Studying in South Korea is some thing you have to look forward to due to her rich cultural heritage and fine standard of schooling brought.

If you’re eager on best training, you then would possibly recollect reading inside the Best Universities in South Korea for International Students.

This article highlights the high-quality universities in South Korea for any international student to explore. Just make your preference!

Due to its near diplomatic ties with the USA and all the wealthy nations, South Korea may be very open to worldwide college students and the variety of international students touring South Korea will increase day by day.

In this writing, you may be richly enlightened on all you want to realize about reading in South Korea, what it price to observe in South Korea in addition to the Best Universities in South Korea for International Students.

About South Korea

South Korea is formally referred to as the Republic of Korea and is placed inside the southern part of the Korean peninsula in East Asia.

One of the driving elements is certainly its pleasant nature. They are easy to hold and generally tend to drift properly with foreigners on your u . S ..

Investment in first-class training and studies has been at the forefront of South Korea’s improvement. Hence, the united states of america has transited to turn out to be the 13th largest economy inside the world and the third-largest financial system inside Asia.

This funding has been profitable, as South Korea is called one of the 4 “Asian Tiger” economies at the side of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Why Should I Study in Korea?

Studying in Korea is a lovely revel in. South Korea has been the dream of countless foreign students worldwide specifically those who watch a lot of Korean films.

It ought to had been a figuring out thing why the desire amongst younger human beings, college students, specifically, need to tour to Korea to enjoy its way of life and thrills.

Famous TV shows made in Korea have uncovered their values and requirements, which makes Korean existence and universities attractive to international students. Living and reading in Korea is a unique opportunity in lifestyles, as a lovely and colourful u . S . A . Is a wonder to behold.

How Much Does it Cost To Study in South Korea?

An undergraduate route at a public university fees a median of US $2,000 to the USA $four,500 in keeping with semester (humanities courses lessons is decrease at the same time as the medicine is better).

The common annual tuition cost at the ten the world over categorized Korean universities has an predicted price of US$6,800.

The average tuition charge in a personal university can cost up to $7,000 even as the average profits is above the $20,000 mark.

South Korea has the 1/3-highest enrolment amongst OECD countries however is under the average of those in-nation scholarships and student loans, in keeping with the Ministry of Education

You should remember that there are two semesters in each academic yr when calculating the full cost and undergraduate packages in South Korea normally remaining four years (or six years for subjects together with medication and dentistry).

How Can I Study in South Korea for Free?

Let’s show you a few approaches you could keep the price of analyzing in Korea to a minimum, or even better, you could look at in Korea totally free!

The quality way to achieve an training abroad without any economic burden is by securing a scholarship. Be positive to test the to be had scholarships and their requirements earlier than making use of for one.

Can You Study in Korea Without Knowing Korean?

Education has a long way gone worldwide and students have the liberty to move everywhere within the international to look at the guides that paintings first-rate for them.

More than eight million college students are anticipated to take a look at overseas for his or her graduate research in 2025. Faced with this trend, main universities around the arena have standardized to house humans from all around the world.

Korea is one of those countries that welcomes college students and specialists from all over the global and that they combo very well to earn a dwelling inside the country.

Known for its kind and beneficiant hospitality, Korean citizens makes it clean for people to combination in with the tradition of the united states.

So, in case you discover your self in Korea and you don’t have any clue approximately their language, these are the things you could do to combination in rapid:

#1. Learn their very own English Style:

The English taught at Korean universities may be a chunk exclusive and tough to observe. You will pay more attention to getting to know their accent.

Although the instructions are in English, just check and make certain they’re in English as it’s far herbal for humans and running shoes to revert to their local language.

If matters don’t move your way, you may constantly analyze some commonplace names for his or her u . S . A .’s meals, like their Kimchi, Chimaek, Barbecue, or Ramyeon, the meals is heavenly.

Most times, college students get used to their language, and the adventure is going smoothly.

What are SKY Universities in South Korea?

SKY is an acronym used to consult the three most prestigious universities in South Korea: Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University.

The term is widely utilized in South Korea, both in the media and by the colleges themselves.

In South Korea, admission to one of the SKY universities is broadly considered as a determinant of the pinnacle career and social reputation.

Many of the most influential politicians, legal professionals, medical doctors, engineers, newshounds, professors and policymakers (bureaucrats) in South Korea have graduated from one in all SKY universities.

How Many Public Universities in South Korea?

In overall, there are forty three countrywide universities and almost a hundred and eighty non-public universities. Undergraduate programs generally remaining 4 years (six years for medication and dentistry).

In 2010 there have been eighty three,842 foreign students from 171 international locations studying in South Korea.

National Universities in South Korea

National universities in South Korea have been hooked up with the aid of the South Korean government to provide higher schooling to assist the u . S . A .’s improvement. There are 15 foremost countrywide universities, which were set up to play a role within the development of each place.

Among all the colleges in Korea, the most prestigious is the Seoul National University.

South Korea currently has greater than 220 universities, as properly as Global Campus opened by international universities, as that is part of South Korea’s internationalization plan.

For the sake of this examine, we will restrict our listing to the satisfactory universities in South Korea for worldwide students 2021.

Best Universities in South Korea for International Students

Here is the list of the great universities in South Korea for global college students. Some of these universities are owned by the authorities, at the same time as others are privately owned. They have a remarkable training wellknown this is diagnosed global.

Their ranking issue is especially due to their acceptance price due to the fact most of those schools have strict and competitive opportunities of providing admission, specially to worldwide college students. We will begin with the SKY universities.

#1. Seoul National University

Considered one of the most prestigious institutions of better schooling in South Korea, Seoul National University (SNU) occupies the first function, as the fine universities in South Korea for International Students that offer students the opportunity to study inside the Heart of the bustling capital of the us of a.

Seoul often ranks as one of the best towns inside the global for higher education, and the college is quite simply most of the nice universities in Asia.

Seoul National University is the first countrywide college in South Korea and has a popularity for residing as much as the high ideals of democracy. The college has also maintained peace within the region of ​​the Korean peninsula.

The university has sixteen faculties, a graduate faculty, and 10 expert graduate schools that offer hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral guides.

The most important campus, Gwanak, is primarily based in southern Seoul and incorporates over 2 hundred homes that serve hundreds of students and personnel. The web page is served through its own subway station.

The Yongon University campus, placed simply north of the Han River, houses the predominant department of the Seoul National University Hospital and the colleges of medication, nursing, and dentistry.

A little out of doors the city, the Pyeong Chang campus includes the Graduate School of International Agriculture, in addition to the Bio Verde Institute of Science and Technology and the university’s personal agricultural complex.

Famous Alumni consist of former UN secretary-widespread Ban Ki-Moon, former president of the International Criminal Court, Song Sang-Hyun and Lee Jong-Wook, who used to lead the World Health Organization.

The college additionally has the Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen and the winner of the Fields Medal, Hironaka Heisuke.

Acceptance fee: 10%.

Tuition: 6.33 million KRW

#2. Korea University

Founded in 1905, Korea University is certainly one of the most important and oldest universities inside the united states and one of the first-class universities in South Korea for global college students.

There are many golf equipment and institutions for students, such as a ping-pong membership, an acoustic guitar membership, an environmental renovation membership, and a Korean women club.

The university is known for growing international training applications. There are worldwide campuses placed during the arena and many institutions to facilitate the alternate of college students.

In addition to sending extra than 1,two hundred students overseas every 12 months in pupil exchanges, the university welcomes 4,500 worldwide college students, which includes short-time period visiting students, as well as 2,000 college students searching for levels.

Acceptance Rate: 25%. The attractiveness charge of global undergraduate college students at Korea University is predicted to be round 26.Five percent. Approximately 52.Nine percentage of graduate students are predicted to get time-honored.

Tuition: US$6,500.

#3. Yonsei University

Yonsei University is a private research university located in Seoul, South Korea. Established in 1885, Yonsei is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in South Korea and a number of the quality universities in South Korea for international college students.

The present day version of the college became created in 1957 when Yonhi College and Severance Union Medical College merged (Yonsei is the combination of the primary letters of the 2 previous schools).

Ranked in one of the best private universities in the united states and also a few of the most prestigious universities in Korea, Yonsei University keeps to construct on its base to emerge as the quality college in Korea for worldwide students.

Through innovative thinking and analytical reasoning, Yonsei University has been able to enhance in diverse fields of technology.

This college maintains to project and inspire its students to assume creatively and additionally to assume out of doors the field.

Acceptance Rate: 35%

Tuition: $8,2 hundred

#four. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Another predominant Korean university where all the geniuses of arithmetic and technological know-how attend is the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

In this university, they specially focus on forming an elite institution of scientists and researchers that could affect the country and additionally the arena.

As the call implies, KAIST could be very well-known for its science and technology, and one of the well-known benefits of KAIST is its robotic generation.

Created by means of the authorities in 1971 with the help of American advisors, KAIST was the first studies and science university led with the aid of South Korea and has earned the recognition a number of the satisfactory universities in South Korea for global students.

Based within the critical city of Daejeon, the university was created “in popularity of the state’s want for elite human resources in technological know-how and technology,” and has remained true to its founding philosophy.

The university is highly esteemed: it’s miles viable that your smartphone, laptop or automobile has been designed via a KAIST graduate, and the outstanding coaching and contemporary studies done at the university has been critical to developing Korea’s reputation Southern High-Tech Skill.

The university has an modern educational device and is allowed to function autonomously, outside the authorities curriculum and admission standards implemented in different universities.

KAIST has the first South Korean exam-loose admission machine (admissions are primarily based on grades, trainer recommendation letters, and private statements); and college college students can try guides before choosing their uniqueness and can change their uniqueness at any time.

More than eighty percentage of the courses at KAIST are taught in English.

KAIST offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs. The giant majority of guides are taught in English.

Acceptance charge: 35%

Tuition: KRW3,433,000

#5. Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

Sungkyunkwan University became founded over six hundred years in the past and is the oldest college in East Asia. The college has two campuses: the campus of humanities and social sciences in Seoul, and the campus of herbal sciences in Suwon.

The college has academic alternate applications and partnerships with 653 universities in 73 countries. It additionally goals to amplify its double degree applications with many prestigious universities around the world.

Currently, the college is running 33 double diploma applications with partners including the Engineering and Business Schools of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Kelley School of Business on the University of Indiana, Fudan University, Peking University and the University from Birmingham.

It additionally gives the first MBA software absolutely taught in English in South Korea.

Tuition: 4.557 million KRW

#6. Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Founded in 1986 inside the south-japanese port town of Pohang, this studies-centered university is an inexhaustible supply of great graduates, which produces global-class studies and fosters near ties with industry and commerce companions.

Standing a number of the high-quality universities in South Korea for international students, POST TECH is one of the excellent research universities in the Asian continent.

Due to its numerous studies and technology homes, POST TECH placed a splendid emphasis on research and keeps to impact the world via its numerous discoveries.

POSTECH, a especially new non-public group, has risen in the ratings at an outstanding rate, gaining popularity from the academic network round the arena.

The college has adopted an progressive, student-targeted approach, admitting a small variety of the nice and brightest students, and the usage of the maximum customized teaching technique to adapt to humans to be able to nurture the next generation of modern international leaders.

Academic and studies sports recognition on science and engineering, and the university has a number of the nice facilities and extra than 70 studies institutes. POSTECH has its very own bilingual campus, and students and instructors come from all over the global.

POSTECH targets to hold to open new paths, both in phrases of the research it does and in the manner it teaches students.

Tuition: $10,819

#7. Hanyang University

Hanyang University also emphasizes research, however specially in engineering. Located in Seoul, Hanyang University changed into the first structure and engineering faculty in Korea, and this college is likewise affiliated with many well-known universities inclusive of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the University of Cambridge.

Hanyang University is one of the first-class universities in Korea. “Hanyang” turned into an old call for the capital of South Korea that is now “Seoul.”

Founded in 1939, this college is widely recognized in Korea and inside the academic circles of the world because of its excellence in education. It is properly referred to as one of the great universities in South Korea for worldwide students.

Tuition: KRW four.456 million

#eight. UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)

The Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) is certainly one of Korea’s best universities in science and technology. It is a completely younger university that became founded in 2007 however has already installed a reputation for educational excellence.

Also strongly centered on technology and technology, UNIST is ranked the various top 10 universities in the kingdom, and UNIST is placed in considered one of the largest business towns in Korea.

Due to its strong investment in studies and generation, UNIST has end up one of the ideal research universities in Korea.

Tuition: $five,000

#nine. Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

In addition to being placed in one of the nice universities in Korea, GIST is assessed as one of the excellent universities in the world and is still continually categorised as one of the great universities for remarkable faculties.

The members of the GIST school are diagnosed for their revel in in their respective fields and retain to make bigger their horizons by publishing laboratory papers and reports.

Tuition: $1,196

#10. Jeonbuk National University

Jeonbuk National University is a country wide research university based in 1947, placed in Jeonju, Republic of Korea. As the flagship countrywide college in Jeollabuk-do province.

Jeonbuk National University has been ranked 501-550 in the world by way of QS Top Universities Ranking in 2016.

The Jeonbuk National University turned into based in 1947 beneath the name of Chonbuk National University, after the liberation of the Republic of Korea, by means of the Provincial fund in the framework of the Korean countrywide university device; It is one of the pinnacle 15 Korean countrywide universities.

JBNU has grown to 16 schools and 14 graduate colleges (one trendy, 9 specialized and 4 professional graduate faculties).

The JBNU campus in Jeonju gives about 32,000 enrolled college students and 2,000 teachers and personnel individuals with academic, research and aid centers.

JBNU keeps cooperative packages with worldwide instructional institutions, and more than 500 worldwide students are enrolled of their diploma programs, similarly to round a hundred international researchers.

Acceptance Rate: 19.2%

Tuition: $four,000

#eleven. Kyung Hee University

Among the alternative first-rate Korean universities is Kyung Hee University. This university is famous for its service to the network and its interaction with students and has earned a good spot some of the nice universities in South Korea for international college students.

Kyung Hee University places splendid emphasis on less expensive schooling and does the entirety viable to offer an exceptional education at an low-cost fee.

This college strives to create a civilized international by way of teaching its college students mutual appreciate for others and to be as technical as viable in learning.

In addition, this university is friendly to global college students. First, Kyung Hee University has numerous English publications to be had. For college students, there are few specialties which are taught absolutely in English.

If you want to focus on exclusive fields aside from the ones taught completely in English, you should clearly paintings hard to research Korean.

Acceptance Rate: 50%

Tuition: $7,000 a 12 months.

#12. Kyungpook National University

Kyungpook National University is a country wide college that represents the metropolitan metropolis of Daegu and Gyeongbuk province in South Korea.

It is placed inside the metropolitan town of Daegu, that is the capital of Gyeongbuk Province, South Korea.

The Kyungpook National University became founded in September 1946 by upgrading the Daegu Colleges of Education, Medicine, and Agriculture to the National College. In October 1951, the colleges of training, medication, agriculture, liberal arts and sciences, law and political technological know-how have been combined at the Kyungpook National University.

Other departments, which includes Engineering and Dentistry, had been established sequentially to create what’s now known as the Kyungpook National University.

Tuition: $4,000 a 12 months,

#13. Chungbuk National University

Chungbuk National University (CBNU) is one of the ten emblematic Korean national universities. It takes its name, Chungbuk, from the common abbreviated shape of the Korean name of Chungcheongbuk-do province.

Chungbuk National University is located in the relevant-western part of the metropolis of Cheongju, that’s the provincial capital of North Chungcheong Province.

For 2014, the university is made up of 15 colleges, eighty three departments, and 9 graduate colleges. There are 36 studies institutes that function adjunct centers for school studies activities.

Other help groups consist of the University Libraries, the University Museum, the Centre for Research Instruments and Experimental Facilities, and the University Computing Centre.

Tuition: $4,000

#14. Jeju National University

Jeju National University is a public college based in 1952 in the metropolis of Jeju, the provincial capital of Jeju, South Korea. In 2008, the National University of Cheju and the National University of Education in Jeju merged into the National University of Jeju.

In 1952, Cheju Provincial Junior College changed into founded and have become a four-12 months college in 1955. It became Cheju National College in 1962, with law and technological know-how schools.

The graduate college became mounted in 1979, and the university received college popularity in 1982.

Tuition: $3,000 a 12 months

#15. Ewha Womans University

Ewha Womans University is a personal college for girls. Founded in 1886, Ewha Womans University is located in Seoul, South Korea. It is presently the biggest lady instructional group inside the international and is one in all the maximum prestigious universities within the u . S . A ..

Ewha Womans University collaborates with round 830 companions in 64 countries round the sector.

The college incorporates 11 faculties, 15 graduate schools, and 66 studies institutes. Although it’s far an educational institution for ladies, in 2003, Korean JoongAng Daily stated that there were 10 male college students enrolled at Ewha Woman University at that time.

In addition, in 2009, the Asian correspondent stated that male college students constitute 30% of all overseas worldwide students at the University. In 2013, Ewha Womans University ranked first amongst Korean universities inside the CWTS Leiden Ranking and inside the number of law employees produced.

Acceptance Rate: nine.5%

Tuition: $6000 in keeping with year

Universities in South Korea wherein I don’t need to talk Korean

English is the most famous language within the world used as a medium for instructing college students in higher institutions globally.

This method that most universities inside the international have made available courses and topics that may be taught in English or any other popular overseas language, simply to deal with the presence of international students.

South Korea is one of such places in Asia in which most courses are taught in English. So, you don’t want to fear about your lack of ability to talk Korean in the cause of your have a look at. Many Korean universities have programs in English.

To compete within the globalized international, South Korean universities have elevated their range of applications to be had in English.

With this effort to create a greater globalized network, Korean universities are attracting more and more worldwide college students each yr.

Most of the Best Universities in South Korea for International Students have English instructions made available for global college students.

Seoul National University is leading the chart as one of the colleges in South Korea where lectures are delivered in English and also you don’t want to talk or apprehend Korean to be a part of it.

Colleges like Seoul National University College of Business Administration that agree with in growing creative and socially responsible global leaders, has their courses taught in the English language.

KAIST is some other haven for global college students who can not talk or apprehend the Korean language. So, classes are completely taught in English in some topics.

Yonsei University and Sungkyunkwan University stand out too, as one of the leading universities in South Korea that offer lectures in English language and other overseas languages for global students.

Other are Sogang University, SolBridge International School of Business, Ajou University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Seoul Campus and Kyung Hee University

Overseas college students who need to take a look at in English or Korean need to show their language talent if the language isn’t always their local tongue.

Schools vary on sorts of language exam scores they be given, so it’s miles critical to check with character schools approximately their requirements.

Universities in South Korea for Master’s degree Students

If you are thinking about getting your grasp’s diploma in a united states of america where schooling is one of the national priorities and college students from all over the world are warmly welcomed, South Korea is the proper place to be.

Whether it’s far a postgraduate diploma in Engineering or herbal sciences or an MBA, South Korean stays the great choice for you.

Obtaining a Master’s degree in South Korea is an top notch educational selection to make and an possibility to take into account. One of the present day objectives of the South Korean academic gadget is to growth the wide variety of global students within the united states’s colleges, faculties, and universities.

Therefore, the take a look at situations for a Master in South Korea are extraordinarily favorable to foreign students.

Best Universities in South Korea – FAQs

What is the fine university in South Korea?

These are the top 5 universities in South Korea
Seoul National University
Korea University.
Yonesi University
Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Is it high-priced to observe in South Korea?

An undergraduate course at a public university costs round US$4,350 in keeping with semester (with humanities topics at the lower end and medicine on the pinnacle). At a South Korean personal college, charges are expected at US$five,800 in step with semester.

Is Korea secure for international college students?

Although it is able to be a leap outside your consolation region, Korea is an exceedingly secure destination for trade college students. Of course, each u . S . A . Has its risks which students must be privy to earlier than shifting overseas, however average, Korea is a remarkably secure environment for overseas college students

Is it tough to get into Korean Universities?

Korean Universities are very difficult for Korean college students to get admissions. You need to be at the least pinnacle 1% of all of the students in Korea to get established in Korea University.
So, it’s far anticipated that the undergraduate worldwide students’ reputation rate is round 25% for Korean Universities.

Do Korean universities teach in English?

More than 40% of all lessons supplied at Korea University are taught in English. Most of the guides inside the Graduate School of International Studies are taught in English.

Graduate publications available in English are Korean Studies, International Area Studies and International Business.


Getting a degree and being referred to as a graduate is incredible, but, wherein the diploma is gotten can decide how you’re rated for your area of work.

Most graduates of the top world-diagnosed or Ivy-league establishments are handled with numerous recognize and preference.

You can distinguish your self today by way of taking the ambitious step to prepare and plan to pursue your studies in one of the Best Universities in South Korea for International Students and turn out to be a certified and revered professional for your subject of work.


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