The opportunity is here again for junior and senior high college college students to compete, have interaction, and learn in a college placing. In 2021, the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) Tournament of Champions will nevertheless take vicinity at Yale University. The prevailing teams from the WSC Global Round will engage in soaking up group and community activities with a view to mirror this yr’s theme, “A World on the Margins.”

The World Scholar’s Cup is greater than simply an international opposition for scholars. It is an international crew educational application in which students from over eighty two nations take part. This worldwide scholar’s application pursuits to attract students inquisitive about gaining knowledge of past the standard college curricula.

Also, while the Tournament of Champions (ToC) will take region at Yale University from November 8 to thirteen, 2021, numerous WSC occasions have taken area in other locations in 2021. The application takes a tournament layout wherein educational competitions take area, locally and globally before the final event – ToC.

In this put up, we can come up with all the statistics you need regarding the WSC 2021 edition at Yale. But first, we are able to throw more mild at the World Scholar’s Cup, its shape, and occasions. We may even answer some often requested questions which you could additionally be asking.

About the World Scholar’s Cup

DemiDec’s president, Daniel Berdichevsky started the World Scholar’s Cup in 2006 as an International Education Program. The goal of founding this system turned into to draw college students who would like to learn out of doors their everyday school curriculum. These students, from unique nationalities and cultures, will come together in a College putting to talk about issues and thoughts relevant to the present-day global.

While this system is instructional, it’s far structured in the form of a tournament wherein groups compete for the Tournament of Champions at a said college. Organized teams comprising of 3 students from the identical or exclusive schools take part in four wellknown round activities.

The teams begin their qualification procedure from the local spherical, progresses to the WSC worldwide spherical, and ultimately to the Tournament of Champions. However, this competition is exclusively for junior and senior excessive faculty college students. So, the match is divided likewise.

Furthermore, the activities that the teams participate in are grouped into group events and network events. While the team events contain interesting educative collaboration, the network events are pretty wonderful and show competencies.

A last rite marks the cease of the tournament, after an emotional farewell. The junior class holds its remaining rite a day before the senior class.

World Scholar’s Cup Tournament Structure

For the clean waft and progression of this educational program, the WSC collaborating groups undergo rounds of qualification, just like any foremost match.

Since the inception of the program, the World Scholar’s Cup season has usually been in 3 (3) rounds wherein with students from round the sector taking part.

These rounds are:

  • The Regional Round which holds in numerous places within the global to introduce new members to this system. The teams which meet the qualifying quantity of points continue to the following round.
  • Global Round which additionally holds in several locations of the sector. Meanwhile, on this spherical, there’s also the Mini Global Rounds. These tournament rounds are open to all groups which have certified from the Regional Rounds. In 2021, the WSC Global rounds take location in Beijing, Nur-Sultan, The Hague, Sydney, Manila, and Durban. Also, at the same time as the WSC Global Round lasts for 5 days, the Mini-Globals lasts for 3 days. Teams on this round participate for a spot within the next round.
  • Tournament of Champions (ToC) is the coming together of the champions of the Global Rounds for the very last degree of the WSC season. The Tournament of Champions in 2021 takes area at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. The ToC takes area at the location every 12 months for 5 days.

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WSC Global Rounds 2021

If you compare the WSC to the FIFA World Cup, the Global Rounds will be the Semi-Finals, handiest this time, there can be more than teams progressing to the finals. So, you see, the WSC Global Rounds could be very essential to this global instructional software.

The 2021 WSC Global Rounds is even greater worth of notice than previous years. This is because the 2021 Global Round holds the largest range of Global Rounds than previous years. 2021 will see six WSC Global Rounds.

Below are the locations where the 2021 World Scholar’s Cup Global Round will take area, with the start and end dates.

Country Location of Approach Date
Beijing, China China National Convention Centre 21-26 June 2019
Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan (Mini) Kazmedia Center eight-12 July 2019
The Hague, Netherlands World Forum, The Hague 21-26July 2019
Sydney, Australia International Conventional Centre Sydney 14-19 August 2019
Manila, Philippines (Mini) Newport Performing Arts Theater 6-eleven September 2019
Durban, South Africa (Mini) Playhouse Drama Theatre 23-27 September 2019

WSC Subjects

World Scholar’s Cup revolves around a theme every 12 months. These every year themes don’t exist in isolation. There exist subjects which relate to the bigger theme. This curriculum breaks down the World Scholar’s Cup subject matter into comprehensible bits for the students and shapes how they relate to every other.

There are six subjects each yr to this impact. These topics and their sub-topics regarding the WSC 2021 theme are:

  • Special Area – Unsolved Mysteries
  • History – Neglected Histories
  • Art & Music – Louder than Words
  • Science – Enabling Technologies
  • Social Studies – The Edges of Society
  • Literature – Voices from the Margins

At some point in time inside the existence of this academic program, there had been Maths and Current Affairs within the listing of subjects. WSC removed arithmetic in 2009 because of its inflexibility and problem to discuss. Also, Social Studies changed Current Affairs in 2014.

World Scholars Cup Team Events

Throughout the World Scholar’s cup event, there are best four primary aggressive events which teams compete. These are the Scholar’s Challenge, Collaborative Writing, Team Debate, and Scholar’s Bowl. However, there are additional events which can be non-competitive, but all of the equal academic and social that also takes place in the WSC event. These events assist create a friendly ecosystem for the members.

Based in this, WSC events are grouped into Team Events and Community Events.

Team Events

The team activities are the primary activities that take location inside the World Scholar’s Cup tournament. Teams take part in those events in each spherical of the WSC – Regional, Global, and ToC.

WSC Team Events encompass:

  • The Scholar’s Challenge is a a couple of-desire exam of 120 questions for 60 mins where individuals practice their learning across the six respectable subjects. Top contributors in every difficulty get hold of awards in addition to top-scoring standard teams and people.
  • Collaborative Writing has an argumentative shape. Teams choose and brainstorm three of six different subjects then craft out character persuasive compositions. If the teams end early, they may draw sketches of alpacas.
  • Team Debate has groups pitched in opposition to each different where they argue motions on special topics and then percentage positive feedback with each other. At the cease of the debate, the choose (or panel of judges) will announce a winning team a good way to proceed to a designated room.
  • The Scholar’s Bowl is a team event in which crew members work collectively to answer multiple-choice questions that are displayed on a large display with their clicker. This occasion takes vicinity in a theater. At this occasion, the tournament’s mascot, alpaca, frequently makes its appearance. But questions regarding it do no longer carry factors, or they may be used as exercise questions.

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Community Events

The network occasions, unlike the crew occasions, does not arise at every round of the WSC event. These are particularly non-aggressive instructional and social activities that upload greater spice to the event.

WSC Community Events include:

  • The Scholar’s Scavenge is an occasion in which each student is teamed up with new buddies from around the sector to discover a website with cameras and score points. Even though these factors don’t upload up to competition scores, sometimes, groups with the highest rating receive an award in an award ceremony.
  • The Debate Showcase occasion involves the nearby spherical’s pinnacle eight junior and senior debaters debating a curricular motion of global significance. When these speakers are performed, volunteers from the target audience and debaters from the showcase also share their thoughts on the subject.
  • Scholar’s Show is the platform in the World Scholar’s Cup where pupils exhibit their skills. It started from college students stomping their toes and clapping their hands to Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You.” Now, it has grown to a display where students show off ambition, talents, and bravado.
  • Scholar’s Ball first commenced in 2011 on the Kuala Lumpur Global Round in Malaysia. The event is a “pseudo-prom” wherein college students attend casual wears to mingle, dance, and make new pals.
  • Scholar’s Fair is a risk for pupils from different nations to share and experience their different cultures and customs.
  • Yale Ball is similar to the Scholar’s Ball most effective this one takes region inside the halls of Yale University.
  • Flag March includes a consultant (flag bearer) from each united states collaborating in WSC marching up with their us of a’s flag to the level.
  • Optional Tours is an occasion where pupils explore web sites across the Globals and Yale University. Of direction, this occasion is non-obligatory to scholars.

WSC Events Chart

In this section, we will draw up a desk to expose you the rounds in which the events we’ve defined below takes area.

Events Regional Rounds Global Rounds Tournament of Champions
Team Debate + + +
Scholar’s Challenge + + +
Collaborative Writing + + +
Scholar’s Bowl + + +
Scholar’s Scavenge + +
Flag March + +
Scholar’s Fair + +
Scholar’s Show + + +
Debate Showcase + + +
Scholar’s Ball +
Yale Ball +
Optional Tours + +

The “+” denotes rounds of the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament wherein the events take location. On the alternative hand, “” denotes rounds of the tournament in which the activities don’t take place.

Qualifying for the World Scholar’s Cup

So, that in the WSC tournament, students development from Regional to Global round. And from Global spherical to the Tournament of Champions. But how do you get into the Regional Round within the first place? What do you need to do to development to the World Scholar’s Cup ToC at Yale University in 2021?

Here’s how groups can take part in the World Scholar’s Cup rounds.

Regional Round: A WSC crew comprise of three college students from the same or distinct faculties. This team, assisted via a train, can sign in for a Regional Round going on in their place. Regional Rounds show up in numerous locations round the world, so you’ll need to look a take a look at the Rounds Calendar to look the Round closest to you.

Global Round: A crew qualifies from the Regional Round to the Global Round by using exceeding a point threshold of 20,000 inside the Regional Round. However, a crew that did not take part in the Regional Round can earn a wildcard via robust point performance or for no overall performance at all (superb wildcard).

Tournament of Champions: Teams from the WSC Global round qualify to the Tournament of Champions with the aid of beating a factor threshold of twenty-two,000 on the Global Round. Also, all members of the crew must have qualified at a Global Round and members out of the three crew contributors must had been teammates at the Global Round which they qualified from.

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The Tournament of Champions at Yale University in 2021

The World Scholar’s Cup brings together the satisfactory of the WSC match to one of the main universities in the global – Yale University. This event is the culminating event of World Scholar’s Cup season, and the Yale International Relations Association hosts it.

The groups in order to take part inside the WSC ToC at Yale University ought to have certified at any of the Global Rounds held in 2021. Also, these teams must meet the opposite qualification criteria for the ToC which we spelled above.

Being the remaining spherical of the WSC tournament, the ToC is extra than just some other Global Round. Students will have the opportunity to interact with and analyze immediately from Yale University’s students and college.

Also, they may attend a unique panel on university existence. In addition to this, students can leverage their World Scholar’s Cup experience to construct a sincerely attractive admissions portfolio.

Furthermore, consider ingesting at Yale’s eating hall, paying attention to a Yale Professor, and experiencing student lifestyles at Yale University. There’s simply no way college students received’t revel in the 2021 World Scholar’s Cup ToC at Yale University.

Yale University ToC Highlights

In addition to the four compulsory World Scholar’s Cup group events on the way to take region at Yale in 2021, right here are different event highlights:

Yale Ball: Students will dance or simply mingle with fellow pupils from over fifty nations in Yale’s Woolsey Hall. They may even participate in a special Thanksgiving meal.

The Debate Showcase and Scholar’s Show will take place within the beautiful historical Shubert Theatre.

Scavenger Hunt can even take students to each exciting nook of Yale’s campus and the surrounding network. Students will no longer simplest stumble upon the respectable alpaca of the ToC and his sidekick, Trevor however additionally real alpacas.

The Optional Tour is a tour round Boston. This $a hundred sixty five in line with person tour will take students to see the historical regions of Boston, Harvard University, and MIT. They may also go to Quincy Market for lunch. You can book your reservation for the tour on line under:

Housing, Transport, & Climate at Yale for the World Scholar’s Cup

For Housing and Accomodation for the World Scholar’s Cup at Yale, college students should lodge in the WSC recommended motels.

Of the Four Hotels near the Yale Campus, handiest the Graduate New Haven is available. Book right here.

However, the subsequent lodges faraway from the Yale Campus is available:

Book a room in any of these lodges by clicking at the links on their names. Additionally, for The Hyatt House, Shelton, e-book with the group code “G-WS10“.

For Local Transportation, there are shuttle buses that will commute you around if you stay in hotels away the Yale Campus. You can e book for a seat in this non-obligatory trip bus at a nominal rate of $seventy two a person in step with week. Book beneath.

If you’ll be flying into New Haven, WSC recommends which you fly into any New York area airport or without delay into New Haven. Also, you have to use the Go Airport Shuttle in case you’re searching out airport-to-Yale transfers. You can also see Yale University transportation options below.

Finally, the weather in Yale at some point of the duration of the 2021 World Scholar’s Cup is usually cold. So, you may want gloves, specially at night.

World Scholar’s Cup at Yale Important Dates

Here are dates which you ought to preserve in mind if you’ll be attending Tournament of Champions in 2021 at Yale University:

08 NOVEMBER, 2021

Start Date

The World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions at Yale begins.

13 NOVEMBER, 2021

End Date

The World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions at Yale ends

8 & 12 NOVEMBER, 2021

Boston Tour – Seniors

7:30 am

The WSC Senior Division will leave in this date and right now to Boston for the Optional Tour.

11 & 13 NOVEMBER, 2021

Boston Tour

7:30 am

The WSC Junior Division will depart in this date and at the moment to Boston for the Optional Tour.

For more records about the WSC Tournament of Champions at Yale University in 2021, go to the legit website below.

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Who can take part for the World Scholar’s Cup?

Schools can discipline limitless groups at local rounds. Any given crew can only take part at one local round in line with season. Also, groups that qualify at local rounds can take part at their preference of Global Rounds.

What sort of pupil can participate on the World Scholar’s Cup?

The World Scholar’s Cup isn’t only for the “pinnacle” three students at every faculty. No, it is supposed to attain deep into the pupil population, inspiring a love of getting to know and introducing individuals to new topics and competencies.

What are prices of taking part within the World Scholar’s Cup?

The World Scholar’s Cup is a now not-for-earnings agency. All its substances are unfastened to all individuals. However, there is often a small match rate that varies through round to assist cowl match expenses, along with bringing WSC personnel out to manipulate the event. WSC nearly continually offers meals as a part of that charge.

Do all members of a team need to be from the equal faculty?

No, all individuals of the crew don’t need to be from the same faculty. You can form mixed groups with college students from other colleges or countries. It isn’t always a not unusual practice, but it can be a incredible opportunity to get to recognize students outside your college.

How must we check in a group with college students from one-of-a-kind colleges?

There is a area at the registration shape to signify if a person is from some other faculty, but if you are registering one after the other, please permit WSC know inside the text of the e-mail who the other teammates are.

What are the divisions for the World Scholar’s Cup?

There are the junior and senior divisions. The junior department consists of college students as much as 13 years antique. Although there is no backside cut-off, most individuals are at least 10 years vintage.

The senior division, however, is for college kids 14 years of age and older. However, to ensure steady divisions in the course of the 2021 season, any scholar who turns 14 via January 1, 2021, might be considered a senior department pupil.

Also, “Skittles” occasions also are held in choose countries for students 10 and more youthful simplest. These younger scholars also are welcome in the preferred Junior Division.

Do groups need coaches or teachers-in-charge?

Most faculties have a software advisor or sponsor who enables teams plan and put together for tournaments. However, this system is mostly student-pushed, and at many schools, there’s no unique “club consultant,” only a chaperone who accompanies teams to occasions.

What if I do not have 3 individuals on my group?

Two-member groups are welcome to compete inside the WSC match, however they are able to score handiest a most of 30,000 as opposed to forty,000 points.

Also, they are extremely not likely to win crew recognition in Collaborative Writing, the Scholar’s Challenge, or Team Debate, as they will be missing one-1/3 in their ratings in each of these activities.

They are on identical footing, however, for Team Bowl, in addition to all individual awards. As the World Scholar’s Cup is constructed round teams of 3, -person teams may be required to attain the same threshold as three-man or woman teams to receive berths to the Global Round and the Tournament of Champions.

You can touch WSC that will help you discover a third team member if you have handiest members on your team.

How can we get entry to our participation certificates and/or invitation letters?

WSC electronic mail all certificate and invitation letters on your delegation touch man or woman after every spherical. This is the name listed for your registration shape. This is generally your instruct.

Please ask them to your certificate. If you’re a delegation leader and you have not obtained such an electronic mail, please touch WSC thru email at [email protected]

I’m applying for a visa to attend the following round and the embassy is asking for a visa letter. Is it viable to get one?

Of course! The trendy invitation letter sent submit-spherical normally suffices in most cases, however if you need a more unique one with passport records, please email [email protected] However, WSC might also ask you to sign in earlier than they trouble you the visa letter.


The World Scholar’s Cup is sort of the instructional equivalent of the FIFA World Cup. However, at the same time as the World Scholar’s Cup is especially for junior and senior excessive college college students, the match runs like a soccer season.

It takes location in unique elements of the world all 12 months round. Even in case you aren’t taking part within the 2021 World Scholar’s Cup at Yale University, you may practice for the event next year via this submit.


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