You can’t point out polytechnics in Nigeria without bringing up YABATECH. This is the same manner students who decide to wait polytechnics in Nigeria select YABATECH as their first preference.

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What is the Nature of Yabatech Post UTME?

Victors aren’t always the strongest of all time. In this context, victors are not virtually the most clever ever. They are surely individuals who took their time to apprehend their enemies and observed a common ground to defeat.

So, if you should bypass this examination, you should recognize what you are up in opposition to. This will assist you already know what topics to cowl, where to locate these topics and how first-class to recognize them. Luckily, Yabatech’s beyond query is a splendid step toward fulfillment.

It is crucial to observe that YABATech Post UTME is a computer-based totally check. So, if you are not conversant with the laptop, you ought to take a direction or two on the nitty-gritty of writing a check with a pc.

You will answer 40 questions in thirty minutes. And to stand a chance, you ought to solution 50% and above of all the questions efficaciously.

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Basically, Yabatech is a distinctly aggressive university. Only a little portion of the whole range of students who follow to the college gains admission. The secret to the selection of the a hit student is all dependent on how excellently they carry out in each UTME and Post UTME.

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Yabatech Post UTME Questions and Answers Samples

From the words or institution of phrases lettered A to D, pick the phrase or organization of words that excellent completes each of the following sentences.

When the little girl harm herself she —— her mother for sympathy.

(a) seemed up (b) pressured (c) appealed for (d) became to ANS D

2 The ————— applauded the lecturer. (a) crowd (b) congregation (c) spectator r (d) audience ANS D

three. The new Eko Bridge in Lagos should assist to significantly ease the terrible traffic———-(a) compression (b) conversions (c) congestion (d) convergence ANS C

4. Able and ————-, he sooner or later reaped his praise. (a) awkward (b) business (c) officious (d) industrious ANS D

five. The motive force didn’t obey the rate-limit policies within the college compound, and turned into summarily brushed off. (a) answer (b) understand (c) be aware (d) observe ANS D

6. Convert 35 to a range of in base . A. 10112 B. 100112 C. 1000112 D. 1100102 ANS C

15. The nth time period of a series is represented by way of three x 22-n. Write down the primary 3 terms of the series A. 3 /2, 3, 6 B. 6, 3, three /2 C. Three /2, three, ⅓ D. ⅔, 3, eight /3 ANS B

sixteen Simplify -1½ A. 8 B. 4 C. ¼ D. ⅜ ANS A

17. Solve the equation five×2 – 4x -1 = 0 A. -1, 1 /5 B. -1, -1 /five C. 1, 1 /5 D. 1, -1 /five ANS D

18. P and q are two fine numbers such that p > 2q. Which one of the following statements is not true? A. –p < – 2q B. –p > – 2q C. – q < 2p D. Q < ½p ANS B

19. Another call for a non-sensible drawing is ——A. Baroque B. Impressionism C. Abstract D. Realism ANS C

20. The device used for weaving in fabric is referred to as ——————— A. Spinning B. Warp C. Loom D. Weft ANS C

21. —– is the maximum durable fabric for sculptural paintings. A. Clay B. Soap C. Bronze D. Wood ANS C

22. The modeling of the top a part of the human figure is called a ——- A. Half frame B. Portrait C. Bust D. Profile ANS C

Instructions: In every of the subsequent sentences there may be one word underlined and one gap from the list of phrases A to D choose the phrase that is most nearly contrary in that means to the underlined word and in an effort to effectively fill the distance in the sentences.

23. Adebayo had felt certain of triumphing the election but as the officials countered the electorate, he felt in reality————— (a) ambiguous (b) uncertain (c) disturbed (d) insecure ANS B

24. People who’re generally —————— often grow to be dauntless heroes inside the face of real threat. (a) unsteady (b) cowardly (c) colorless (d) bashful ANS B

25. After an exciting life aboard inside the navy, he discovered farming at domestic extremely——— (a) difficult (b) repulsive (c) unprofitable (d) uninteresting ANS D

26 His conceited altitude after the victory contrasted sharply along with his buddies———— (a) humiliation (b) disgrace (c) shame (d) modest ANS D

From the words or group of phrases lettered A to D, pick out the phrase or group of phrases that pleasant completes each of the following sentences.

27. Please ought to you———the radio in order that it’s no longer quite so loud (a) flip out (b) turn down (c) flip in (d) turn off B

28. Kola wore his national————- which changed into made up of flowing garment with beautifully embroidered trousers. (a) outfit (b) fit (c) gown (d) uniform C