You probable got here due to the fact you’re searching out solutions to sitting for the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology – LAUTECH POST UTME as soon as. Well, whether or not you have been writing for years or this can be your first attempt. All you want to examine and exercise with LAUTECH Post UTME Past questions and solutions. You can get your copy without delay.

Past questions and answers are vital whilst making ready for any examination. The maximum charming issue about Post UTME is the college governing council approves the repetition of questions from preceding years.

The essence of submit utme among different reasons is to check if candidates have the stipulations to look at on the college. So, the screening take a look at may also stay the equal since its objective is the equal. This explains the repetition of questions in Post UTME.

We have prepare all of the questions from the inception of the LAUTECH Post utme for you. The assurance you have got is with our LAUTECH POST UTME past questions and answers, you’re 70 percent sure of passing the exam. Well, besides you don’t display up on the exam day or you display up late.

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What is the Nature of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Post Utme?

Lautech Post Utme is an online screening workout. Similar to JAMB, anticipate questions on Maths, English, and General knowledge notwithstanding what direction you ought to look at.

Other questions will cover middle topics in your selected field. For example, clinical students must expect questions about Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Biology at the same time as Engineering students will solution questions on Physics, Further Maths, Chemistry along Mathematics and English.

Generally, our beyond questions and solutions will not most effective assist you understand the kind of questions to expect, it proffers solutions and insight on the expectancies of the examiner. This will, in flip, assist you take a look at substantially and excel.

In truth, Lautech publish utme beyond questions and solutions examine p.C. Is a guide, a map, and a compass to dissecting Lautech Post Utme and coming out in flying colorings.

Why Should I get LAUTECH Post UTME Past Questions and Answers?

Ladoke Akintola University is a quite competitive college. Only a bit portion of the entire range of college students who practice to the college gains admission. The mystery to the selection of a a hit scholar is the Past Questions.

We have found that over time, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) repeat their past questions. If you get those past questions, you will be higher equipped to pass the LAUTECH Post-UTME in a single sitting and be among those selected for admission.

We have collected beyond questions and answers relationship as a long way again because the year 2010 and feature found that maximum of the questions are repeated. So, we’re assuring you that the questions you get while you buy this LAUTECH Past Questions and Answers are actual past questions that you’ll probably stumble upon on the exam day.

Also purchasing a replica from us will grant you uninterrupted get entry to to our crew of educational counselors. You might be introduced to the LAUTECH Post UTME WhatsApp Group where you can alternate ideas with different candidates.

They will provide amongst different things data that will help you comfortable admission and while an undergraduate. In fact, you can get statistics on wherein to get a scholarship as an undergraduate or even your observe abroad alternatives.

How Do I Get the LAUTECH POST UTME Past Questions and Answers?

The LAUTECH Post UTME beyond question fee N1,000 on your difficulty aggregate and to get it, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Select Your Subject Combination

You will write the equal problem aggregate you wrote in UTME for the LAUTECH Post-UTME. So, we’ve got compiled the subject aggregate you wrote in UTME based at the path you carried out for in LAUTECH.

Therefore, all you want do is specify the route you applied for inside the description of your payment.

STEP 2: Select Your Payment Method

There are three methods of buying our original LAUTECH Post UTME past questions and solution. They are:

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Sample Questions


  1. A stable weighs zero.040N in air and zero.024N when absolutely immersed in a liquid of density 800kgm. Calculate the extent of the stable (g = 10ms2)

A.2.0 x 10-6mthree
B.2.5 x 10-6m3
C.3.Zero x10-6mthree
D.2.Zero x 10-6mthreeANS: A

2. A body of mass 5kg starts offevolved from relaxation and is acted upon by means of a pressure 100N, the acceleration in ms2 and final speed after 10secs can be

 A.20ms2, 20ms1
B.25ms2, 250ms
C.20ms2 200msfour
D.10ms2 300ms-four ANS: C

3. All those are proper about impulse besides

 A.Alternate in the momentum of a frame
B.Its unit is Ns
C.Product of force and time
D.Change in the acceleration of a frame ANS: D

four.A vehicle of mass 100kg movements at a consistent speed of 20m/s alongside a horizontal avenue in which the friction force is 200N. Calculate the energy developed by the engine.

A.2000 watt
B.3000 watt
C.4000 watt
D.5000 watt ANS: C

five . According to Newton’s 2d regulation of motion:

A.Momentum is proportional to pressure movement
B.Motion is identical to response but within the opposite route
C.Impulse force is inversely proportional to the time
D.Pressure is proportional to the rate of alternate of momentum ANS: C


  1. The number of electrons inside the K. L. M and N — shells of calcium is respectively

C.2,8, 2, 8,
D.8,8,2,2 ANS: A

2. The fundamental unit of artificial rubber is

D.Butene ANS: A

3. What are the oxidation numbers of manganese inside the anions Mn02 and MnO4? 
C.+4&+four ANS: B

four. The empirical components of a hydrocarbon that incorporates 93.Three% carbon is C 12, H = A.CH

five. The kind of hybridization in all the carbon in a saturated hydrocarbon is


English Language

Choose the proper choice that nice completes this:

  1. He didn’t know some thing approximately commercial enterprise, so starting his personal become

A.A bounce into the cloud
B.A jump in the dark
C.A jump into the ocean
D.A glance before soar. ANS: C

2. I just like the way he criticizes each person. It truely rattles

A.My again
B.My bones
C.My heart
D.My cage ANS: B

3. When her enterprise crashes. She had to select up and start _______ once more

A.The fragment
B.The losses
C.The portions
D.The stones. ANS: C

four. She felt simply bad while she found out that she had misplaced her watch. It wasn’t highly-priced but it had sentimental

D.Cost ANS: A

Choose the choice opposite that means to word or word in italics

five. Adebomi changed into dismissed from dereliction of responsibility

D.Negligence ANS: C

General knowledge

  1. Democracy day is widely known in Nigeria on

A.Oct., 1
B.Jan. 12
C.May 29
D.June 12 ANS: C

2. The first Africa country to host FIFA world cup is

D.South Africa ANS: D

three. How many members make up the residence of Representatives in Nigeria?

D.35.9 ANS: C

four. Abuja became Nigeria Federal capital territory ——————

D.1988 ANS: A

5. When became Rosen Mubarak of EGYPT removed from office as president?
A.Jan 2011
B.Feb. 2011
C.March 2011
D.April 2011 ANS: D