Lately, humans are getting increasingly aware of the environment we stay in and the want to make certain it’s far safe and habitable for the present time and destiny generations. Therefore, many environmental volunteering packages are coming up on a day by day to provide people the opportunity to make a contribution to creating our international a safer vicinity. 

We have handiest one world and we need to ensure that it’s miles safe for every body to stay in. If you’re passionate about making the sector a higher region, we can provide you with the 21 fine volunteer programs to hold you busy at some stage in your free time.

Why Environmental Volunteering Programs/Opportunities?

The global is converting globally, with the environment suffering the finest blow in recent times. Human sports consisting of poaching, industrialization, deforestation, agricultural sports have dealt a terrific blow on the surroundings we live in and the list goes on.

Whatever influences our society affects us typically as people. Therefore, volunteering in an environmental program is a fantastic manner to make contributions to the survival of the surroundings.

The surroundings includes human existence, flora and fauna, and ocean lifestyles, with many species standing the danger of extinction is nothing is carried out to salvage the scenario.

Consequently, this offers us with a  task that we all need to put our hands on the deck to solve.

There are many volunteering opportunities and applications available for those who want to make a contribution to the course of saving our surroundings and ensuring the survival of all species.

How Can You Become An Environmental Volunteer?  

Environmental volunteering is a non-public selection that starts offevolved along with your ardour for the environment.

These environmental volunteering programs begins with the love and activates to do something about the instant environment in which you find yourself. In essence, we have to all be volunteers at one point or the other.  

Once you’re making up your mind to become a volunteer, the following steps will assist you’re making the proper volunteering choice.

Below we are able to talk approximately the steps on a way to be a part of volunteering opportunities for environmental programs.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Become An Environmental Volunteer

Finding the right volunteer opportunity is not continually clean for all people. Nonetheless, there are steps to comply with that could make it simpler for humans to make the right selection when it comes to volunteering. They include:

1. Decide what you’re enthusiastic about

To have the exceptional volunteer revel in, it is essential to parent out wherein your passion lies.

There is not any doubt that volunteering objectives to make an effect. On the other hand, volunteering enables to offer you that inner delight of haven contributed to a extraordinary path in history.

It is crucial to apprehend and be captivated with environmental needs earlier than becoming a member of volunteering packages.

The demands of environmental volunteering can be very tasking. Therefore, it’s far your passion for the environment to be able to maintain you going at some point of your length as a volunteer.

2. Understand the requirements of the precise volunteer possibility before applying

It is essential to study and recognize the requirements of the specific volunteer opportunity you’re making use of for earlier than making commitments.

There are exceptional companies imparting volunteers the opportunity to serve in one in every of their environmental packages. It is crucial to note that distinctive organizations and environmental volunteer opportunities have distinct necessities.

Therefore, want to understand what the demands of every particular possibility gift. Doing so will help you make an knowledgeable choice approximately what you need to do as a volunteer.

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three. Decide whether you may be volunteering locally or abroad

There are local as well as worldwide environmental volunteer opportunities to be had. While it’s miles advisable to start your volunteer opportunity locally, there are nonetheless many folks who wish to volunteer overseas.

If you’re interested in volunteering abroad, one of the key factors you should consider is your budget.

Choosing a budget-friendly volunteering package deal will ensure which you do not have hitches at some point of your volunteering duration.

four. Double-take a look at the volunteer software of your interest

It is critical to carry out an indebt studies on volunteer packages earlier than you in the end join. A better expertise of the program can make it greater fruitful and effective.

Ensure you examine and understand the requirements of your environmental volunteering packages of preference and ask questions wherein necessary.

5. Talk to the provider about the program

Proper verbal exchange with the environmental volunteering packages issuer could make the technique less difficult.

Keeping in contact frequently with the program vendors is one manner to improve performance and provide morals. It additionally helps to enhance a provider-participant relationship.

In addition, it also lets you preserve in touch with the neighborhood communities in which you’ll serve as well as find and maintain in contact with different volunteers inside the vicinity of your hobby.

How Can One Find Environmental Volunteering Programs?

Becoming an environmental volunteer is a noble mission and shows your interest inside the survival of our international.

Environmental volunteering packages are a top notch manner to defend make contributions to the survival and safety of our natural environment, natural world, and ocean existence.

There are many environmental volunteering possibilities available for the ones who have a passion for nature conservation and fingers-on tasks.

Read via this list to discover the pleasant environmental volunteering opportunites and packages.

Best Environmental Volunteering Programs

  Below is our choice of the pinnacle 21 fine environmental volunteer opportunities you may sign up for and begin your volunteer journey.

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1. Volunteer as a Marine Conservation Intern with Eco Koh Tao

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

Eco Koh Tao is a non-profit organization this is dedicated to taking care of foremost Eco activities inside the Koh Tao network.

Eco Koh Tao incorporates a team of scuba divers, marine verbal exchange professionals, documentaries and filmmakers, and different human beings with audio-visual skills.

The crew also gets extensive training inside the marine surroundings. The organisation is willing to train interested volunteers in scuba diving and set up for a certificate for them at the give up in their training.

From solidifying your schooling to volunteering in keeping the surroundings secure, there may be no better way to grow to be an active part of our world these days.

This is the first environmental volunteering software, and suitable volunteer for this function are:

  • People who are at the least 18 years at the time of the software
  • Retirees over the age of fifty also are willing to apply
  • Singles and couples also can practice
  • The volunteer opportunity is likewise open for couples


  • Basic information of the English Language
  • Advanced Open Water Diving Certificate. None divers who want to grow to be volunteers will get hold of education and certification on arrival
  • The volunteer should be proactive, hardworking with the capability to use commonplace feel

Duration: A minimal of two weeks and a  most of 6 weeks and is required from Mondays through Fridays from the periods of 9:30 to 17:00


The volunteer need to be very flexible and take up any pastime this is taking place for the time being. Some of the everyday volunteer activities consist of:

  • Researches on recycling techniques
  • Marketing
  • Beach cleaning
  • Research on microplastic
  • The building and stacking of coral nurseries
  • Morning buoy replacement
  • Emergency net removal
  • Coral watch
  • Research on large clams
  • Drupella water trying out and COTS series and so on.

The volunteer also can revel in unfastened time sports like swimming, water sport, sightseeing, trekking, hiking, yoga, and other sorts of sports activities.  

Stats: Flexible role and open from January to December. For more information about the volunteer role and the reputation, visit the subsequent hyperlink for extra data.

This is an in depth data on environmental volunteering applications and possibilities.

2. Ecotourism Volunteer with Galapagos National Park

Location: Galapagos, Ecuador

Won’t or not it’s high-quality to be part of the team putting in their attempt to hold the Galapagos?

IOI Empowering Galapagos is open to volunteers who’re inclined to collaborate with the Galapagos National Park to conserve and defend the plants from the unfavorable effect of human sports.

As an intern with eco-tourism, you’ll be responsible for collecting records to help the national park staff make important decisions and discover higher methods to enhance their ecotourism presenting.

Suitable applicants for this environmental volunteering packages ought to be:

  • 18+ on or earlier than the date they begin their registration
  • The opening is available for each singles and couples
  • Families can also volunteer in addition to groups
  • Retirees and those over 50 also can sign on for this volunteer possibility


  • At least an intermediate information of the Spanish language
  • Good verbal exchange and the potential to treat others patiently
  • Team workability as well as the ability to work on my own
  • Ability to alter to bendy schedules
  • Ability to face up to negative temperatures and paintings below the solar
  • Good statistics collection and entry potential
  • The capability to face up to using closed-toe footwear at all times and appropriate apparel to have interaction with traffic all of the time
  • A computer for data collection is likewise a requirement for the volunteer possibility

Duration: Minimum of two weeks and a  most of 12  weeks (25-forty hours per week from Monday to Friday).


The volunteer intern will work in close collaboration with the Galapagos National Park’s communique department.

This environmental volunteering packages intern will assist the National Park to collect and examine beneficial records as a way to assist in the improvement and preservation of the park.

The intern will also assist in the Consolidation of facts for the improvement of the island’s ecotourism quarter.

Other activities consist of:

  • Carrying out a survey on visitors approximately their delight
  • Assist  in generating statistical records
  • Produce a database following your survey consequences

Status: Open from January to December and is presently recruiting those who desire to volunteer with them. For greater data approximately the volunteer function, observe the hyperlink.

three. Biodiversity Monitoring Field Assistant

Location: Kalamos, Greece

Volunteer with Terra Sylvestris as a Biodiversity Field Assistant and work with locals to protect the environment. Working with this enterprise will provide you with fingers-on training in statistics series, flora and fauna looking, and monitoring of plant populace.

You will get hold of training from a few specialists around the arena to enable you to perform your duties nicely as a volunteer with Terra Syslvestris.

If you are passionate about the seas and the natural atmosphere, that is a first rate possibility to volunteer and offer your assistance to this organisation running hard to shield endangered species, which incorporates flora and animals.

If you fall in the standards beneath, then this volunteer software is suitable for you:

  • At least 18 years all through the time of volunteering
  • You can practice as singles or couples
  • The possibility is also open for families and companies who want to use
  • People over 50 and retirees can also observe
  • There is an opening for disabled folks that desire to volunteer


  • The capability to speak and understand the English language (fundamental stage)
  • Filled and signed software form from Terra Sylvestris professional internet site
  • A reproduction of your means of identity (government ID card or its equal is acceptable)

Duration: Minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of fifty weeks from Monday via Friday, 09:00 to fifteen:00


Volunteers for this environmental volunteering software are anticipated to install 5 hours a day for five days per week. The activities include basic house works like cleansing.

Other activities include taking care looking after vegetable gardens, which include watering within the summer and weeding inside the winter.

The volunteer will even paintings to ensure that the nearby habitat, (Wildlife and Sea Life) are in desirable condition by way of helping in gathering statistics and reading information to help in the improvement and protection of the herbal habitat.

Status: Volunteer opportunity is flexible open from January to December. Follow the link for info and registration criteria.

4. Environmental Scuba Diving

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Volunteer with Impac Trip to discover existence underneath the Portuguese oceans. Lend a hand in cleaning the Atlantic oceans and make sure the survival of our marine lives.

Volunteering with Impac Trip affords you the possibility to find out about scuba diving and come to be a professional. There are many discoveries to be made on the Portuguese shoreline in addition to treasured ecosystems to guard.

Thus, the Environmental volunteering opportunities in Scuba Diving is appropriate for:

  • People 18+ at the time of volunteering
  • Retirees and seniors above the age of 50
  • Singles and couples with a passion for marine existence and scuba diving
  • Families and organizations can also observe for the volunteer possibility


  • A basic information of the English language is essential
  • Volunteers must be medically licensed to be eligible to apply

Duration: Minimum of per week and most of 4 weeks volunteer duration


Volunteers may be required to head for worldwide diving certification under a diagnosed body.

Again, volunteers will also find out about the Portuguese ecosystem with the view of offering precious records about how to defend the atmosphere.

Volunteers may even work in collaboration with the neighborhood communities to teach approximately:

  • Factors that affect the environment
  • Environmental conservation
  • Protection of marine lifestyles and biodiversity

Stats:   The function is presently open for volunteers. Impact Trip Environmental Scuba Diving volunteer possibilities are open from February to November most effective.

five. Marine Conservation Research Assistant

Location: Nosy Komba, Madagascar

MRCI – Madagascar Volunteer possibility provides a spread of possibilities for fascinated applicants with a ardour for defensive the ecosystem in Madagascar.  

To be suitable for this volunteer opportunity, you need to satisfy the subsequent criteria:

  • Volunteers should be over 18 years on the time of registration
  • Singles and couples are eligible to volunteer
  • Groups are also welcome to volunteer
  • The opportunity is also open to retirees and senior citizens over 50


  • An intermediate expertise of the English language is necessary
  • A smooth crook heritage check
  • Volunteers should own a PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water Dive Certification or equivalent. However, the business enterprise provides volunteers the possibility to finish the diving path with them and get licensed.


This environmental volunteering has the following programs which encompass:

  • Reef Research
  • Artificial Reef Research
  • Coral transplanting
  • Creative Structures
  • Nudibranch Research
  • Turtle Monitoring

Stats: Flexible volunteer opportunity that is open from January to December, for in addition information and registration, comply with the link

6. Reef Conservation Supporter With North Bali Reef Conservation

Location: Amlapura, Indonesia

North Bali Reef Conservation is an NGO that calls for the help of volunteers to perform their challenge and reap their desires. They paintings in collaboration with nearby volunteers to restore and keep the coral reef environment.

Suitable applicants  for this volunteer application ought to be:

  • At least 18 years to use
  • The opportunity is likewise open to Seniors and retirees over 50 years
  • Singles and couples can follow
  • Groups also are welcome to use for the volunteer possibility


  • A primary information of the English language is vital
  • Positive attitude and mental ability is crucial 
  • Diving certification is an added gain for this system

Duration: Minimum of one week and a maximum of 24 weeks


Volunteers will interact in cultural work with the local groups thru instructional diving and conservation. The volunteer also can discover ways to dive with some of the pinnacle specialists.

Activities additionally encompass coaching, plastic recycling, diving, turtle conservation, and different activities as can be requested by way of the organizers.

Volunteering with North Bali Reef Conservation affords the opportunity to live and work close to the beach.

Stats: The possibility to volunteer with North Bali Reef Conservation is open from January to May and from September to December. For more data about the opportunity, go to the subsequent hyperlink.

7. Become a Volunteer With Volunteer Now Costa Rica to Keep Our Oceans Free From Plastics

Location: Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Volunteer with Volunteer Now Costa Rica to help preserve our oceans and coastlines unfastened from plastic pollutants.

The enterprise is devoted to ensuring that our beaches and coastlines are easy through organizing easy-up and creating recognition approximately the need to hold plastic wastes out of our beaches.

Suitable candidates for this volunteer possibility must be:

  • At least 18 years for the duration of the time of software
  • The opportunity is open for volunteers over 50
  • Singles and couples can observe for the volunteer possibility
  • The possibility is likewise open for households and companies


  • A basic expertise of the English language is a demand
  • Accepting volunteers from all components of the sector

Duration: Minimum of 1 week and a maximum volunteer duration of 4 weeks. Volunteers are required to work 7 days a week from Sunday to Saturday from 08:00 to 12:00.


Volunteers for these environmental volunteering applications will make up a group to prepare sanitation across the oceans and coastlines. The volunteer can even collaborate with the local group to pressure organizational dreams via schooling and enlightening most people.

The volunteers need to be inclined to work as a group with a high-quality spirit and optimistic power.  

Stats: Position open to the majority from January to December. To start the volunteering technique, click on at the link for greater statistics and the date of arrival.

8. Volunteer in Zanzibar

Location: Nungwi; Jozani, Zanzibar

Volunteering in Zanzibar is a superb opportunity to contribute to the upkeep of the African surroundings and wildlife.

The volunteer possibility is alongside the seashore and the agricultural communities of Zanzibar. The software additionally comes with a low volunteer fee, which makes it very affordable for the ones wishing to discover an less costly possibility to volunteer abroad.

Under the Zanzibar volunteer software, there are exceptional volunteer possibilities to work as a volunteer. They are:

Therefore, it is your desire to determine which of the 2 opportunities have the ardour for.


For software requirements, you need to join up on the subsequent website for facts.

Duration: for rainforest and coastal conservation packages, the minimal length for volunteering is 1 week and you could volunteer for up to 12 weeks. The turtle conservation additionally has a minimum volunteer period of 1 week and a most duration of 12 weeks. Volunteers will installed five to 7 hours of labor each day. 


The activities rely on our desire of application. You may be  within the rainforest and coastal strains supporting to defend some of Zanzibar’s maximum endangered species, which includes:

  • Monkeys
  • Lizards
  • Chameleons
  • Snakes
  • Tortoise etc.
  • You will even paintings in collaboration with different group contributors to assist address the impact of coastal erosion. You will also assist to offer environmental schooling to children and the local community.

Volunteers will assist in looking after endangered marine turtles and in addition to making sure that wounded marine turtles acquire right attention.

Stats: this system is open on the first and the third Wednesday of every month. To start your volunteer adventure in Zanzibar, comply with the hyperlink.

9. Become a Volunteer at Victoria Falls

Location: Victoria Falls, Zambia

Many non-public game reserves round Victoria Falls require the help of volunteers to efficaciously carry out their sports. Suitable volunteers have to as a minimum 18 years at the time of the volunteer.


Visit this system internet site and sign on to look the necessities of this system.

Duration: volunteer period is commonly among 2 to 12 weeks. Volunteers are required to put in four to six hours of volunteer every day.


Volunteers work in personal recreation reserves around Victoria Falls to make sure the survival of natural world. Volunteers additionally help in learning better approaches to enhance those game reserves.

They also paintings in collaboration with local authorities to protect the game reserves.

Stats: Interested Volunteers can utilize the next start date, 21 June 2021 to register and begin their volunteer adventure. The software is open every first and 1/3 Monday of each month.

10. Volunteer With IVHQ to Work in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Location: South Africa

Apply with IVHQ to end up a volunteer with one in every of the most important game reserves in Africa. This is one of the fine environmental volunteering packages on this listing.

The Kruger park serves as a domestic for a diffusion of natural world species such as the Africa Big five—the buffalos, elephants, lions, leopards, and rhinos.

The land covers over 2 million hectares and requires extra than regularly the help of volunteers to attend to the sport reserve.

Volunteers get the possibility to interact in a variety of sports whilst appreciating the natural surroundings.

Suitable volunteers must be obsessed with animals and be at the least 18 years of age to volunteer.


  • Basic driving talents
  • Volunteers must attend a mandatory orientation and bushcraft schooling
  • Volunteers ought to be captivated with animals

Duration: a minimal of 2 weeks and a most of 12 weeks volunteer duration is needed. Volunteers will installed 8 hours of service every day as a part of the requirement of the program.


Volunteers may be dealing with doubtlessly dangerous games. Therefore, they require to undergo simple bush crafting education and orientation about animals and navigation the park.

Volunteers will help in plant life sampling and sport drives, habitat evaluation, and camera trapping.

Other volunteer activities include:

  • Monitoring of Vulture nests
  • Assenting in the introduction of bush and alien plant
  • Assisting in long time biodiversity survey
  • Help in disaster control and street protection
  •  Locating and mapping of animals which are injured thru a vehicle survey
  • Monitoring and making sure the endangered species are secure

Stats: July 5, 2021, is the following to be had date to volunteer for this project. If you’ve got a ardour for animals and are willing to volunteer, comply with this link.

11. Animal Welfare Volunteering in Tanzania – Arusha

Location: Arusha, Tanzania

If you adore to grow to be an animal care volunteer, the time to behave is now. Join the next batch of Tanzanian volunteers operating in collaboration with the vets to take care of farm and home animals.

The opportunity is a two-manner experience, the volunteer offers help and also gains revel in in go back. They also get the opportunity to visit nearby farms round Arusha.

The volunteer function is suitable for people over 18 years. Volunteers beneath 16 can practice under the supervision of an grownup who is as a minimum 18 years.

A parental consent letter is likewise allowed for volunteers between 16 and 17+ years.


  • Evidence of a criminal heritage check is a requirement for all volunteers. For those beneath 18, 2 character reference letter is a requirement
  • Adequate volunteer tour insurance is a requirement for all volunteers
  • All volunteers are required to wait the program orientation
  • Understanding of primary English language is a demand.

Duration: A minimum of one week and a maximum of sixteen weeks with as much as four hours of sports each day.


Volunteer sports encompass collaborating with a local vet in the care of animals. The volunteer can even have interaction within the research of animal welfare within the usa. Volunteers are also required to mingle with native Tanzanians and learn their culture and methods of existence.

Volunteering in animal welfare can be stressful and continues volunteers constantly on the move. Be positive you could resist the stress before volunteering for the location.

Stats: The program is open at the 1st and fifteenth of every month. For greater facts, go to the IVHQ website.

12. Volunteer for an Agricultural Program in Ghana

Location: Ghana

Agricultural cultivation remains the main source of meals production in Ghana. The software helps to make sure that there may be sustainability within the meals supply in Ghana.

Volunteers who are enthusiastic about food manufacturing are appropriate to use for this volunteer opportunity.


  • Volunteers should be at least 18 years on the time of registration for this application
  • Adequate journey coverage is a need for all volunteers
  • Criminal heritage take a look at is a demand for all volunteer
  • All volunteers must attend and whole the interactive volunteer schooling consultation

Duration: Volunteer period is between 1 to 24 weeks.


Volunteers will paintings along neighborhood farmers to domesticate the farms and deliver food and plants to nearby children.

The volunteer function does no longer require that you have previous enjoy in agriculture.

However, because of constrained machinery and resources, volunteers have to count on physical paintings. Volunteers should undertaking to come back along with flashlights, sun protectors, light-weight scarfs, running boots, bottles of water, and a hat. Insect repellents can also are available in reachable.

Stats:  Volunteer possibility is open 1st and fifteenth of each month. Follow the link for greater information about the program.  

thirteen. Volunteer For Organic Agriculture Supporter in Nepal

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Third Eye Foundation offers volunteers who desire to make the sector a higher area with the opportunity to offer their help inside the Nepal vicinity. Serve as an middleman among the local communities and donor groups.

Organic Agricultural Program will permit volunteers to stay collectively and look at the lifestyle of the nearby communities.

Suitable volunteers for the natural agricultural aid should be at the least 18 years. Singles and couples are also welcome to volunteer a nicely as companies.


  • A primary know-how of the  English language is a  necessity
  • A motivation letter and modern-day reproduction of my CV is required
  • Volunteers want to be realistic, constructive, and satisfied all the time

Duration:  A minimum of two weeks and a maximum duration of 20 weeks


Some of the sports encompass planting, gardening, and harvesting depending on the length you volunteer. As a volunteer, you’ll mingle with the local community and research their manner of life.

You may even assist them within the little approaches you could whether or not via lending your fingers in the farm work or teaching them higher approaches to domesticate meals.

Stats: Open from February to December. Click at the hyperlink to start your volunteering system.

14. Volunteer inside the Marine & Archaeological Preservation

Location: Napoli, Italy

Volunteer with International Napoli Network to join the growing wide variety of humans with an interest in retaining archaeological websites around the sector today.

Volunteers paintings in one of the smallest natural parks in Europe.

Suitable volunteers need to be:

  • 18+ at the time of registration
  • Suitable for both singles and couples who want to volunteer
  • Groups and households also can volunteer for the program


  • Fluency inside the spoken shape of the English language
  • Criminal history take a look at is essential for all volunteers
  • Volunteers need to have an concept of one or extra of the subsequent
    • Biology
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Archaeology  
    • Marketing and different relevant guides

Duration: Min length for the program is 3 weeks at the same time as the max period is 12 weeks


Volunteers will help in the upkeep and looking of marine biogenesis at the water park at Gaiola. The volunteer may even help in records series and analysis.

Volunteers may even mingle with the local Italians to analyze their tradition, food, and records. Volunteers will also assist within the conservation effort to store ancient areas which are of first-rate significance.

Stats: Volunteers with the ardour to help the community can apply immediately. The role is open from May to November.

15. Work in a National Park

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Volunteer with South America Inside and assist in taking care of Cost Rica’s lovely herbal park. Team up with other volunteers to shield the flora and fauna and help to enlighten visitors about the park.

Take a while to revel in the notable nature of Costa Rica’s natural park.

This environmental Volunteering applications with America Inside is suitable for those who are:

  • Above the age of 18
  • Singles and couples with a passion for nature
  • Groups
  • Retirees and senior citizens with the passion and strength to paintings in nature


  • Basic know-how of Spanish or English is a demand
  • High college degree is likewise a requirement
  • CV and volunteer questionnaire

Duration: 2 to 24 weeks volunteer duration (5-6 days weekly).


Volunteers can be assigned to paintings on one among Costa Rica’s herbal parks. Costa Rica natural world is the primary attraction that brings site visitors to Costa Rica and volunteers also are required to take care of traffic and educate them.

Volunteers will interact in:

  • The clearing of trekking trail
  • Beach cleaning
  • Ensuring that the wildlife is secure
  • Help the park officers within the going for walks of the countrywide parks through enticing tourist in academic talks about the wildlife and environmental protection
  • Assist in administrative tasks inside the park
  • Assist with sports at the traffic center

 Stats: open from January to December for interested volunteers. For greater information, go to the internet site.

sixteen. Become a Marine Conservation – Research Assistant in Indonesia

Location: Raja, Indonesia

Barefoot Conservation is responsible for studying and presenting beneficial help inside the maintenance of Reefs. They also embark on other network initiatives like teaching.

Suitable volunteers for this environmental volunteering packages must be:

  • At least sixteen at the time of volunteering
  • The position is open for each singles, couples, and households
  • Group also are welcome to use
  • Retirees and people over 50 can also leverage  this possibility


  • A primary degree of English is a demand for this program
  • Volunteers from round the world can observe

Duration: minimal of 2 weeks and a most of 24 weeks


Volunteer sports encompass:

  • Team up with expert marine conservation scientists and the nearby Costa Rica network on a virtual marine conservation program
  • Sign up as an assistant with Manta Ray and dive with them day by day at Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  • Become conversant with area abilties in marine biology and conservation
  • Get licensed as a Reef Check Eco Diver
  • Volunteers may also be required to educate the neighborhood inside the regions of English language and proper waste control, environmental protection, and dental hygiene for kids
  • Become a certified scuba diver and dive in one of the best locations in the global

Stats: Available from January to December and interested volunteers can sign up the usage of the subsequent hyperlink.

17. Volunteer With Ocean 2 Earth Volunteers in Great Barrier Reef Marine Conservation Project

Location: Queensland, Australia

Volunteer with Ocean 2 Earth Volunteers and assist to shop one of the international’s maximum lovely web sites. Gain a few diving revel in at the same time as doing that in your non-public development.

If you are obsessed with nature and ocean lifestyles, you’re welcome to volunteer for this role.

Suitable volunteers for this program need to  be:

  • At least 17 at some stage in the time of registration
  • The software is open for singles and couples
  • Family and groups are also welcome to use
  •  Seniors and retirees over 50 can follow for the program


  • Fluent English language speakme
  • All volunteers should offer evidence of tetanus vaccine and complete journey insurance
  • The capability to swim and preserve afloat is an delivered gain

Duration: Minimum of 10 days and a most of 41 days.


Volunteers will interact in plenty of diving activities and educate with biologists. They may also help in taking surveys and provide reviews at the health of the Great Barrier reef for in addition scientific researches.

Volunteers can even assist in clearing debris and cleansing up the marines for the protection of marine life. Volunteers will collaborate with others like minds from every part of the world to paintings as a crew.

Besides lending a hand, volunteers additionally collect certification in Advanced or Rescue Diver’s Course.  

Stats: The Volunteer opportunity is open from Jan-March, May-September, and November to December.

Interested volunteers can start their registration with the aid of following the link.


18. Volunteer as a Diving & Marine Conservation Intern

Location: Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Volunteer with Fundacion Aldeas de Paz as an intern in Diving and Marine Conservation if you are obsessed on marine existence. Seize the opportunity to teach and become a licensed ecological diver. Lend your capabilities at a diving center and asset in marine environment recuperation. Also, assist in the manage of invasive species.

The environmental volunteering possibilities is suitable for:

  • People 16+  at some point of the time of registration
  • Singles, couples, households, and businesses are also eligible  to use
  • The role is also open for retirees and seniors


  • Basic knowledge of the English language
  • A recent replica of my CV and a fitness certificates that shows suitability for using
  • Commitment and versatility to this system requirement
  • Patience and tolerance is also a requirement for the placement

Duration: Minimum of four weeks and a maximum of 50 weeks.


Volunteers will undergo a schooling in ecology diving and assist in the conservation of marine ecosystems. Volunteers can even paintings in collaboration with the diving middle to protect marine existence and assist in keeping invasive species beneath take a look at.

There is also a few crucial takeaway from volunteering with Fundacion Aldeas de Paz and they are:

  • Volunteers will advantage fluency within the Spanish language
  • Gain expert schooling and certification in diving
  • Enjoy memorable weekend excursions
  • Mingle with the native Dominicans and experience their ways of existence and revel in Caribbean tune

Stats: The volunteering possibility is open from January to December. Willing volunteers can begin their registration right here.

19. Volunteer with IVHQ to Care for Animals in Costa Rica

Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

International Volunteer HQ is responsible for many volunteer packages with severa opportunities for animal fanatics.

If you fall many of the category and are inclined to travel to Costa Rica, Animal Care Volunteer Project is the right volunteer opportunity for you.  

Suitable candidates  for this function should:

  • At least 18 at the time of volunteering for this system
  • Volunteers elderly 16-17+ should be followed via parents/parent or offer a consent letter to be eligible
  • Volunteers need to be captivated with worrying for animals


  • Record of criminal background take a look at is a requirement for the position
  • All volunteers are required to offer ok tour insurance to be eligible
  • Fluency inside the English language is a demand for this system

Duration: eligible volunteers can volunteer for 3 to 24 weeks.


Animal Care Volunteer Project volunteers are liable for various sports like:

  • Bathing and schooling animals
  • Render their offerings within the region of obedience training
  • Ensuring that cages and kennels are clean
  • Ensuring that the animals are properly-fed
  • Interacting with animals, taking walks, and gambling with them
  • Interacting with visitors
  • Assisting in providing medical interest to animals
  • Organizing educational outreach and fundraisers
  • Assisting in the construction of dog fences and runs
  • Assist in the management of the vicinity

Stats: Next available date for volunteering is June 21, 2021. Follow the link for in addition data about the opportunity.

20. Volunteer For Animal Care Volunteer Project in San Jose

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Are you an animal lover and wish to devote a while to taking care of animals? The animal care volunteer project in Costa Rica is just the possibility you need.

The assignment presents animal enthusiasts the possibility to care for animals and make a contribution to the welfare and medical remedy of animals below their care.

Suitable volunteers for this environmental volunteering packages must be at least 18 at the time of volunteering. However, people 16-17+ can volunteer observed by a parent or dad or mum or at the provision of a consent letter.


  • Evidence of a criminal background test
  • Fluency in spoken English Language
  • Provision of good enough journey insurance document
  • Two character reference letter for volunteers under 18 years

Duration:  Minimum volunteer period of 1 week is required. Eligible applicants can volunteer for as much as 24 weeks.

21. Marine Life Conservation In Placenia

Location: Placenia, Belize

ReefCI is reputable for supplying a number of the high-quality volunteer opportunities.

Currently, they have got a gap for volunteers who desire to render their assistance in ensuring the survival and fitness of Marine lives. Volunteers may even advantage both education and paintings experience in marine conservation.

Suitable volunteers for the placement ought to be at least 16 on the time of registration for the program.

Singles and couples also are welcome to volunteer in addition to businesses. The function is likewise open to Senior and retiree volunteers.


  • A fundamental understanding of the English language is a need
  • Digital scuba diving waiver
  • Previous revel in can be an introduced advantage but now not a demand
  • Passionate about changing the world

Duration: Minimum of one week and a most of 12  weeks


There are numerous activities related to this volunteer hobby. Volunteers get hands-on enjoy in how marine conservation works. They may also work at the far off non-public Caribbean island inside the Belize Barrier Reef to assist in protective marine life.

Volunteers may also be on the lookout for whale sharks and record any sightings.

For more statistics approximately the sports, visit the subsequent hyperlink.

Stats: Volunteer opportunity is currently open and maintains jogging from January to December for fascinated people.

22. Volunteer with Art in Tanzania to Study Climate Change Effect on Socio-Economy

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The essence of this volunteer software is to take a look at and make plans to understand climatic change and its effect on society and the economic system. It is also a way of sensitizing the public approximately climatic exchange and its destructive effects.

Suitable volunteers ought to be at the least 16 years all through the time of registration. It is likewise an open invitation for seniors and retirees to sign up for. Families and organizations who are eligible also can practice for this system.

The software additionally makes provisions for the ones in a wheelchair to apply for the volunteer function.


  • Volunteers should recognize the English language
  • Volunteers have to submit a cutting-edge copy in their CV and Resume
  • Education inside the vicinity  of climatic trade is an introduced advantage for volunteers
  • Basic information of social media skill is likewise essential

Duration: Eligible persons can volunteer for at the least 2 weeks and an extended duration of up to 36 weeks. The possibility calls for 6-8 hours of volunteer time in keeping with day in the course of the week.


Volunteers will learn how to paintings within the rural regions of Tanzania and assist the natives in agricultural activities.

Volunteers will also paintings with businesses of girls, youngsters, and younger human beings dwelling with disabilities.

The environmental volunteering programs take a tri-dimensional method to assess the modern-day occasions, destiny occurrences and to provide a version for locating answers to the trouble. 

Stats: the program is presently available and open for volunteers around the arena. For greater data and registration, observe the link.


We all want to contribute in our little approaches to make certain the survival of our world. While the government and different agencies are running difficult to make certain we’ve got a more secure international to stay in, their efforts are not sufficient.

If you’re passionate about impacting our international at once, joining an environmental volunteering application is the satisfactory way to go approximately it.

Besides the basic know-how you advantage when you volunteer, there’s also this pleasure that includes understanding that your efforts rely in making sure that the sector is secure for everybody.