If your dream is to turn out to be an electrical engineer, you have to start your career through incomes a degree in one of the first-rate electric engineering colleges within the World.

It is crucial so that it will observe that the college you sign up in determines the success or failure in your career. If you need to get the nice schooling in any technology or engineering discipline, you have to keep in mind your preference of school and plenty of different factors.

In different to create an smooth direction in your career, we can connect you with the thirteen pleasant electric engineering schools inside the world that gives diploma applications.

A Career in Electrical Engineering gives a big number of opportunities. Famous People like Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), George Westinghouse (1846-1914), and Edwin Howard Armstrong (1890-1954) had been the founding fathers of this noble profession. They did a variety of researches and innovations that the sector stills advantages up till nowadays.

Given that technology is developing hastily, the position of electric engineers will become greater crucial. Advancement in generation comes with a whole lot of improvements and that creates quite a few thrilling possibilities for human beings like you who might also in all likelihood make it to the list of the upcoming innovators in this area of Engineering and even beyond. Now you recognize why you have to begin your profession on an excellent note.

Before we dive into the list of faculty, let’s take a glance at what electric engineering is and why you must bear in mind a career as an electrical engineer.

What is Electrical Engineering?

According to Wikipedia.Org, Electrical engineering is an engineering area worried with the observe, layout, and alertness of gadget, gadgets, and structures that use strength, electronics, and electromagnetism.

It is also the study and alertness of physics and arithmetic to the flow of electrons to generate electromagnetism in a device in other to method records and transmit electricity.

The various branches of Electrical engineering are,

  • Power engineering.
  • Control engineering.
  • Telecommunications engineering.
  • Instrumentation engineering.
  • Computer engineering.
  • Electronic engineering.
  • Microelectronics.
  • Signal processing.

An Electrical Engineer is a person who is skillful in the designs and development of electrical structures, has the capability to pick out and remedy electric and electronic problems.

These experts take a look at and supervise the producing of electrical equipment, like the Circuit breakers, Transformers electric powered motors, Electric switchboards, radar and navigation structures.

Why Should I Study Electrical Engineering?

Electrical Engineering isn’t limited to observe technology and arithmetic. It also covers areas like economics, business, ethics, and communication. However, there are various benefits related with the Electrical engineering discipline. Some of those advantages encompass;

  • The first motive why you should take a look at electric engineering is that you may examine and adapt to new tasks and approaches swiftly.
  • Secondly, EE career paths will divulge you to initiatives and top industries in an effort to advantage you.
  • Also, the Electrical engineering subject facilitates builds one up intellectually.
  • Additionally, it offers you the possibility to be a surprisingly modern person ability and as a consequence make contributions to the boom of technology.
  • Gives you Prestige and monetary Security.

How Can I Become An Electrical Engineer?

Becoming an Electrical Engineer may also seem a bit difficult because it calls for a lot of schooling and creative thinking.

Many employers require a bachelor’s degree as an access-degree in an electrical engineering company. Basically, the bachelor’s degree coursework consists of digital structures design, electric circuit concept, and differential equations.

A regular engineering diploma packages provide the possibility to showcase study room abilties in real-international environments through commercial training or internships. 

If you want to work in any software area as an electrical engineer, you need to get licensure. So, to qualify, you may be required to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination.

Usually, electric engineering students take the FE exam upon commencement. With your passing grade at the FE, you are known as engineers-in-education (EITs). When you subsequently bypass the Professional Engineer (PE) exam you presently declare the Engineer title. To qualify for the Professional Engineer (PE) examination, EITs have to have 4 years of applicable work experience. 

After acquiring your bachelor’s diploma and passing the applicable expert assessments, you can want to improve your career via acquiring a Master’s diploma. Basically, the graduate software is a continuation of the undergraduate curriculum however it will likely be greater full-size and challenging as nicely.

In addition to the primary and 2nd degree, in case you possess a grasp’s diploma in electric engineering or a related area, you may determine to pursue a Ph.D. Apparently, this can release you into opportunities on the pinnacle tiers of industry and employment in research or teaching. 

What Can I Do With Electrical Engineering Degree?

Electrical Engineering is one of the technology and tech professions that has a styles of process opportunities. You may also even create your own job. Below are a number of the activity positions available for an electrical engineer.

How a lot does it cost to become an electrical engineer?

Acquiring an Electrical Engineering diploma costs a number of cash, time and effort but it sooner or later pays.

However, facts from the U.S. Department of Education’s 2018-2019 IPEDS indicates that; For yr Electrical and Electronics Engineering companion applications, the average general fee according to 12 months is $24,908 with a median two-year general program cost of $forty nine,816.

Also, the common annual out-of-nation value for a bachelor program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering is $42,167 with an anticipated common four-year diploma overall value of $168,668.

How Much Do Electrical Engineers Earn?

The median annual salary for electric engineers was $96,640 in May 2018 consistent with the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics. The top 10% of all electric engineers can earn extra than $143,000 a 12 months and engineers inside the bottom 10% can assume to earn a median of $60,000 annually.

According to Payscale, an access-stage Electrical Engineer with less than 1-12 months experience can anticipate to earn an average overall income of $2,723.15 primarily based on five salaries.

Also, an early-career Electrical Engineer with 1-4 years of experience earns a mean general compensation of $3,981.91 primarily based on 35 salaries. A mid-profession Electrical Engineer with 5-nine years of revel in earns a median overall income of $5,418.Seventy two primarily based on 20 salaries.

In addition, an skilled Electrical Engineer with 10-19 years of revel in earns a median overall profits of #5596.Seventy one based on eleven salaries.

What Is The Electrical Engineering Career Prospect?

Data from the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics indicates that the Overall employment of electrical and electronics engineers is projected to grow 2% from 2018 to 2028, slower than the common for all occupations.

As era advances, extra possibilities are created in companies and industries for engineers.

What are the Best Electrical Engineering Schools In The World?

We have compiled a listing of thirteen best electric engineering schools in the global. Therefore, you could pick out a school that suits your needs.

Our choice standards of those schools are the wide variety of electrical engineering applications supplied by way of the faculties, education satisfactory, average profits of graduates, accreditation, and numerous different relevant elements. Each of the colleges listed beneath has been absolutely accepted through the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
  • Stanford University
  • Havard University
  • Georgia Institute Of Technology
  • California Institute of Technology 
  • Cornell University
  • University of Illinois
  • University of California-Berkeley
  • Duke University
  • Columbia University
  • Princeton University
  • Virginia Polytechnic and State University
  • University of Michigan

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

MIT tops the list of fine electrical engineering schools in step with the QS world rankings. The motive is that the institution has a relatively small student-school ratio which lets in the students to construct a robust courting with their tutors and other students.

Secondly, the Electrical Engineering branch is the largest undergraduate program at MIT. The branch gives styles of applications that allow students to gain practical experience. Also, the branch offers possibilities for superior technological innovation which includes Robotics. 

MIT is indeed a faculty to take into account in case you need the nice out of the electrical engineering career. Its lessons is forty eight,452 USD.

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Stanford University

Stanford University is positioned in California. The US News and World Report statistics display that the faculty continuously ranks some of the pinnacle five country wide universities, with role #2 in her School of Engineering.

The Electrical engineering program at Stanford has 7(seven) students according to college. This allows the scholars to have a higher risk of having personal education lectures. The department will equip you with the essential scientific know-how and skills you want to contribute to society.

In addition, the EE department gives packages in Hardware and Software Systems, Information Systems and Science, and Physical Technology.

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Harvard University

Harvard ranks #2 inside the 2021 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities. It is a private research college that changed into set up in 1636. The fee of enrollment inside the school is $fifty one,925.

Apparently, Harvard is one of the quality electric engineering schools within the international. The college branch of electrical engineering capabilities subfields together with Signals and structures concept, Control systems and Robotics.

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Georgia Institute Of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology is a public studies college positioned in Atlanta, Georgia. The school is focused on Technology and gives one of the fine engineering applications. According to the U.S. News and World Report, the Electrical Engineering software at Georgia Institute Of Technology ranks in the top 10.

Georgia also gives a whole lot of research opportunities to college students including ECE’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

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California Institute of Technology 

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a private studies college placed in Pasadena, California. Caltech is one of the fine electric engineering colleges inside the international. California Institute of Technology ranks #12 in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities.

The school offers lessons of $54,six hundred and has a complete undergraduate enrollment of 948. The most wonderful component is that Caltech gives monetary useful resource and that shows that the college is on the market to all students.

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science program in subfields inclusive of Electromagnetic Engineering, Signals, Systems, and Transforms.

The department also capabilities a outstanding putting that lets in a stability of lecture room lectures and laboratory and design revel in.

Cornell University

U.S. News and World Report statistics show that Cornell Engineering ranks in the top 15 nationally. It also ranks most of the pinnacle 20 universities inside the global by using QS World University ranking.

Cornell University is positioned in Ithaca, New York. The school EE program incorporates of Physics, Computer, and Mathematics. However, the Physics course covers topics in circuits, semiconductor gadgets, and optical structures.

Similarly, the Computer software functions subjects in microprocessors and computing devices. In addition, topics like statistics, networks, and systems are contained within the mathematical path of the branch.

University of Illinois

University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign is a public organization that changed into installed in 1867. The faculty has a complete undergraduate enrollment of 33,915. UI—Urbana-Champaign’s ranks #forty eight within the 2021 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities. The college tuition is $16,210(in-nation) and $33,352(out-of-kingdom).

The college’s Department of Electrical Engineering gives courses in subfields together with Fields and Waves, Analog Signal Processing, and Digital Systems Laboratory. EE Students inside the school have get admission to to the Senior Design Project Lab which offers them a best enjoy in the discipline.

University of California-Berkeley

The UC-Berkeley attractiveness charge is 17% and the tuition is $18,178. According to the United States indicator ranking 2021, this college ranks #22 in National Universities and is also one of the excellent Electrical Engineering colleges inside the world. The school programs started out in 1868.

The Department of Electrical Engineering of UC-Berkeley gives a wide instructional curriculum and offers the students a bonus to Top technological corporations within the State and worlds at massive.

Basically the EE department guides cover subdisciplines consisting of Introduction to Digital Electronics, Designing Information Devices and Systems, and Electronics for the Internet of Things

What amazes me most is that graduates from the University of California-Berkeley are sought by way of all predominant corporations, authorities businesses, and industries.

Duke University

Duke University is a non-public studies organization established in 1838. Located in Durham, NC. The college consistently ranks the various high-quality electric engineering college nationally and internationally.

DU is a center for innovation, research, and teaching techniques.  Basically, the Electrical Engineering degree application encompasses subdisciplines such as Computer Engineering and Digital Systems, Signal Processing, Communications, and Control Systems, Photonics and a few others.

Usually, those disciplines beautify the student’s wondering and put together them to address trouble within the technology international. Duke’s EE department has one of the maximum flexible Electrical engineering packages to be had.

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Columbia University

Columbia University (Fu Foundation) ranks #eleven in Best Engineering Schools primarily based on facts from US News rating. This studies college is considered to be one of the pinnacle universities in the United States. Columbia’s Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering is no exception. 

The department offers a complete historical past in relevant topics including Signals and Systems, Digital Systems, and Electromagnetics. These guides put together college students for paintings in the engineering discipline and advanced professional or graduate application in a related field.

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Princeton University 

Princeton University is one of the nice Electrical engineering colleges within the usa. It is ranked #17 in Best Engineering Schools based on US News facts.

The Electrical Engineering department offers guides in Optical Electronics, Statistical Signal, and Solar Energy Conversion. If you’re aspiring to observe electric engineering, Princeton University may be a great preference. 

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Virginia Polytechnic and State University

Virginia Polytechnic and State University is positioned in Blacksburg. It is a public studies college. According to the US News and World Report, the faculty ranks among the pinnacle seventy five country wide universities, with its College of Engineering coming in at #27.

VP capabilities massive studies opportunities in a diffusion of subfield consisting of control systems, communications, electronics, electromagnetics, and energy system.

Additionally, the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers optionally available courses in regions like Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering, Antennas and Satellites, and Nanotechnology.

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University of Michigan

UM’s Electrical Engineering program ranks within the top twenty in World consistent with the U.S. News and World Report. The University of Michigan is a public studies university placed in Ann Arbor. It is the oldest Institution in Michigan and changed into based in 1817.

The Electrical Engineering diploma software capabilities guides consisting of Digital Integrated Circuits, Electronic Circuits, and Principles of Optics.

Additionally, UM students additionally have the possibility to interact in various studies sports that give them experience all through live at Michigan.

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Best Electrical Engineering faculties Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an electrical engineer?

If you choice to take a look at Electrical engineering you need to take the subsequent steps;
Earn a bachelor’s diploma
Take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam
Land an entry-stage process and gain experience
Take Professional Engineer exam
Obtain a Licensure

What are the satisfactory electrical engineering colleges in the global?

The quality electrical engineering faculties within the international encompass: Massachusettes Institute Of Technology
Standford University
Havard University
Georgia Institute Of Technology
California Institute of Technology 
Cornell University
University of Illinois

How many years does it take to emerge as an electrical engineer?

A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering will usually take four or five years to complete, and students will gain expertise of simple engineering as well as arithmetic and science.

Where do electrical engineers work?

Most Electrical engineers work in IT firms, manufacturing industries, communications, and aero space. Also, they may get hired by corporations that manufacture navigation controls and scientific equipment.


Becoming an Engineer may additionally take a lot of time but it’s miles very Lucrative. However, it requires education, dedication, innovative thinking and additionally your potential to be progressive. Most Electrical Engineers regularly work in Industries and organizations. Others paintings in government corporations and faculties. However, their role is to analyze, evaluate, hold, and use software program equipment to improve systems and remedy troubles.

There are such a lot of Instuitions across the word that provide Electrical engineering programs. Usually, a few colleges integrate with electronics and pc engineering programs. If you desired to come to be an Electrical Engineer, you need to, first, earn a diploma from an authorised faculty like the ones enlisted above. Thereafter, you enroll in a graduate program. You can also need to move for an advanced degree to advantage extra enjoy in case you want to enhance your profits.

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