Olabisi Onabanjo University is one of the two-kingdom universities in Ogun nation. With a college-scholar ratio of 3:1, only some gets the possibility to take a look at on this serene and conducive environment. Irrespective of some thing you have scored in UTME, you have to practice with OOU Post UTME Past Questions and answers to pass the Post UTME. Get one at once.

Basically, OOU Post UTME past questions and solutions serve as a preparatory tool for college kids who’re looking ahead to writing OOU Post UTME Exams because it gives you an insight into what to anticipate.

Do not be one of the severa students who stop making ready for their post utme after they see their UTME result. This is a melodious dance to failure, one which you have to avoid. And, the great way to avoid this is via preparing with the proper materials. The importance of beyond questions and solutions cannot be overemphasized on the subject of writing exams.

OOU is testing each scholar for the same basic knowledge and talent every year. This is to examine that you have the preliminaries required to examine at this group. So, at the same time as the set of applicants can also change every year, the check is normally the equal. This explains the repetition of questions in Post Utme’s. Follow the commands beneath to get your replica right now.

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What is the Nature of OOU Post UTME?

It is essential to word that know-how the character of an exam means 30% of your education has been done. This is due to the fact this helps you apprehend how first-rate to prepare for the exam. Getting an insight into the type of questions to be able to be asked allows you find a better way to answer the questions.

In thirty mins you will answer 50 questions. This exam is a pc-primarily based check and you’ll take a seat for the identical subjects you wrote in JAMB. You need to anticipate ten questions from each of the topics. To stand a danger, you have to score 50% and above as the full Post UTME score is a hundred.

The simplest way to complete 50 questions inside thirty minutes is to continuously exercise with the OOU Post UTME Past questions and answers. So, get a duplicate now so you can solve all of the questions before your examination date.

Why you should get the OOU Past Question paper

Basically, OOU is a fantastically aggressive college. Only a touch portion of the overall number of college students who observe to the college profits admission. The mystery to the choice of a a success pupil is the level of practise every pupil employs.

Most students fail publish utme not essentially due to the fact they didn’t put together. Many of them sincerely organized with the incorrect substances. So, to prepare rightly you have to practice with OOU past questions and solutions.

Also, our OOU submit utme beyond questions and solutions compilation dates back to the year 2010. Going thru it suggests that OOU publish utme repeats questions regularly. So, in case you get this Past query, you’ll be higher prepared to pass the OOU Post-UTME in one sitting and be among those selected for admission.

For simply one thousand Naira, you may get direct get entry to to our crew of education experts. They are without problems available to provide information to be able to resource you to at ease admission this yr. Amongst different things you may benefit from, you’ll be added to the OOU publish-UTME WhatsApp group. There you can have interaction and exchange ideas with different applicants.

After put up utme, you can also get a scholarship as a Nigerian pupil or even examine overseas options that may gain you. Quickly, observe the stairs under to get this so much cost for thus much less a fee.

How to Get the OOU POST UTME Exams Past Questions and Answers.

The OOU Post UTME past question price N1,000 in your situation mixture and to get it, comply with the stairs beneath:

STEP 1: Select Your Subject Combination

Basically, you will write the identical challenge aggregate you wrote in UTME for the OOU Post-UTME. So, we’ve got compiled the issue mixture you wrote in UTME based totally on the direction you carried out for in OOU.

Therefore, all you need do is specify the course you carried out for inside the description of your charge.

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OOU Post UTME Questions and Answers Samples

1. The modern-day life expectancy in Nigeria is

A) 55 B) forty seven C) 39 D) fifty one E) forty five Ans B

2. Yumu and Zabara are ethnic corporations in

A) Kebbi State B) Benue State C) Niger State D) Kano State E) Edo State Ans C

three. The following are spices besides

A) rye B) saffron C) ginger D) cloves E) nutmeg ANs A

four. Desmond Tutu turned into provided the Nobel Peace Prize in

A) 1983 B) 1987 C) 2001 D) 2000 E) 1984 Ans E

five. Victoria is the capital city of

A) Somalia B) Morocco C) Seychelles D) Burundi E) Lesotho ANS C

In questions below, choose the word(s) or word which high-quality fills the gap(s):

6. Jubril discovered that thieves had entered his residence in his absence. He went to the police to document the ________.

A) break out B) break up C) spoil in D) spoil into ANS C

In questions underneath, choose the word(s) or phrase which excellent fills the gap(s):

7. After the accused became observed responsible by the courtroom, his counsel ______ before sentence turned into surpassed.

A) begged for mercy B) made a plea for mitigation C) made an ovation D) made a plea for litigation ANS B

In questions below, select the phrase(s) or phrase which first-rate fills the distance(s):

eight. Four men and women accused of currency _______ are being held via the security retailers.

A) trafficing B) traviking C) trafficking D) traffiking ANS C

Without the usage of desk, examine (243)15×(0.09)−1×a hundred twenty five−23(243)15×(zero.09)−1×125−23.

A) 44 B) 34 C) 33 D) 43 ANS B

Three consecutive effective integers a, b and c are such that b2 = 4(a + c). Find the fee of c.

A) 6 B) 3 C) nine D) five ANS B

Find the principal which amounts to ₦four,400 at simple interest in 5 years at 2% according to annum

A) ₦3,800 B) ₦5,200 C) ₦five,000 D) ₦4,000 ANS D

Mr. Robson offered bags of orange for ₦2,500 each. He sold them for ₦ninety,000 at a loss of 20%. How many baggage of orange did he buy?

A) 60 B) 80 C) 50 D) forty five ANS D