
(B)          extracting oxygen from water which enters the mouth of the fish.
(C)          equalizing fluid pressures between the fish and the encircling water.
(D)          soaking up extra water when the fish is about to descend to a lower level


13.          The concept that new organs or traits develop in organisms when there’s a want for them became postulated via

(A)          Charles Darwin
(B)          Wallace
(C)          Lean Lamarck
(D)          Gregor Mendel


14.          Ribosomes are located in all living cells.     What is their feature?

(A)          mobile breathing
(B)          synthesis of proteins
(C)          excretion of waste merchandise
(D)          intracellular delivery


15.          Which of the following is NOT a feature of the nucleus of a cell?

(A)          It controls the existence methods of the cellular
(B)          It translates genetic facts for the manufacture of proteins
(C)          It shops and carries hereditary facts
(D)          It is a reservoir of strength for the cellular