According to the records amassed by way of the World Scholarship Forum from Seychelles immigration website, Immigration Recruitment Seychelles is completed through the immigration department in Seychelles.

This is done to recruit and hire women and men that would uphold and hold Seychelles Immigration Policy. They’ll work in embassies and borders to watch out for Seychelles passport fraudulent activities, Seychelles residence allow checks and in any other case.

Disclaimer: Please observe that the World Scholarship Forum does not have any affiliation with the Seychelles Immigration Service. We do not recruit, organise aptitude take a look at nor pick a success applicants. Therefore, this text is simply an informative article.



Three O-Levels or IGSCE most suitable in English, French and other subjects at Grade C or Equivalent Academic Qualifications

How to Apply?

Interested applicants must Sign-up or login in the Seychelles Immigration website www.Ics.Gov.Sc/running-in-seychelles to use now or please accumulate Application Forms at the Immigration Division Headquarters, Independence House During Working Hours.

Note: In order to growth your probabilities of a a success selection in immigration recruitments Seychelles, kindly make sure that your utility is complete and that every one relevant facts inclusive of your qualifications has been supplied together with your software. Otherwise, the Employer reserves the right not to consider your software for choice.
This activity has expired!

Related Jobs Industry: Government
Company Phone : +248 429 3600
Contact Person: Angele Dupres – Senior HR and Budget Mgt Officer

Other data concerning Immigration Recruitment Seychelles can be determined in the Seychelles Immigration website.




Valid passports or opportunity journey files are wanted for entry into Seychelles as a part of Seychelles Immigration Policy.


Visa isn’t always required for access into Seychelles together with Seychelles passport.


As component, if Seychelles Immigration Policy a traveler’s allow card is issued on arrival in Seychelles to someone who comes for the intention of holiday, delight, commercial enterprise, go to friends or family and who –

(a) isn’t always a prohibited immigrant; and

(b) isn’t the holder of a Dependant’s allow card or a paying Occupation Permit and has a Seychelles passport ;

(c) holds a valid comeback or onward ticket for the period of visit;

(d) has confirmed lodging;

(e) has at ease budget in the course of them being round.

(Minimum of US$ one hundred fifty.00 or equal in step with day).

The Visitor’s allow ID card is on the begin valid in the course of the go to of up to 1 month.

It is prolonged for a length of up threeto 3to a few months from the date of difficulty and able to extra extensions for consecutive intervals now not surpassing three months at a time to a most time of 12 months, supplied that the person still meets the criteria of a bona fide visitor within the Seychelles Immigration Policy .

The vacationer’s allow ID card is issued free of rate for the primary three months after that there’s a price of Sr.

one thousand/- for extension overlaying every length of three months or any half therefrom.

Extension of Visitor’s permit ID card is additionally subject to (a) – (e) above.


A paying Occupation ID permits the holder to be gainfully occupied in Seychelles and this is probably as a leader or as a worker.

Applications for paying Occupation Permits need to be submitted not less than 10weeks earlier than the worker is ready to begin paintings, and he/she need to no longer enter Seychelles for the intention

of seizing employment before getting the paying Occupation Permit ID card.

The software materials are to be completed by way of the man or woman in search of the permit Card within the case of a self-applied or by using the potential employer.

There is a processing price of Sr. 600 for processing of the application. The price for the whole period of the allow being looked for is Sr.

1,500- in step with month or half thence have to moreover accompany the equipment.

In thinking about an application for a paying career Permit card, the followings are taken into account:

(a) the individual, popularity, and health of the possible employee and where relevant, any member of his/her household to be recommended at the permit;

(b) the professional or technical qualification of the individual to be employed;

  1. c) the deliver of the offerings of folks exist already in Seychelles;

(d) the safety of local hobby;

(e) the monetary and social earnings that the applicant/ prospective employee might deliver around Seychelles or decorate via his presence.


A Seychelles Residence allow Card is issued to a person who

(a) is not a prohibited immigrant;

(b) consists of a own family or home reference to Seychelles;

(c) has created or can create a unique contribution to the economic, social or cultural existence of Seychelles.

The holder of a Residence Permit

(a) have to for the duration of the validity of the permit ID card reside in Seychelles for a minimum of 5 days during every three hundred and sixty five days of the term of the permit;

(b) If the permit card holder living in Seychelles for over one month (in any yr) he/she shall hold a deposit with a financial institution in Seychelles or deliver a bank

assure to the Director General of Immigration, of now not much less than Sr. 20,000 and permit the Director General of Immigration to attract at the deposit or name on the assure for the motive of assembly expenditure incurred by way of the government in reference to the care, remedy or maintenance inner or removal from Seychelles of the permit ID card holder and his/her dependents;

(c) if the allow ID card holder residing in Seychelles for over one month (in any yr) he/she shall after fourteen days of every anniversary of the hassle of the allow ID card,

adduce proof to the satisfaction of the Director General of Immigration that the allow ID card holder has delivered into Seychelles for his personal use, foreign exchange thru the Central Bank of Seychelles of an amount similar to no longer Smaller than Sr. A hundred,000;

(d) Paragraph (b) and (c) shall not practice wherever the Director General of Immigration is happy that the allow ID card holder or another one that forms a similar own family due to the fact the permit holder, has enough investment in Seychelles to cowl the quantity in subparagraph (c) or subparagraph (d) and (c) as the case can be;

(e) throughout the term of the Residence permit ID card, the holder must explore possibilities for contributing to the monetary, social or cultural life of Seychelles;

(f) The holder of the permit ID card shall no longer be entitled to free clinical provider in Seychelles or to any social insurance gain underneath the social coverage Act, 1987 different similar Legislation; The holder of a Seychelles Residence allow ID card isn’t permissible to be gainfully occupied in Seychelles

Residence allow ID Card shall forestall to be valid if the holder:

(a) is a comparison to terms of the allow;

(b) is convicted of an offense towards the Immigration laws; or
(c) is deported from Seychelles.
The holder’s minor dependants may be endorsed at the Permit.
There is a price of US$115/- for processing of the software.
The price for the residence Permit is Scr. 50,000.00 for the principle applicant and Scr.

25,000.00 for the relative if applied at an equivalent time.

The price for endorsement of every minor depending on a Residence permit ID Card is Scr. 1,000.00.

The permit expenses are payable in forex.

Official Seychelles Immigration website

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