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What is PTDF Scholarship Exam?

PTDF Scholarship Exam is an annual exam for scholarships with full investment funded with the aid of the federal authorities of Nigeria at diverse tiers with the aim of imparting Nigerian students with the intellectual base and talent set in order to allow them to actively take part in the petroleum industry and Nigerian gasoline inside the conclusion of their research.

We have PTDF undergraduate scholarships and PTDF postgraduate scholarships. The scholarship is sustainable each in participating in Nigerian universities and remote places faculties.

Whether you’re making plans to put in writing the PTDF undergraduate, (MSc) Oversea and Local Scholarship Exam, there are PTDF beyond Questions and Answers for Masters Oversea scholarships and PTDF local scholarship to be had for you, to resource you inside the coaching to your PTDF Exams.

By practising over and over once more with those checks, you may recognize what to expect; improve your pace and self assurance; and be surely organized for the actual check.

Nature of the PTDF Scholarship Past Questions

The PTDF examination Questions are basically Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) and are more than one-preference questions that are divided into extraordinary categories. The candidate is expected to try a hundred questions in 50 mins.

The classes are in 3 codecs; wellknown understanding questions, area-based questions (majorly engineering and technology-based questions), and technical questions. Other likely questions revolve around current affairs, geography, history, and world activities.

Being an Internet-primarily based take a look at, it’s far difficulty to time. Once it starts offevolved, the timer may be activated and, upon expiration of the time allowed for the part of the check you chose, the session will be closed and you will now not receive get entry to to the questions in that part again.

If you carried out for a PTDF scholarship, you’re likely to be invited to write down the PTDF scholarship proficiency test.

After the software for the tests, shortlisted candidates are despatched SMS and emails containing their login PIN, which they should be us to log in to the PTDF scholarship examination portal, to get right of entry to the venue, date, and time of the take a look at. Shortlisted Ph.D. Students are invited for oral interviews.

PTDF Screening test holds in distinctive facilities throughout the six (6) geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Requirements for PTDF Scholarships

PTDF scholarships are highly competitive and handiest applicants who are exceptional in all fields are selected. A choice committee might be set up to evaluate applications the use of the following standards:

  • Academic merit as evidenced by means of the nice of stages, complete educational transcripts, different professional qualifications obtained and applicable publications (while available) to which candidates will refer
  • Awards for leadership and / or instructional excellence (where available).
  • Membership of expert organizations
  • The feasibility of the look at/research plan.
  • Applicants must post a case for his or her scholarship via filing a announcement of reason (most 500 phrases) indicating the reasons why they desire to behavior the have a look at, the relevance of the proposed observe for the oil and gasoline enterprise and its expected development effect national.

Requirements for PTDF Postgraduate Scholarship

  • A minimal of Second Class Upper (2.1) in a area associated with oil and gas OR a 2.2 with experience inside the oil and gasoline enterprise;
  • National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC);
  • Applicants have to have pc skills;
  • Possession of O / level with credit score in English; (At least C6 in WAEC / SSCE or C4 and better in NECO); and
  • Applicants should no longer be greater than 30 years old.

Requirements for PTDF Ph.D Scholarships in 2021

A minimal of Second Class Upper (2.1) in a field related to oil and gas OR a 2.2 with enjoy within the oil and gasoline enterprise;

National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC);

Applicants have to have computer abilties;

Possession of O / stage with credit in English; (At least C6 in WAEC / SSCE or C4 and higher in NECO); and

Employment inside the academic international in an approved Nigerian group, teaching disciplines associated with oil and gasoline;

A minimal of 2.2 in its first grade and at the least advantage as a 2d-grade certificates in a discipline related to oil and gas;

Submit a relevant studies suggestion for the oil and gasoline enterprise (no greater than five pages) to include: Topic, creation, objective, the relevance of the technique for the enterprise and mode of facts collection;

Possess a legitimate admission letter; and

It need to no longer be older than 40 years.

Applicants are advocated to test the subsequent documents and fasten them to their on-line application forms:

  • First-grade certificate or announcement of effects;
  • NYSC discharge certificate;
  • WAEC / GCE / SSCE / NECO Results;
  • 2 latest passport pics;
  • Local government identity letter;
  • Master’s diploma certificates (Ph.D. Candidates most effective); and
  • Letter of admission (Ph.D. Candidates).
How to apply for PTDF Exams
  • Visit URL to create an utility account and fill in your details.
  • An e-mail with instructions on a way to log in and set your password might be sent to the e-mail cope with you entered.

Why You Should Get the PTDF Past Questions Papers

We have observed that over time, PTDF repeats their beyond questions. If you get this Past question, you may be better ready to bypass the PTDF in one sitting and be among those selected for admission.

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How to Get the PTDF beyond Questions and Answers.

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STEP 1: Select Your Subject Combination

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Samples of PTDF Past Questions and Answers

1. Each occupation has its very own …………; bankers, legal professionals, and pc specialists, as an instance, all use among themselves language which outsiders have issue following.

  • A. Merits
  • B. Risks
  • C. Rewards
  • D. Jargon
  • E. Issues. Answer: D

2. ………… by means of nature, Amaechi spoke little or no even to his own family Members

  • A. Garrulous
  • B. Equivocal
  • C. Taciturn
  • D. Boastful
  • E. Gregarious. Answer: D

three. Biological clocks are of such adaptive price to dwelling organisms, that we’d anticipate maximum organisms to ……….. Them.

  • A. Clear – avoid
  • B. Meager – evolve
  • C. Large – eschew
  • D. Apparent – possess
  • E. Ambivalent – expand. Answer: A

4. The peasants were the least ………. Of every body, sure by means of lifestyle and by means of superstitions.

  • A. Loose – fettered
  • B. Enfranchised – rejected
  • C. Enthralled – tied
  • D. Pinioned – limited
  • E. Conventional – weighted down. Answer: B

5. Many humans in Africa at that time believed that spices assist keep food; however, Hall found that many marketed spices were ………….. Moulds and yeasts.

  • A. Devoid of
  • B. Teeming with
  • C. Stepped forward via
  • D. Destroyed by
  • E. Lively towards bacteria. Answer: B

6. If there may be nothing to soak up the energy of sound waves, they tour on ………….. , but their intensity ………… as they travel similarly from their source.

  • A. Inconsistently – mitigates
  • B. Forever – alleviates
  • C. Forever – increases
  • D. Gradually – stabilizes
  • E. Indefinitely – diminishes. Answer: E

7. The two artists differed markedly of their temperaments; Ola became reserved and courteous, Emeka ………….. And arrogant.

  • A. Phlegmatic
  • B. Choleric
  • C. Constrained
  • D. Tractable
  • E. Stoic. Answer: E

8. The intellectual flexibility inherent in a multicultural nation has been …………… in classrooms where emphasis on British-American literature has no longer contemplated the cultural …………. Of our united states.

  • A. Eradicated – unanimity
  • B. Endorsed – aspirations
  • C. Stifled – range
  • D. Thwarted – uniformity
  • E. Inculcated – divide. Answer: D

9. The conclusion of his argument, at the same time as…………., is a long way from………….

  • A. Stimulating – interesting
  • B. Profitable – valueless
  • C. Esoteric – difficult to understand
  • D. Germane – applicable
  • E. Abstruse – incomprehensible. Answer: A

10. In the center Ages, the ……….Of the first rate cathedrals did no longer input into the architects’ plans; almost continuously a cathedral was positioned haphazardly in ……………. Environment.

  • A. Scenario – incongruous
  • B. Region – apt
  • C. Ambience – salubrious
  • D. Sturdiness – convenient
  • E. Majesty – grandiose. Answer: C


The quality manner to put together for the PTDF check is to use the beyond questions and solutions of the PTDF scholarship check. These PTDF past Questions and Answers will help you know the nature of the exam.

Candidates who put together with these PTDF Past Questions have a better hazard of obtaining a high rating and ultimately triumphing the scholarship.