One of the exceptional locations wherein college students will gain the revel in to build remarkable moral individual is a boarding school.

In reality, research have shown that boarding school students display more hassle-fixing competencies whilst having access to top-pleasant training.

However, making the decision to wait a boarding faculty calls for loads of research and investigations. The desire can be very challenging for lots individuals.

For this purpose, we have presented to percentage a few very critical statistics on what is obtainable in these colleges.

For this newsletter, our recognition is on boarding colleges in Mississippi. To get the maximum of this e-book, use the table below to navigate the alternatives.

Why Attend A Boarding School?

A recent have a look at conducted by means of TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools), suggests that ninety one% of boarding college students said their college became academically hard in comparison to 70% of personal day college students and 50% of public college college students. 

However, what gives boarding school students an edge over their day college students counterparts is the substantial number of sports, applications, and challenges they stumble upon on a daily foundation.

Anyone who can have enough money a boarding college will need to embody this massive possibility where gaining knowledge of and private boom are top priorities.

Furthermore, a boarding school gives plenty of superb impacts on college students and till you attend one your self, you can now not absolutely understand the intensity of these influences.

Are nevertheless wondering if boarding school is worth the struggle? Then, speedy take a glance at some of the advantages underneath just to clean your doubts.

Boarding college college students discover ways to manipulate their time and turn out to be impartial very fast.

They comply with strictly the time given to them, perform home chores, and whole school assignments by way of themselves.

This allows them mature fast and learn how to cope with any challenge even with out supervision.

Boarding faculty curriculum is established in a manner that lets in college students to consciousness higher on their studies.

They aren’t distracted through televisions, video games, and different factors that pose distractions, unlike the day students.

This has a superb impact on their studies as they generally tend to perform better academically.

Boarding faculty students have a remarkable ethical advantage. They live in an environment wherein center values which include honesty, hard paintings and respects are emphasized.

Boarding colleges provide a numerous surroundings earlier than college. Students on this machine benefit fluency in different languages as they have interaction with others.

They additionally learn how to better relate with human beings from various cultural historical past. In fact, college students who live within the boarding school for as a minimum 3 years typically end up bilingual and this gives them a few sizable advantage in the international personnel.

Boarding school students are exposed to a extensive variety of extra curricular sports starting from sports, games and song. This assist broaden their studying. Sporting sports enables to preserve them fit.

There is lots to benefit from attending a boarding college regardless of the training and costs.

How Much Does It Cost To enroll In A Good Boarding School in Mississippi?

The fee of attending a boarding school in Mississippi is dependent on quite quite a number of factors. First is the form of school. Private schools usually rate better compared with public faculties and this will be because of a few advantages they provide.

In precis, Boarding schools in Mississippi commonly range from $20,000 and $50,661 consistent with 12 months.

If you are resident in Texas, you can pick from the 10 Best Boarding Schools in Texas USA.

Why Co-academic Boarding School?

Sending you ward to an all-boys or all-ladies boarding isn’t a horrific concept however however, co-educational boarding faculty has its very own gain.

According to investigate accomplished by using the American Council for Co-Educational Schooling (ACCES), co-schooling enhances communique and collaboration amongst young men and women while building relationships.

Learning a way to accomplice and work correctly with contributors of the opposite intercourse is a essential ability this is imperative for fulfillment beyond the academic placing.

What are the Best Boarding faculties in Mississippi?

Below is a list of boys and girls boarding schools in Mississippi. These faculties are categorised into private and public subdivisions to allow you to pick the only that first-rate suits your demand.

Our selection standards of these schools include but no longer confined to Academic popularity, Accreditation, Students to trainer ratio, Tuition, critiques from dad and mom and students, Acceptance, and graduation charges.

We got our facts from dependable assets, testimonials, interviews, and additionally by way of contacting character colleges. Before you are making a choice of faculty, ensure you examine carefully to get each detail approximately every school. The ranking factors above will guide you.

List of Best Coeducational Boarding School In Mississippi

  • Bass Memorial Academy
  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
  • French Camp Academy
  • Saint Bernard Preparatory School
  • Baylor School

Bass Memorial Academy

School kind: Private
Tuition: $nine,505 
Accreditation: Universities in addition to the Middle States Association.

Bass Memorial Academy is a boys and women boarding faculty located within the coronary heart of Mississippi. Bass is accredited and presents a tough college-preparatory software in an environment that promotes honesty, tolerance, appreciate, and responsibility.

The college features a small elegance length with an extraordinary student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1 thereby permitting the students to have direct interplay with the tutors.

What makes Bass stand out is, that they provide college students with stories of diversity and welcomes college students of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and beliefs.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

School Type: Private
Tuition: $43,275 
Accreditation: Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools

If you want to realize what first-rate education manner, you need to sign up at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School(SAES). This is a nationally regarded co-educational boarding faculty.

SAES is completely authorized and indexed and gives a huge range of educational curriculum. Students who’re obsessed with arts, science, and entrepreneurship will find this SAES a very good prep school for their profession aspirations.

In addition to instructional activities, this faculty also features an expansion of extracurricular sports like sports, tune, and games.

French Camp Academy

School Type: Private
Tuition: $18,000
Accreditation: The State of Mississippi

French Camp Academy is a pinnacle-ranked co-academic boarding faculty in Mississippi. This faculty curriculum features educational training, vocational training, radio verbal exchange talents, an observatory, a complete sports activities software, and an active track and arts application for Grades 7-12.

Being a Christian school, students study in a Christ-centered surroundings and that promotes subject and morals.

 Apart from the academic sports, college students additionally interact in equestrian sports, tune, and the arts and different extracurricular activities.

With the fine reviews from parents and college students, we will finish that French Camp Academy is one of the excellent boarding college in Mississippi.

Saint Bernard Preparatory School

School Type: Private
Tuition: $43,000
Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Saint Bernard is a complete university-prep training little surprise it made to the list of pinnacle boarding excessive colleges in Mississippi. It is a co-academic college with first rate systems.

According to one of the alumni, this college offers a properly rounded instructional team that makes college students experience at home whilst providing them with an tremendous academic agenda.

Furthermore, Saint Bernard has a super magnificence size with an excellent scholar-instructor ratio. With these extraordinary functions, every parent will want their toddler to wait Cranbrook.

Baylor School

Tuition: $59,500
School Type: Private
Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

Baylor School is a coeducational boarding college providing Grades 9-12. This school has some of the best instructors within the country. With the small class sizes, students can individual attention from instructors and advisers.

Furthermore, Baylor offers a various curriculum that integrates academics, arts, athletics, and community service in a supportive, pleasant, and numerous surroundings.

All those fantastic features qualifies the faculty to make the list of high-quality boarding faculties in Mississippi and also rank in top leagues just like the Niche.

All-Boys Boarding School In Mississippi?

  • Subiaco Academy
  • Collegiate School 

Subiaco Academy

School Type: Private
Tuition: $26,400
Accreditation: Independent School Association of Central States

Subiaco Academy is a fantastic boys boarding college in Mississippi. This college offers a huge style of topics inclusive of English, technology, math, overseas languages (Spanish and Latin), history, tune, visual arts, fitness, physical schooling.

Aside from the rigorous curriculum, Students also engage in extracurricular activities like sports activities, track, and video games.

Graduates of this faculty are admitted into faculties like the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan State University, and lots of other top establishments.

In summary, Subiaco is identified national for academic excellence and leads Mississippi in virtually each class of academic achievement. This proves that the school is indeed a smart preference for schooling.

Collegiate School 

Tuition: $fifty three,900
School Type: Private
Accreditation: N/A

Collegiate School (OCS) is a exceedingly rated, private, independent Christian boarding faculty for boys in Grades 7-12.

The college gives a selection of activities for college kids to get involved and show off their brilliant abilities.

As a part of their extracurricular activities, the school offer an optionally available navy program, competitive interscholastic athletic packages.

They additionally feature an Adventure Summer School in which students can earn instructional credit as well as take part in out of doors sports.

With a completely conducive surroundings and a super elegance length, Collegiate School is indeed a 2nd domestic for students.

All-Girls Boarding Schools In Mississippi

  • Lighthouse Christian Academy
  • Our Lady Academy

Lighthouse Christian Academy

School Type: Private
Tuition: $360 in step with month
Accreditation: Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS)

Lighthouse Christian Academy(LCA) is a nationally regarded All-ladies boarding school. This college is accepted and indexed some of the pinnacle 20 boarding schools within the country.

LCA prepares younger girls for the destiny by way of providing them with demanding situations that sell boom and development in academics, arts, activities, and athletics.

Students in this school can take part in a selection of extracurricular activities thru the numerous businesses such as Athletic Leadership, Green Team, Language Clubs, Math Club, Model United Nations, Outdoor Leadership, Programming Club, Robotics Team amongst others.

Our Lady Academy

Tuition: $6,000 consistent with month
School kind: Private
Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Boarding colleges are widely recognized for their academic excellence and Our Lady Academy isn’t any exception. Our Lady is one of the exceptional women boarding colleges in Mississippi.

Thi faculty is loaded with talented and worrying instructors and has about  250 students enrollment.OLA offers opportunities for college students to discover ways to assume deeply, end up progressive, collaborate, and find out passions.

The school also gives numerous extracurricular activities which includes ten sports activities. Graduates of this faculty advantage admission into top universities and colleges inside the usa.

If you have a ardour for Arts, you may enroll in one of the 10 Best Performing Arts Boarding High Schools 2021

Are There Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Mississippi?

Below is a listing of healing or opportunity boarding faculties in Mississippi. They are residential boarding colleges specialised in educating and helping stricken teenagers and teenagers by using supplying them with the help they need to address a few deeper problems and open them as much as a wholly new way of residing their lives.

What Are the Drawbacks of Boarding School?

Amidst the numerous benefits and precise educational possibilities that boarding faculty offers, this is why mother and father should be very selective on the type of college they send their kids to.

Although the drawback of boarding schools are very opinion-based totally, nonetheless, one need to be aware about some capacity negative aspects or concerns.

  • Bullying and associated troubles.
  • Boarding faculty is high-priced as compared to other schooling options.
  • Lack of personal space and privateness
  • Moving conscious from home at a younger age can cause boarding college syndrome

Any child who well-knownshows a few developments that makes it difficult for them to narrate well with other human beings can attend one of the Best Boarding Schools for Students With Learning Disabilities


Boarding school gives a few large benefits, but there are nevertheless more than one drawbacks and this is why parents should look at nicely earlier than they join their children. While selecting a faculty make sure you focus for your baby. Reflect on their maximum essential traits and the way these impact their ability to function in various college environments. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Boarding Schools in Mississippi

Is boarding college in Mississippi Expensive?

The common fee of attending a boarding college in Mississippi levels from $20,000 and $60,661 in line with year.

What are the exceptional co-instructional boarding faculties in Mississippi?

Bass Memorial Academy
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
French Camp Academy
Saint Bernard Preparatory School
Baylor School

What are the blessings of attending a boarding faculty?

The following are motives you should attend a boarding school;
Character development
Personal boom
Fewer Distractions

What is the nice age for a kid to wait boarding college?

Psychologist endorse that 12 years is the high-quality age for a child to attend boarding college.


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