Interested applicants can now observe for the Chick Evans Scholarship For Caddies 2021-2021. The Western Golf Association encourages the use of young caddies and helps the efforts of the Evans Scholars Foundation to offer scholarships and complete housing to caddies with great overall performance and limited financial approach.

The Evans Scholarship is a complete scholarship for high-performance college students with constrained monetary method. To qualify, caddies should meet the requirement of having a great caddie records, extremely good academics, economic need, and first rate individual.

Notwithstanding, popularity of Scholarship packages is usually at the start of the remaining year of the candidate’s high college, as well as inexperienced persons.


More About the Chick Evans Scholarship For Caddies

In 1930, the Western Golf Association and famed amateur golfer Charles “Chick” Evans Jr. Founded the Evans Scholars Foundation. The assignment of the Foundation was to provide complete training and university scholarships to caddies with constrained economic means.

The first two Evans Scholars enrolled at Northwestern University in 1930. Since then, more than 10,830 splendid young women and men have graduated as Evans Scholars. This yr, 985 Evans Scholars are enrolled in 18 essential universities throughout the country.

Evans Scholarship Houses

The basis sends Evans Scholars to 18 foremost universities across the united states of america. They stay and paintings together within the community; each segment chooses its own officers, leads social and carrier activities and participates in packages on campus.

Evans Scholars Foundation believes network lifestyles is essential as it allows pupils expand sturdy leadership abilities and conversation talents. The aid system and the sense of empowerment promoted in the scholarship houses are largely answerable for the commencement charge of the program, that’s ninety five%, and the exquisite fulfillment of the alumni.


Level/Field of Study

The Chick Evans Scholarship for caddies is open to candidates:

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Host Nationality

This scholarship is hosted with the aid of the Western Golf Association and the Evans Scholars Foundation in the USA.

Eligible Nationality

To be an Evans Scholar, an applicant need to be a US citizen or permanent resident.

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Scholarship Worth

The Chick Evans Scholarship is a full tuition and housing college scholarship for excessive-attaining caddies with restrained monetary method.

Eligibility For the Chick Evans Scholarship For Caddies

To qualify, involved caddies have to meet the subsequent requirements:

  • Strong caddie document: Applicants ought to have caddied, successfully and regularly, for a minimum of years, Also, they need to be a caddie and/or running at their sponsoring club at some stage in the summer season whilst applying for their scholarship.
  • Excellent academics report: Candidates should have finished their junior 12 months of excessive school with an average better than B in university preparatory courses and are required to take the ACT and/or SAT.
  • Demonstrated monetary want: Applicants have to surely kingdom their need for financial assistance.
    Outstanding individual: Candidates must be extraordinary in person, integrity, and leadership.

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Application Timetable For the Evans Scholarship

Below are essential dates aspiring Evans Scholars are to take note of:

August 1: Application available on line. Check the facts at the internet site.

October 1: The CSS financial useful resource profile is to be had. Notwithstanding, candidates are to finish the CSS Profile on line and ship it to CSS with the desired rate as soon as viable. The CSS code for the Evans Scholars Foundation is 0153.

Also, you can report the FAFSA online on October 1. However, present a replica of your Federal Student Financial Assistance Report (FAFSA) with the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Number as it will become available.

October 30: Caddies must complete applications, which includes all assisting documentation.

Supporting Documents:

  • Completed CSS profile
  • Federal pupil resource report at the FAFSA
  • High school evaluation
  • Cadet assessment
  • Letters of advice
  • High School transcript and take a look at ratings.

April 1: Taking of very last selections on all packages.

Chick Evans Scholarship Application

From the timetable above, the application is on-line. However, applicants have to click on the hyperlink below for updates on how to observe:


Chick Evans Scholarship Application Deadline

Caddies need to whole packages, together with all assisting documentation on or earlier than October 30.

Notwithstanding, reputation of Scholarship packages is generally at the start of the last year of the candidate’s high college, as well as newcomers.

For greater information on the Chick Evans Scholarship For Caddies 2021-2021, interested applicants should click on on the link under: