Samples of Nigerian Police Recruitment 2020 Past Questions & Answers

These questions are drawn from beyond examinations and a hit candidates, so, we suggest you to take it very critically.

1. The first Inspector General of the Police Force turned into

  • A. Teslim Balogun
  • B. Louis Edet
  • C. Ademola Adetokunbo
  • D. Mike Okiro.

2. In order to qualify for the put up of President in Nigeria, the person need to be _____ and above

  • A. 35 years
  • B. Two decades
  • C. Forty years
  • D. 55 years.

3. The call Nigeria coined out of _______

  • A. Niger Forest
  • B. Niger Area
  • C. Niger River
  • D. Niger Textures.

4. The ultimate colonial Governor-General of Nigeria changed into

  • (a) Tulma Goldie
  • (b) James Robertson
  • (c) Huge Clifford
  • (d) Lord Lugard.

five. The First World War was among

  • (a) 1911-1914
  • (b) 1914-1916
  • (c) 1916-1918
  • (d) 1914-1918.

6. The first African u . S . A . To introduce e-passport turned into

  • (a) South Africa
  • (b) Ghana
  • (c) Liberia
  • (d) Nigeria.

7. The first secretary General of commonwealth become

  • (a) George Washington
  • (b) Tulma Goldie
  • (c) Arnold smith
  • (d) Joseph Garba.

8. The first army president of Nigeria was

  • (a) Sanni Abacha
  • (b) Ibrahim Babangida
  • (c) Aguiyi Ironsi
  • (d) Yakubu Gowon.

9. Which of the following can be appeared as a regional employer

  • (a) ECOWAS
  • (b) OAU
  • (c) UN
  • (d) OPEC.

10. What is the entire meaning of NPF?

  • ANSWER: Nigeria Police Force.

11. What is the Nigeria police pressure motto?

  • ANSWER: The police is your pal.

12. When changed into Nigeria Police Force(NPF) mounted?

thirteen. What are the goal of Nigeria Police Force?

  • ANSWER: The Nigeria police pressure goal is to enhance the fine of existence in our u . S . By way of running in partnership with the network and according with constitutional rights to put into effect the legal guidelines, hold the peace, reduce fear and offer for a safe environment.

14. Who is the present Chief of Defence Staff?

  • ANSWER: Major Gen. Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin

15. What is the entire Meaning of IGP?

  • ANSWER: Inspector General of Police

sixteen. What is the call of Nigeria Police Force IGP?

  • ANSWER: IGP Abubakar Muhammad Adamu

17. When did Nigeria were given her independence?

18. Who is the contemporary Speaker of Nigeria House of Representatives?

  • ANSWER: Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila

19. Which yr became the Nigerian flag designed and who designed it?

  • ANSWER: Nigeria flag become designed by using Mr. Taiwo Akinkumi in 1959.

20. Who is the first Executive president of Nigeria?

  • ANSWER: Alh. Shehu Shagari.

21. Name the authorities companies that supervise the affairs of Nigeria police pressure?

  • ANSWER: i). The Police service Commission (PSC)
  • ii). Ministry of police affairs
  • iii). The Nigeria police council(NPC)

22. What is the personnel strength of Nigeria police force?

23. Name the 7 place Commands of Nigeria police force?

  • ANSWER: (Adamawa, Gombe, Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Lagos, Ogun.)

24. When did Nigeria emerge as a Republic?

25. What year did the Nigerian Civil War start and end?

  • ANSWER: Started 1967 and ended 15th January 1970.