Are you a prospective graduate and submit-doctoral student of UBC? If so, you then stand to experience this $18,two hundred stipend for the UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship plus complete tuition insurance. This is simply a brilliant and grand possibility for Canadian and International Students.

Basically, the Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) application will assure the satisfactory doctoral college students of UBC, DMA and MDPhD monetary support of at least $18,2 hundred according to yr plus training expenses for up to 4 years of their doctoral studies.

Also, this application allows UBC to hold to attract and assist notable national and worldwide doctoral students. And they plan to provide these college students with stable primary funds for their doctoral and research research.

So, so as to apply for this Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF), we are making the procedure easy for you. On each web page of the thing, you may discover all the necessary statistics you want to apply for this fellowship. So I will advise you to follow and adhere to the commands beneath.

Why Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at UBC

Each 12 months, UBC attracts extraordinary students from around the arena to its global-elegance academic surroundings. Though humans do ask ”Why do I should select the University of British Columbia in Vancouver for my Graduate research?”. The answer to this query is unique for every pupil. But right here is the thrilling fact to make you select UBC to your Doctoral research.

Firstly, UBC graduate school become named one of Canada’s “maximum modern universities” by way of Reuters in 2019. That is the super success you could ever think of.

Secondly, Times Higher Education ranked the University of British Columbia because the most international college in North America in its rating. Also, they got a rating as one of the most international universities in the global in 2017. Equally, UBC is a global research and teaching centre, frequently ranked many of the top 20 public universities inside the global.

Thirdly, UBC makes a speciality of its fulfillment and offers dozens of expert development occasions and career classes throughout its program. At UBC, you could select from greater than three hundred graduate software options and more than 2,000 studies administrators. You can even design your personal application.

Fourthly, graduate and postdoctoral research offer a extensive range of alternatives for present day master’s and doctoral students and research students. They offer students an intellectually stimulating training. Specifically thru packages of international scope, interactive and interdisciplinary guides of their content material and recognition.

Finally, studying at UBC is to revel in an great campus in one of the maximum magnificent areas on earth, the incredible British Columbia.

So is UBC proper for you? Only you could make certain. But with the aid of choosing UBC, you may absolutely be part of a supportive community at the leading edge of postgraduate coaching and research global.

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Value of the UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship 4YF

Indeed there may be a big benefit whilst you emerge as being the fine doctoral pupil at UBC.

The Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) software will assure the fine doctoral college students of UBC, DMA and MDPhD monetary guide of at least $18,2 hundred in line with 12 months. This is just one of the benefits.

They additionally could be giving full training costs for up to four years in their doctoral research.

4YF financing may be available for up to 4 years, but the length of financing can be shorter in positive occasions (see 4YF suggestions for greater information).

In all instances, funding is concern to first-rate instructional development.

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UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship 4YF Eligibility

Four-year Doctoral Fellowship can be made via national and global college students. In preferred, the fellowships are presented to college students who begin their first 12 months of doctorate, DMA or MDPhD, but can be offered to continuing students.

Students with the subsequent tri-agency scholarships routinely become 4YF designates:

  • Vanier Scholarships,
  • Doctoral Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGSD),
  • CIHR Doctoral Research Awards,
  • NSERC Doctoral Postgraduate Scholarships (PGSD), and
  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships.

Doctoral students who obtain Tri-Agency scholarships may be eligible for four-yr lessons coverage. And they’ll additionally acquire a 4-yr stipend and training support as soon as their outside scholarship funding ends. This may continue as much as four years after the start date of the external scholarship or until the cease of its 5th year of the doctoral program. Though it doesn’t be counted which one comes first.

Other important external scholarship winners who are decided on as 4YF designates can be eligible for 4YF lessons insurance and could acquire 4YF stipend and tuition aid once their outside scholarship funding ends, until 4 years after the 4YF start date or till the quit in their 5th yr in Doctoral program, whichever comes first.

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How to Apply for the UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship 4YF

To be taken into consideration for a Four Year Fellowship investment, college students ought to put up an application for admission to the perfect graduate program at UBC.

For more records on admission tactics and situations, visit the Application and Admission web page.

All PhD, DMA and MDPhD candidates who’re admitted are robotically considered for 4YF investment.

4YF holders should request other financings to maintain their eligibility for 4YF financing.

(a) 4YF holders who’re Canadian citizens or permanent citizens should request price range from all 3 groups each 12 months if they are eligible. If they do no longer, they’ll lose their ultimate 4YF investment.

(b) 4YF winners who’re worldwide college students aren’t required to post an application for the yearly affiliate scholarship opposition (that’s held each fall) however are eligible to accomplish that if they wish to compete for affiliate scholarships with higher grants (along with the Killam doctoral scholarship).

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UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship 4YF Application Deadline

Actually, there may be no application deadline for this UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship. So you’re unfastened to apply anytime anywhere.

UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship FAQs

Do I need to be standard to UBC to be eligible to apply for award investment?

No, in most instances you may apply for award investment before you’ve got commonplace to UBC.  Please consult with the person award’s webpage for specific eligibility requirements.

How will I receive my award investment?

Award investment is paid thru Student Service Centre (SSC).

When will my awards be assigned? When will I obtain my award investment?

For the Winter consultation (September to April), awards are normally assigned by the stop of August and payout in early September and early January. For the Summer consultation (May to August), awards are usually assigned by means of the cease of April and payout in early May.

Why doesn’t my lessons award cowl all of my charges?

Tuition awards (ex. International Tuition Awards, 4YF Tuition Award, AGF Tuition Award) only help cowl training prices.  They do no longer cowl the additional fees that students are charged every term (ex. UPass, Medical).  Your tuition award will consequently no longer cover your complete prices for the term; it’s going to assist with the tuition portion.  Note: lessons awards are capped at the same old training rate for the diploma degree.

In Conclusion

The Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) application will assure the pleasant doctoral college students of UBC, DMA, and MDPhD monetary guide of at least $18,200 in step with yr plus training costs for up to 4 years in their doctoral studies.

In this newsletter, you will find all of the important data you want to use for this fellowship. So I will advocate you to comply with and adhere to the commands above.

The maximum exciting element is that there may be no software cut-off date for this fellowship.

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