Here’s an sincere evaluate of MyCornerStoneLoan. The platform is an initiative that allows students get entry to loans.

Reason being that many students face the challenges of investment their schooling. In order to dispose of this, an group like MyCornerStone came up with the initiative to help students out with loans to decorate their research.

So, to do justice for your query, MyCornerStoneLoan.Org is practically reliable. Frankly, they’re no longer a scam, as a minimum no longer with regards to pupil loans. The Department of Education has legal CornerStone to carrier FFEL and Direct Loans.

In this post, you may understand if MyCornerStone Student Loan is legit or scam. There’s a table of content beneath for ease of access.

What is MyCornerStone Loan?

Wondering what CornerStone Loan Service is? Don’t worry you’ll be surprised at what you will find out approximately MyCornerStone Loan and who they may be.

CornerStone Education Loan Services is a non-income provider of the Ministry of Education. They have a 35-yr culture of wonderful customer service in pupil loans.

Basically, the CornerStone Education Loan Services Program administers pupil loans beneath the authority of the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA). UHEAA is a government corporation in the country of Utah this is also part of the Utah better schooling system.

In addition, MyCornerStoneLoan ambitions to help households in financing better education. They earnestly train college students to keep for their studies, search for scholarships and grants, and borrow accurately.

Above all, they may be pleased to keep this tradition with the aid of serving pupil borrowers across the country.

Who is MyCornerStoneLoan?

It is common to ask questions on who CornerStone is and how we grow to be their pupil loan service. To make it easier, we’ve got broken down the pupil mortgage procedure below.

Who is Involved?

  • You: You or your scholar have obtained a federal pupil loan to help you preserve your better schooling. Part of your student loan settlement includes compensation, that’s where we are available.
  • Your School: Your college’s economic useful resource office facilitates you complete the unfastened application for federal pupil useful resource (FAFSA) and ends your financial useful resource important to finance your training. Completing the FAFSA is how you have been certified to acquire federal funds.
  • United States Department of Education: The Department of Education funds several scholar aid programs, considered one of which is the direct loan software. This is in which the financing of your direct federal loans turned into born.
  • CornerStone Education Loan Services (Your Provider): CornerStone, amongst other offerings, is answerable for administering federal student loans in addition to supporting college students correctly manage and pay off their loans. If we had been decided on as a provider agent, we can be your number one useful resource for any questions you may have approximately your mortgage compensation. However, another repairer might also had been selected to manage some of your other loans. You can verify who your marketers are through visiting the StudentAid.Gov website.

How Does it Work?

  • You complete and send the FAFSA to the Ministry of Education.
  • The Department of Education makes use of your FAFSA software to decide what economic useful resource you’re eligible for. Once this statistics has been reviewed and processed, your credentials are despatched to you and your faculty.
  • Your school publications you through this statistics and helps you recognize the kinds of economic resource to be had to you.
  • You decide the help you need and receive it through your financial resource office.
  • You complete and sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN), which describes your fee phrases and your obligations as a borrower.
  • Your faculty is running with the Ministry of Education to have your mortgage processed and dispensed to cover your faculty-associated prices.
  • Your agent (CornerStone) is assigned by the Ministry of Education on the time of your first disbursement that will help you repay your loan (s).
  • Now that you were assigned to CornerStone, you’ll paintings with us to explore all of your price, deferment, forgiveness, and registration options.

Above all, they offer conscientious and customized service to borrowers and inspire accountable fee. The fulfillment of students in financing and achieving their educational goals fulfills their undertaking.

What Student Loan Service Does My CornerStone Loan Offer?

You can use mycornerstoneloan.Org for nearly something you want to do together with your federal student loans. CornerStone offers:

  • Deferrals and Forbearances;
  • Monthly price plans, along with income-based reimbursement underneath REPAYE, PAYE, IBR, and ICR plans;
  • Loan consolidation;
  • Student loan forgiveness (as an instance, public carrier mortgage forgiveness software); and
  • Advice to release student loans

Is CornerStone Student Loans Worth it for Student Loan Debt?

So what do I imply when I say CornerStone is a Federal Student Loan Administrator?

There are nine federal mortgage carrier organizations, and CornerStone is certainly one of them.

According to Federal Student Aid, loan provider businesses are in place to deal with things like billing and other services for your federal pupil loan account.

A mortgage provider will let you:

  • Provide assistance with numerous federal price plans, which include the same old fee plan and profits-oriented charge plans.
  • Student mortgage refinancing or loan consolidation
  • Manage or trade your monthly expiration date
  • Determine in case you are eligible for a student loan forgiveness or forgiveness software

If you’re having hassle paying or canceling your loan, your agent will let you with the options available for deferment or forbearance.

They also can help you with a selection of other obligations that may be associated with your federal scholar loan.

It is up to you to preserve the traces of communication open along with your loan carrier. And be prepared to touch them while or in case your scenario adjustments, requiring your assist.

Is MyCornerStoneLoan Legit or Scam?

MyCornerStoneLoan is truly respectable. As referred to above, they had been offering federal student loans for over 35 years.

They do no longer have their strengths and weaknesses like others. One of those weaknesses is your consumer, as a quick Google seek of MyCornerStone pupil loan overview will affirm this. And we can be giving you an awesome detail of the MyCornerStoneLoan assessment below.

Many negative opinions document a conversation failure within the regions of past due payments and collections.

Either way, CornerStone stays a terrific suit as a federal mortgage servicer, now not that you really can select the individual that manages your mortgage.

Frankly, MyCornerStoneLoan are best and authentic?

How to Find Out if CornerStone has your Federal Student Loans?

The simplest way to discover if CornerStone has your direct or FFEL loans is to test the National Student Loan Data System.

The NSLDS is the Department of Education’s principal database of federal scholar aid. Contains information about the monetary useful resource you acquired at school (grants, student loans, and so on.)

To log in, you will want an FSA ID.

Once you have that, you hook up with the data gadget at nslds.Ed.Gov.

Here is a guide that shows you the way to use the National Student Loan Data System to view your federal pupil loans.

Become MyCornerStone Loan Customer

So in case you are a MyCornerStoneLoan client, what can they do and what do they do for you? They are the basics.

How to Login to MyCornerStone Loan?

Actually, the whole process to login to MyCornerStoneLoan is very simple and really unique.

All you want to do is just to click on at the registration alternative in the pinnacle right corner of the page to login on mycornerstone.Org (the CornerStone Loan internet site).

Note that you can handiest log in on mycornerstoneloan.Org if you are already a member of the Institution.

Then in case you are not already a member, you could grow to be a member of CornerStone Loan on-line. All you want to do is to “Create Account”. Here is a review of how you may create an account on mycornerstoneloan.Org.

In Creating your account, all you need to do is to install “Personal Information” which includes your First Name, Last call, Email Address, Date of Birth, and also you unwell be required to create a password on the first display screen, then click Continue.

On the second one page, they require you fill on your coursedetail and so forth.

At the end of the Signup, there will be a display screen pronouncing your account is successful

All that is completed in a few minutes.

How to Find my Account on MyCornerStone Loan?

Account get admission to presents details about each mortgage, inclusive of the mortgage kind, the hobby charge, the stability, and extra.

Visit StudentAid.Gov. You can log into your StudentAid.Gov account to see a entire list of your FFELP Loans and Direct Loans. You’ll need your federal PIN to get right of entry to the facts.

Where to Make Payments to CornerStone in your Student Loan?

You can make your federal pupil mortgage payments on line if you create an account. To do this, visit myaccount.Mycornerstoneloan.Org/authentication/

You also can manipulate your account over the smartphone via calling CornerStone at 800-663-1662.

How to Make Payments to CornerStone to your Student Loan?

Online Payments

These are the steps to make a unmarried price on line.

  1. Log in to account access
  2. Click “Make a Payment”
  3. Enter your payment statistics
  4. Click the “Make a Payment” button

Automatic Payments

Self-pay blessings consist of a 0.25% drop to your interest price so long as you’re registered. Your fee will routinely be deducted from your account each month. Making an automatic price request is brief and easy!

Pay by Phone

To make a price over the telephone, touch considered one of our credit score experts. Payments can be scheduled as much as 60 days in advance.

Acceptable Payment Methods

CornerStone accepts digital tests, paper assessments, and money orders.

How Payments are Applied to Student Loan?

With some exceptions, payments are implemented first to any accumulated hobby, then to the predominant balance.

How to Payoff Your Loans?

If you plan to make a charge to refund your balance, please touch us to discuss your payment amount or take a look at the payment quantity indicated for your on line account.

Your student loans earn daily interest. Therefore, it’s far vital to mention the correct quantity.

Please not that CornerStone’s internet cope with is mycornerstoneloan.Org now not mycornerstone.Com.

However, you can email a CornerStone representative at [email protected].

You also can name them at their toll-loose cellphone number: 800-663-1662.

You don’t want to panic because CornerStone’s customer support team is to be had Monday – Thursday from 6 am to 7 pm MST and Friday 6 am to five pm MST.

Meanwhile, you could also fax them at: 801-866-8400

Their mailing address is:

PO Box 145122
Salt Lake City UT

Or, if you want, you can go to CornerStone in character Monday – Friday, eight am to 5 pm MST at:

Board of Regents Building, The Gateway
60 South 400 West
Salt Lake City UT  84101-1284

MyCornerStoneLoan Review 2021

Indeed. Many humans have said plenty about CornerStone Education Loan Services. The Government too has rated their activities to this point and we are right here to give you a chunk of that rundown.

Here is a Review on MyCornerStoneLoan from a pupil who became getting an e mail from mycornerstoneloan.Org on Reddit 2 years ago.

Question 1

Hello, I had been getting these emails (via my school electronic mail) from this organization for some time, with them telling me that there are documents geared up for my viewing (probably regarding a mortgage). The element is, I actually have by no means knowingly opened a mortgage with this employer, as all of the scholar loans I get hold of are thru my university. Is it viable that the University is using this provider for my loans, that’s why I am getting those emails? Otherwise, I am now not simply sure why those emails are coming, because I certainly have not made an account on their internet site. I do now not need to retrieve the data to log onto this account either, because getting an authentication code requires that I send in my SSN further to the remaining call, which looks as if an lousy concept. Does anyone have any thoughts?Author: Other

The pupil were given a reply right now from a reddit user saying


The first-rate concept I actually have is to go to www.Annualcreditreport.Com and ask for a unfastened replica of your credit score record from every of the 3 huge credit reporting businesses. Then look at the ones reviews and see whether or not there’s a loan from this organisation on them. We have a wiki page on identification robbery, right here: https://www.Reddit.Com//r/personalfinance/wiki/identity_theftAuthor:Voerendaalse

Question 2

Is it feasible that the University is using this service for my loans?Author: halfdone


Have you requested the University if that is the organization that offerings your loans? That would be the first aspect I could do.

I could email certainly one of your school administrators and ask in the event that they have a dating with that enterprise, and also ask if the college sells your college e-mail deal with to marketers. This ought to very well simply be click-bait junk mail.Author: standardtissue


If the “documents ready for viewing” are connected, truely tread cautiously. Could be greater than clickbait, it’s a common malware distribution vector.Author: GrookeTF


NEVER NEVER NEVER deliver your SSN to humans besides underneath extremely unique occasions. These aren’t those instances.

There are ways to discover when you have any business relationship with those humans except handing out ANY personal facts. Do one of these; they’ll have a internet site, get in contact with human beings there, and find out if you have a loan.

They will surely need to pick out you, and that’s excellent, however not with an SSN. If they cannot do it another way, then they are most effective crooks. It was viable that they have been legitimate mortgage human beings and crooks, earlier than that.Author: arghvark


I’m also 19m in college and this is exactly how it works. Since you went via your faculty I assume you have got a federal backed and/or Unsubsidized mortgage. These loans are furnished with the aid of a non-public loan enterprise that has an settlement with the school. Just take a look at along with your college to make sure that they’re affiliated with the school and also you have to be great.

All this information is made to be had to you whilst you first join up for the loans and are emailed to you. Check your vintage emails and there should be an e mail out of your faculty concerning what mortgage servicing organization you’ve gotAuthor: ta_01234


Alright, thank you! I just did a credit score take a look at and it appears the loans taken out thru this organisation are in reality pupil loans, so as soon as I get the confirmation from my college I will manage it from there.Author: ChainsawCain

MyCornerStoneLoan FAQs

What is CornerStone Education Loan Services?

CornerStone Education Loan Services turned into created by using UHEAA to convey fantastic customer service to students throughout the country.

I have already got an internet account with CornerStone, do I need to create a brand new one?

No, your transferred loans roll beneath the equal account range. However, if you don’t have an account with CornerStone, you need to create one through Create Account.

Can I make on-line bills, time table bills in advance and control my loans like I did before?

Yes. Account Access lets in you to make on line bills from the bank account of your preference, time table payments as much as 60 days in advance, view information of your loan, and much extra. If you haven’t signed up for an account but, create your on-line account these days.

Will my CornerStone 1098-E Student Loan Interest Statement consist of the interest for all the payments I made this yr?

No. The 1098-E most effective applies to the term after your loan become transferred. You’ll acquire a 1098-E from each servicer in which you paid $600 or greater in hobby.

What does Subsidized suggest?

Subsidized means that the government can pay the interest for your loans at the same time as you’re in school and during times of deferment. And for loans disbursed earlier than July 2021, the government will pay the hobby while you’re on your grace length.

What does Unsubsidized mean?

Unsubsidized method that you are accountable for paying the hobby for your loans from the moment they may be allotted (even while you’re in faculty or deferment). Your hobby can be capitalized (added in your foremost) at precise instances all through the existence of your loan.

What is the distinction among Direct and FFEL Loans?

The most important distinction among Direct Loans and Family Federal Education Loan Program (FFELP) loans is the source of investment. The budget for FFELP loans came from financial establishments, while the budget for Direct Loans come at once from the U.S. Department of Education, from the U.S. Treasury.

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