World Scholarship Forum will stroll you via the GAF recruitment workout and procedure inside the barest concise manner. Including the Gambia military leader of staff rank placements. 

GAF recruitment workout has passively motivated through African systems of the military which refer again to 1800.

The modern-day mode of Gambian military Rank placement points to the evolution of military systems at the continent of African earlier than 1800.

This is explicit on the role of indigenous states and people, whose leaders and fighting forces had been a made of the continent, with their core army bases, fortifications, which include resources of supply based totally on the continent, and whose navy operations had been conducted simply within the continent or close to its borders.

Gambia army forces is a effective a part of the African Military System and draw their operation and choice of heads and rank just like the British, and world-leading forces.


The Gambia Armed Forces additionally referred to as the
Armed Forces of The Gambia, composes of three branches:

  • Gambia National Army (GNA)
  • Gambia Navy, and
  • Republican National Guards (RNG

It initially protected the Gambia National Gendarmerie (GNG) previous to 1996, once they had been driven underneath the constituent of the Ministry of the Interior.

The commander-in-leader is the Gambia president who is responsible in setting and commanding navy in preferred, whereas the realistic control is to be exercised by the Gambia Army Chief of Staff who units and has the electricity to influence the GAF recruitment exercise and comes to a decision who goes to any level in the Gambia Army Ranks.

The President has a robust affect within the GAF recruitment exercise, being the leader of the armed forces. He has the power to influence the Gambia army Ranks, and he is the only man or woman who can positioned or take away the Gambia Army Chief of Staff.


This is the highest degree in the Gambia military Rank placements. Never has absolutely everyone observed himself on this stage few years after their GAF recruitment exercise.

The Gambia Chief of the Defence Staff is attained step by step and with precious experience.

He is accountable for the operational forget and management of the Gambia Army Forces.

In accordance with Section 188 (1) of the Gambian Constitution. The Chief of Staff has a robust vicinity within the National Security Council, backed through Section 78 of the Gambian constitution, and within the Armed Forces Council if Zambia, sponsored through Section 189 of the Gambian charter. In a bid to employ or sack a Chief of the Staff, the President who’s the commander in chief if the arm forces ought to talk over with the NSC National Security Council first.


The Gambian military commenced itself as a separate entity from the countrywide land forces in July 1996, although restricted to simply patrol obligations inside the coastal quarter.

In 1985 the marine department of the Gambian National Army became then assigned the Gambian Navy. The strength and operation of the Navy is envisioned at from 125 to 250 personnel. Although the Gambia has a shoreline of 80km and its maritime does no longer embody some sizable location, yet it’s far crucial to maintain the middle ships from Europe to the Gulf of Guinea and to the Southern Africa place.

The recruitment procedure of this department is also beneath the jurisdiction of the overall GAF recruitment workout and system.


Enlistment and absorption into the Gambia Armed Forces as a Soldier requires that a person shall be certified for enlistment into Gambia Army Forces if he/she sustains all the following conditions:

  1. Must be a Gambian.
  2. Must be among the a long time of 18 to twenty-five.
  3. Must be medically healthy in correspondence with the Medical Standards of the Gambia Army Forces.
  4. Must be present and pass a Board selection earlier than recruitment education.
  5. Must possess an academic qualification within the level of Secondary School Leaving Certificate at the least or its equivalence
  6. The individual must be advocated by using the Local Government Authority in that vicinity in which he or she resides. Or by means of the Gambia army leader of staff
  7. Male Recruits mustn’t be at much less than 1.65 meters in top and as a minimum 60kg in weight at the same time as ladies should be at 1.Sixty three meters in top in its least and at least 55kg.
  8. Tradesmen should hold the appropriate certificate exemplifying their competencies.

Enlistment into Gambia Armed Forces as a Regular Combatant Commission Officer
Conditions for Enlistment.


Step to Take for Your Application.

As the choice procedure and alertness and desire approach is thorough, you wish to permit yourself time to arrange and positioned yourself collectively.

This implies supplying your self sufficient time to gather all of the non-public records and files earlier than you begin.

How to Apply Army Accomplishment.

There isn’t any admission or enrollment.

Candidates must be Zambians via delivery and ought to reserve a Review twelve affirmation. Men might be on duty until age 65, as soon as there’s an accomplice degree retirement by using duty.

Military Service Age and Obligation.

National registration is needed at age 16; 18-25 years old-time for males and females voluntary navy provider no conscription; Zambian citizenship is also required; grade twelve certification have to be made available; obligatory HIV trying out ought to be made on enlistment.


Applicants ought to include copies of their qualifications, it has influence inside the Gambia Army Ranks placements.

Names of applicants who correctly pass might be listed and posted in all the newspapers in Zambia and might submit themselves more qualitative checks, physical fitness tests, medical tests or examinations.

Currently, the Zambia Air Force Recruitment form isn’t out but. It is anticipated to be available for utility with the aid of Dec. 2020 or in advance.

Make positive you visit the reputable internet site for extra records and also study each day newspapers as possibility commercials might be advertised on all the media channels.


The Gambia Air Force protects the sovereignty in their motherland against all air threats and renders selfless support to land forces inside the defense of the motherland. It is organized into 6 departments as follows:-

  • Operations
  • Technical offerings
  • Administration
  • Supply offerings
  • Training
  • Audit and inspectorate
  • Functions

The capabilities are as follows:-

  • To shield the Zambian airspace in opposition to enemy air attacks
  • To assist all ground forces in their operations
  • To render all type of air transport guide to civil authorities if the need arises
  • To resource and co-operate with country companies and establishments of states in times of emergencies and all forms of countrywide screw ups.
  • They perform every other required responsibilities as may be required by using the government in a few fine details of the united states of america’s operational activities


These are the tactics to get into the Gambian navy.

Make certain to comply with the commands cautiously.

You can read two times to fully assimilate the information as they are a chunk difficult.