Most students locate it hard to pick a have a look at vacation spot because there are thousands of institutions scattered everywhere. And even if they eventually make a choose, they tend to face a bigger challenge, that is Getting particular and correct statistics about the organization.

Having particular data like the admission procedure, tuition prices, and recognition charge about the organization you’ve got selected is expedient. With that, you could be guided nicely on whether it well worth going for or no longer.

That is why for students like you who want to look at at National Intelligence University, knowing approximately the university’s Admission process, Tuition charges, and the courses they offer is what you shouldn’t fail to do.

On this note, we’ve got honestly display National Intelligence University Admission, Courses they offer, and Tuition prices.

The table underneath certainly presentations all you’ll research in this text.

Before we maintain begin, let’s speak approximately the college.

About National Intelligence University

The National Intelligence University is a federally chartered studies college placed in Bethesda, Maryland.
The university is previously known as National Defense Intelligence College and the Joint Military Intelligence College has over 80,000 military and civilian students.

The University is the handiest approved, federal graduation organization of the Intelligence Community. The major campus is situated in Bethesda, MD, and the Academic Centres are positioned around the usa.

The college of the NIU are concern matter specialists from everywhere in the intelligence community who deliver a wealth of knowledge and professional experience and academic credentials to the classroom.

The NIU is an extraordinary and technologically revolutionary university that makes a speciality of the career of intelligence and is the best higher training organization in the country that calls for its college students to look at and whole research inside the Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Knowledge (TS/SCI) arena.

The University is committed to supplying and persevering with to preserve an in-depth software tailored to improve the theoretical capabilities and capabilities of intelligence evaluation to encompass strategic notion, coordination, involvement, and management.

Note, the college is authorized by way of the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Why Study at National Intelligence University?

There are many reasons why choosing NIU as your study vacation spot is the nice choice you can make.

First, the college offers you a extensive route alternatives to pick from by means of making available the numerous diploma programs which include undergraduate, graduate levels, graduate certificate, and prestigious studies fellowships.

These applications emphasize schooling through scholarly and implemented studies designed to assist U.S. Intelligence officers better recognize the various variety of geopolitical, strategic, and technological threats and opportunities affecting intelligence and national safety.

And additionally, with the degree packages, you could be prepared and geared up to deal with senior positions within the IC and the broader countrywide security employer.


National Intelligence University’s Schools and Accreditations

National Intelligence University has two faculties:

  • College of Strategic Intelligence
  • Anthony G. Oettinger School of Science and Technology Intelligence

College of Strategic Intelligence

The College of Strategic Intelligence (CSI) facilitates to build college students’ global and cultural recognition of navy and civilian intelligence.

It also gives them with frameworks and equipment for important evaluation, instills in-intensity knowledge of the Intelligence Community, and plenty more.

In this school students can earn a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence, Bachelor of Science in Intelligence levels, or the Certificates of Intelligence Studies (CIS). 

Anthony G. Oettinger School of Science and Technology Intelligence

This faculty allows students build an enduring career lifestyles around technology and technology intelligence. This is achieved thru the Master of Science and Technology Intelligence degree application. 

The National Intelligence University is accepted with the aid of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), that’s an organization diagnosed by using the united statesSecretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

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What is the Academic Programs Available for me at NIU?

Once you are making NIU your examine vacation spot, you’ll have three instructional packages to select from. They’re

  • Bachelor of Science in Intelligence (BSI)
  • Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence (MSSI)
  • Master of Science and Technology Intelligence (MSTI)

#1. Bachelor of Science in Intelligence (BSI)

BSI diploma awareness is at the critical intelligence standards, issues, and tactics. It is a four-12 months application that allow you to emerge as a true professional on countrywide protection and purchaser subjects.

Its curriculum consists of eleven core publications and 6 electives, including the capstone mission, for a total of 57 quarter credit score hours.

The BSI core curriculum presents an outline of globalization and the intelligence landscape.

Note, the program is full-time at the Main Campus lasting for eleven months, beginning in August and concluding in July.

#2. Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence

The Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence includes the complete U.S. Intelligence Community and Culture of Knowledge. The program reflects at the intelligence had to preserve the National Security Policy and the Component Strategy.

Through this program, the NIU brings together students from various intelligence cultures thru its curriculum which incorporates international issues, worldwide research, intelligence sports, and competencies.

Also, it educates college students at the additives and different components of the Intelligence Community comprising the surroundings and the nature of the threats facing america.

Furthermore, It allows students recognise the nature of the intelligence had to help the techniques for countrywide safety, intelligence, and defense of the USA.

#3. Master of Science and Technology Intelligence (MSTI)

Before you could sign up within the Master of Science and Technology Intelligence diploma program, you should have complete engineering and generation understanding. This is due to the fact the degree software is taught in that context.

The software focuses on thesis research, targeting 5 regions which includes:

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD),
  • Information Operations and Cyber
  • Emerging and Disruptive Technologies
  • Geostrategic Resources and the Environment
  • Foreign Denial and Deception.

With this software, college students get better possibilities for powerful technological know-how-primarily based studies, targeted training, and interagency outreach within a science-based totally academic paradigm.

What is National Intelligence University Admission Process Like?

To get into any organization, there is a method. Even with the whole necessities, if you dont take the right system, chances are that you gained’t get in.

The identical is going with attending to NIU. NIU has an admission process that varies via application. That’s, for Bachelor or Masters of Science in Intelligence diploma, there are distinctive admission processes to take.

Let’s take them one after the other….

#1. Bachelor’s Degree Application/Admission Process

First, to apply for BSI Degree Program, you must meet up the necessities which encompass:

Application Requirements that makes you eligible for BSI

  • Academic credits at any other regionally authorized university or university.
  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.Five or better on a four.Zero scale
  • Must have finished not less than eighty undergraduate semester hours.
  • Have Transfer credit score coursework requirements which consist of:
  • 20 upper-department (three hundred-400) degree hours
  • 9 hours in Communications, 6 of which have to be earned in English composition
  • 12 hours in Mathematics and Science, three of which ought to be earned in Mathematics
  • 15 hours in Humanities, Social Sciences, or Fine Arts
  • 15 hours in Humanities, Social Sciences, or Fine Arts

Application methods

Here are the utility approaches required:

  • Get and entire NIU Degree-Seeking Application shape on-line on the legitimate website.
  • Get nominated through your organization education branch supervisor.
  • Write a announcement of Purpose of not less than 500 words unclassified essay. In the essay, country your purpose for pursuing the program; your professional desires and objectives, and; the academic achievements that will help you efficaciously complete a BSI degree.
  • Attach your Transcript or Transcripts (Email them to Office Admissions or to [email protected]).
  • Attach test rankings like CLEP exams, DSST exams, Excelsior College tests, and Defense Language Proficiency Tests (DLPT).


After submitting your utility, you may begin getting admission updates from the six to 8 weeks after the utility cut-off date.

Note, NIU Bachelor’s diploma academic yr starts offevolved in August and ends the subsequent July. So, that means the utility have to be before the starting month.

#2. Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence (MSSI) Application/Admission Process

Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence which has a 43-credit score curriculum focuses on three fundamental issues: Globalization, Future-centered Intelligence, and Intelligence for National Security.

Application Requirements that makes you eligible for MSSI

And to use you should meet the following requirements:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Hold an lively TS/SCI clearance. Note, an eligible or period in-between clearance isn’t always permitted.
  • Be both a member of the U.S. Armed Forces or a federal government worker
  • Have a baccalaureate diploma from a domestically approved organization
  • Have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of three.Zero or higher on a four.0 scale.

Application techniques:

Here are the utility strategies required:

  • Get and entire NIU Degree-Seeking Application form on line on the authentic internet site.
  • Get nominated with the aid of your company education department supervisor.
  • Write a assertion of Purpose of not much less than 500 phrases unclassified essay. In the essay, nation your motive for pursuing this system; your professional goals and goals, and; the academic achievements to help you correctly complete a BSI diploma.
  • Attach your Bachelor’s degree Transcript. (Email them to Office Admissions or to [email protected]). Note, Unofficial transcripts may be supplied with the utility, however respectable transcripts are required for admission.   
  • Submit any masters or other post-baccalaureate tiers. 
  • Attach take a look at scores like CLEP assessments, DSST tests, Excelsior College exams, and Defense Language Proficiency Tests (DLPT).

#three. Master of Science and Technology Intelligence (MSTI) Application/Admission Process

Master of Science and Technology Intelligence program allows students learn how to understand the effect of technological change on national security and intelligence.

It is available in four formats which includes: Full time, Evening, Monthly Executives, and Reserves. Each has its beginning and remaining date.

And to use you need to meet the following necessities:

  • All the Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence admission requirements.
  • In addition, have educational publicity to technology, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) coursework all through their undergraduate years.
  • Note, a science or engineering diploma will assist you prepare nicely although it’s now not most of the prerequisites.

The application methods are the same as the Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence utility system.

#four. Graduate Certificate and Continuing Education

  • Have a baccalaureate diploma from a locally-accredited organization
  • Note: You can’t apply for more than instructions to the MSSI/MSTI program as a persevering with schooling pupil.

Admission Deadlines

Spring 2021 (instructions start March 6, 2021)
NIU is now processing programs for the spring term that have been obtained by using the thirteen November closing date. Applicants should begin receiving records about the repute of programs starting in mid-January 2021.  

Fall 2021

Full-Time MSSI and MSTI Degrees February 2, 2021
Full-Time BSI Degree February 2, 2021
Part-Time MSSI and MSTI Degrees (All formats) May four, 2021
Certificates and Continuing Education May 26, 2021

What are the available guides at National Intelligence University?

Each of the programs has guides available.

For Bachelor of Science in Intelligence

The publications consist of:

Core Courses
  • Globalization and the Intelligence Landscape
  • International Political Economy
  • Analytic Methods
  • Science, Technology, and Intelligence
  • Intelligence and National Security Strategy
  • Collection Assets and Capabilities
  • Intelligence Analysis
Regional Security and Intelligence Courses
  • Africa: Intelligence Issues
  • South Asia: Intelligence Issues
  • East Asia: Intelligence Issues
  • Europe: Intelligence Issues
  • Latin America: Intelligence Issues
  • Middle East: Intelligence Issues
  • Culture and Identity in an Age of Globalization

Defense Intelligence Courses
  • Intelligence: Building Stability and Peace
  • Intelligence and Special Operations
  • The Nature of Conflict and Conflict Capabilities
Capstone Courses / Collection, Analysis, and Counterintelligence Courses
  • Capstone Research and Design
  • Capstone Completion
  • The Counterintelligence

Science and Technology Intelligence Courses
  • The proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Denial and Deception
  • Information Operations
  • Cyber Strategy
Transnational Intelligence Courses
  • Terrorism: Origins and Methodologies
  • Transnational Threats
  • Drug Intelligence
  • Homeland Security and Intelligence

For Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence (MSSI)

Collection, Analysis, and Counterintelligence Department
  • Advanced Methods of Intelligence Analysis
  • Applied Collection and Analysis for Strategic Warning
  • Signals Intelligence Resources, Methods, and Operations
  • Advancing Intelligence Collection
  • Geospatial Intelligence: A Strategic Introduction
  • Counterintelligence
  • History of Warning Intelligence
  • Current Cryptologic Issues
Defense Intelligence Department
  • National Strategy: Theory and Intelligence Considerations
  • Joint Campaign Planning and Intelligence
  • Strategic Crisis Exercise
  • Staff Ride
  • Asymmetric Warfare
  • Peacekeeping and Stability Operations
  • Operational Capabilities Analysis
  • Intelligence and U.S.-China Great Power Competitive Strategies
  • Intelligence and Special Operations

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What is National Intelligence University Tuition Cost?

The University does no longer rate lessons and they don’t take delivery of funding from any Department of Education provide or loan packages.

Also, students on the University do not receive any monetary assistance thru the Department of Education supply or loan packages.

Textbooks are supplied on loan to students through the library and are to be returned on the cease of every region.

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Does NIU has Faculty?

Yes, it has a complete of 154 colleges with a scholar to faculty ratio of four:1. These colleges come from the intelligence, military, authorities, and educational groups.

In these faculties, there are professional personals and know-how who handles all problems related to the Intelligence Community from nearby worries to cyber protection to the switch of guns of mass destruction.

These personals have as a minimum one graduate degree with 40% of the faculty preserving terminal tiers. They also are gifted in strategic languages together with Arabic, Pashto, Russian, and Chinese.



When will I be notified of admission?

Admission notices are despatched about 8 weeks following the application deadline.

How a good deal does it value to wait? Do I actually have to shop for books?

NIU does now not price training.

What grade factor common (GPA) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) rating do I need to be time-honored to the Graduate program?

Applicants should review the eligibility criteria for his or her application of hobby whilst applying to the university.

How lengthy are the MSSI, MSTI, and BSI packages?

The diploma packages are supplied in a single and two-year codecs. Click here for information.


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