Petroleum Training Institute Effurun is one institute of training that maximum passionate engineering college students need to wait, but are discouraged. They agree with that passing the PTI Post UTME Exam/ Screening Exercise that’s the main criterion is hard. To help improve their courage and make their wish come alive, we have positioned down right here 7 Easy ways on how they are able to bypass PTI Post UTME Exam.

So, in case you are this type of students, you may be making the most important mistake of your lifestyles in case you close this tab due to the fact we were given the hacks right right here.

This is identical with having the important thing to unencumber that treasure room and throwing it into the sea. You can’t imagine that proper?

First, whilst speaking about the clean ways you may scale through PTI Post UTME Exam, the significance of getting PTI Post UTME Past Questions paper can in no way be overemphasized. This because, the institute repeats questions maximum instances.

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Aside from getting the Past questions, we additionally propose you to carefully examine this post word to word, due to the fact we’ve a lot wrapped in here that will be useful to you.

You can scroll the table of contents under to get an overview of all we’ve wrapped in this publish for you.

Why do PTI Conduct Post UTME Exam?

Since the established order of the Petroleum Training Institute in Effurun, Delta State by means of the federal government of Nigeria, the institute has produced greater than 10, 000 ND and HND graduates.

It awards General Welding Certificates, ND (National Diploma) and HND (Higher National Diploma) certificate. This has made the fee at which college students searching for admission into the distinguished institute to be on an multiplied facet.

This has made the number to be a ways more the admission quota of the institute to be able to result in congestion if the institute tries to don’t forget all of the applicants.

To provide a honest strategy to this, the institute conducts a Post UTME Exam/ screening exercise which each students applying for a certificate, ND, and HND software have to skip before the person can be considered.

This is to scrutinize and reduce the wide variety of candidates.

Now you spot why I said earlier which you want this submit as it will give you all the hacks you may ever want to bypass this examination.

You made 290 inside the jamb, that’s perfect! But it doesn’t genuinely matter right here, you ought to skip the PTI publish UTME exam before you may get in.

In order no longer to be within the shadow of your self, it’s critical you have a look at and put together for this exam thoroughly, get all of the important materials like PTI Post UTME beyond questions.

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What is PTI Post UTME Cut off Mark for 2021/2022?

From the report, it shows that the PTI Post UTME Cut off Mark for 2021/2021 ranges from one hundred twenty-one hundred eighty. To be on a safer facet, it will be wiser in case you set your goal above one hundred eighty.

Note, in case you scored a hundred and eighty and above in JAMB UTME Result, you then are certified and eligible to use for the PTI Post UTME Screening.

And, unluckily, your UTME Score falls underneath one hundred eighty, you may want to don’t forget any other school that meets your rating.

PTI Departmental Cut off Marks

The reduce-off mark for every branch varies relying on the performance of candidates who carried out to examine inside the faculty for that yr.

Nevertheless, when you have scored a maximum of 180 in UTME exam, you’re eligible to use for admission for any of their choice courses.

Below are guides provided inside the university in addition to their reduce off mark

  • All Engineering guides – 2 hundred and above in jamb and 60% in put up UTME
  • All Basic medical sciences courses one hundred eighty and above in jamb and 50% and above in put up UTME
  • Professional and fantastically competitive publications – Law, medicine and surgeon, pharmacy 240 and above in jamb and 85% and above in post UTME
  • All Agricultural and academic courses are 120 – 180 in a few organization and 20% and above in post UTME
  • All publications in different schools like Art, business, physical and herbal sciences are one hundred eighty and above in JAMB and forty% in put up UTME.

When is the PTI Post Utme Starting?

PTI Post UTME screening workout date differs. It relies upon on the certificate you’re pursuing or what you need to pursue.

Check out those dates!

For General Welding Entrance Examination

For Higher National Diploma Interview is from 22nd – 26TH June 2021

COMMERCIAL Diving Certificate interview will preserve from 14th August 2021

Online software for HND, General Welding, and Commercial Diving Programmes closes on 29th May 2021.

Late online sales of HND, General Welding and Commercial Diving admission bureaucracy commences from 1st JUNE, 2021 and ends on 12th June 2021

How Much is the PTI Post UTME Form for 2021?

For PTI Post UTME Form for 2021, the cost is 10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) which isn’t refundable as soon as you have made the charge.

This cost is for HND, General Welding, and Commercial Diving Programs.

Note, in case you intend to get the application shape past due, simply realize that it will likely be bought for N12,000 (Twelve Thousand Naria). So you have to get your shape on time.

How you could Register for PTI Post Utme Exam 2021

To sign in or observe for HND, General Welding and Commercial Diving applications, observe the following steps underneath;

  1. First, click on on “Apply for Admission”
  2. Fill in the On-line “Sign on page” inclusive of your username and password and click on  (Note: Write down the Username and Password for next use).
  3. This will take you to the Remittal Retrieval Reference (RRR) web page in which you generate the RRR code.
  4. Print the RRR code page and take it to any bank for fee. Make sure you maintain the RRR print out.
  5. After the price of N10, 000.00 that is the fee of each admission shape, go back to the PTI website ( and click on “Return to my Application”.
  6. Enter your User Name and Password and click LOGIN
  7. Fill inside the on line application form and print out the completed on line software form a good way to be offered at the exam/Interview center at the side of your RRR print out.

Note, don’t forget to send a mail to [email protected] declaring your RRR code, if the portal rejects your USER NAME and PASSWORD to your try to log in once more after price.

How many Questions in PTI submit UTME Exam?

If you’re sitting for the Petroleum Training Institute Post-UTME  Examination, you need to recognize the difficulty you’ll write relies upon for your Course of research.

For instance, if you need to look at accountancy, it approach you will want 4 subjects Like:

  • Use of English
  • Mathematics
  • Economics 
  • plus any Social Science concern.

Note, the direction you may be writing will depend upon the direction you wrote in JAMB.

Now, what you need to do is get your own replica of PTI Post UTME Exam Past questions and begin studying without delay. With these past questions, you will get more insight into the question structure which isn’t like the JAMB you wrote.

So, don’t say as it’s the same publications you wrote in JAMB that you will have to write again, you may now choose to examine the jamb beyond questions you bought whilst preparing for Jamb.

You may get it incorrect.

7 Easy Ways to Pass PTI Post UTME Exam/Screening Exercise

That it’s miles rare to reap achievement with out stressful attempt doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. It is possible.

The hassle is that we count on some steps and measures we need to take to get to a sure degree of achievement to be difficult and cumbersome even before starting. This places fear in us and makes us agree with in the impossibility component of it.

This also applies to the possibility of passing the PTI Post UTME Exam/Screening Exercise with very little strain.

Most engineering students considering that the institute is surprisingly competitive, surrender their wish of reading there even if that’s what the preference extra.

They suppose there is one tough method required or special ability you have to have embedded in you that will let you skip. It not really so.

With these 7 smooth methods on how you could bypass PTI Post UTME examinations we’ve placed down right here, we guarantee you, if you comply with them to the latter, you may come in flying colorations.

Note, these pointers were tested by many applicants and it labored so don’t see it as one of the methods we need to pressure traffic because it isn’t.

Let’s Explore!

#1. Buy PTI Post UTME past questions

The First thing you need to do is to get PTI Post UTME past questions. Preparing with the past question gives you a ninety% risk of passing your tests. This is because the institute repeats previous year questions.

Also, the Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers will assist you get an insight into how the previous questions look like and what it includes.

Well, you have seen why it’s vital you get PTI Post UTME Exam beyond questions and study it lower back to returned in case you have to skip the institute.

Now, to get the beyond questions, you don’t need to look somewhere else for it, you may get it right here for #a thousand that’s inexpensive than the ordinary rate (2000 Naira) it been offered.

#2. Be Punctual

This may be very crucial. If you are preparing for the PTI Post UTME examination, plan to get to the venue as a minimum 2 hours earlier than the examination time. This will permit you to loosen up and articulate what you’ve got study.

When you rush into the exam, you can without difficulty be destabilized or even lose cognizance.

Don’t say, I am coming from a much distance, so the invigilators will recognize.

Yes, they would recognize, but you’ll be destabilized for the intervening time and you might even grow to be spending 15-20 minutes trying to positioned your thoughts targeted.

#3. Read Books

Aside from the past questions, you may be reading with, it is expedient you observe and examine different textbooks associated with the situation you may be writing in the submit UTME.

This will assist broaden your knowledge. You can also read giant in case you get to the examination corridor and spot questions like cutting-edge affairs which is not associated with the courses you read.

In order not to end up a sufferer of such, it is recommended which will be significant in expertise at the same time as making ready for the doorway examination.

#four. Don’t sleep on questions.

When writing your Post UTME Exam observe time management. What does that imply? Try to paintings with time. Avoid spending a great deal time on one query you don’t certainly recognise or understand.

We propose you to start with the questions you are positive of the answers first before shifting those you are sure of. Be brief so one can have some left through the years to test your paintings. Work with time.

Once you don’t have a clue on the answer to a specific query….Don’t loosen up and begin questioning. Follow your instincts. Pick all and sundry you bet could be proper and flow on.

At maximum, spend 2 mins on a question. This will truly assist you maximize the time you may be given.

#five. Attend Tutorials

Most instances in the path of achieving out to some freshers and new applicants, a few clubs, associations, fellowships, and campus church buildings prepare special tutorial classes a day to the examination day for applicants.

I take into account when I need to write down Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana Post UTME Exam, I got to the school an afternoon earlier than the examination day and become opportune to attend an instructional elegance organized by way of one fellowship.

And I must confess, it surely helped me lots.

It served as a manner of comparing your self. Also, I got to satisfy friends who when I subsequently were given the admission, were to assist me with accommodation.

#6. Have a Target

Setting a target is very important in case you really need to skip the PTI Post UTME Exam. Having and setting a target has to do with placing a goal of the score you need to get in the examination.

Remember, the higher your score, the better your hazard of getting admitted.

Also, you could set a seen plan of both your accommodation, transportation, and even your feeding.

All these will assist maintain you centered.

#7. Adhere to Instruction

Another step this is very relevant is taking and obeying coaching to the middle. PTI places down instructions on how you can write any exam and you will begin failing in case you don’t apprehend the statistics.

So, it’s far expedient you study the commands earlier than you could start answering your questions.

Join Our Exclusive Post-UTME WHATSAPP Group

To assist you prepare better for the Post UTME examination for the PTI and be a step ahead of different candidates, we’ve got created a WhatsApp institution for students about to put in writing the PTI Post UTME.

Benefits of the Whatsapp Group

You’ll get the following advantages when you be part of the PTI WhatsApp organization:

  • Answers to questions concerning the Post UTME examination date, venue, timing, and path.
  • Real-time solutions to questions concerning the school, your potential school, branch, and their code of conduct.
  • Accommodation assistance from participants of the group and college students of the faculty a day earlier than the put up-UTME.
  • Essential hacks on scoring excessive in the Post UTME.
  • Discover and make pals with applicants analyzing your path.
  • Meet-up and engage face-to-face with pals you crafted from the group.
  • Full manual on the following step once you have admission.

To Join: Purchase the PTI Post UTME past query NOW and get the invite to join the special WhatsApp institution.

PTI Post UTME Examinations FAQs

What is PTI Post UTME Cut off Mark 2021/2022?

From the report, it suggests that the PTI Post UTME Cut off Mark for 2021/2021 levels from a hundred and twenty-one hundred eighty. To be on a more secure facet, it’ll be sensible in case you set your target above 180.

How can I Register for PTI Post Utme Exam 2021?

To sign up for PTI Post UTME Exam;

First, click on on “Apply for Admission”
Fill inside the On-line “Sign on page” which include your username and password and click on  (Note: Write down the Username and Password for next use).
This will take you to the Remittal Retrieval Reference (RRR) web page wherein you generate the RRR code.
Print the RRR code web page and take it to any financial institution for fee. Make certain you preserve the RRR print out.
After the charge of N10, 000.00 which is the price of every admission shape, go back to the PTI website (pti.Edu.Ng) and click on “Return to my Application”.
Enter your User Name and Password and click LOGIN
Fill inside the online utility form and print out the finished on-line software shape so that you can be provided on the exam/Interview center at the side of your RRR print out.

How Much is the PTI Post UTME Form for 2021?

For PTI Post UTME Form for 2021, the fee is 10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) which is not refundable as soon as you have made the fee.

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