Nepal is considered the best vacation spot for low-finances journey because of its breathtaking natural splendor, lifestyle, mountains, and history that attracts us to tour the dominion of Nepal at the least as soon as in a lifestyles.

For individuals who are planning to volunteer abroad, Nepal is one of the countries that entice your interest due to its stunning panorama, tested wishes, sheep distinction from home, and fascinating tradition. 

Volunteering in Nepal is a amazing possibility this is going to be the most adventurous for all as you’re going to have several options to explore.

Once you’re making up your thoughts to have sight of mountains capped with white snow, awake every morning from the temple chanting and live on of rice, lentils, and of course momos, here you pass, you’re ready to volunteer.

This guide will discuss why you should choose Nepal for Volunteering, how to grow to be a volunteer, the paid possibilities, and many extra.

Why Volunteering in Nepal?

Nepal is one of the maximum top-rated destinations for human beings to volunteer. The cause one ought to select to volunteer is its terrific sight, low–value residing, numerous volunteering options, their established needs, and loads of publicity and adventure. 

In Nepal, you’re going to have a whole lot of pleasure and fun. Basically, looking the white snow-capped mountains, the hilly hiking, astonishing mountain levels, the fine rafting and mountain climbing within the international, wonderful natural world, and fascinating temples. These will win your coronary heart over and you will revel in your volunteering task away from your own home metropolis. 

Along with the charming beauty and lifestyle being poor, the Nepal Kingdom wishes volunteers and accordingly will strive supplying you with the first-class possibilities for volunteering.

They host numerous volunteering applications and invitations humans from all over the global to volunteer ranging from coaching the Buddhists, to assist in disaster remedy packages to assist farmers with the superior generation of cultivation. 

Also, for folks that need to work with a recognition and not as a slave. Nepal is an ideal volunteering destination for you as here the area people are very welcoming and friendly and will strive making your running enjoy the best. 


Here together with getting exposure to distinct volunteering programs, you will get the chance to study the manner of living with Nepalese peoples.

Also, the Nepal volunteering application will provide you experience the special challenges to help you in your personal increase. Help you deepen your know-how, knowledge, and judgment.

And, the maximum important purpose to volunteer in Nepal is that your assist will offer the local Nepalese people with gear that they’re absolutely requiring that allows you to beautify their living requirements thus will give you peace of mind as nicely. 

Basically, human beings should pick volunteering in Nepal due to the fact they are providing the maximum low cost journey charges for the volunteers to serve of their kingdom.

Also, there is the low fee of living in Nepal permitting the humans to continue to exist properly in much less quantity and accordingly keep more. 

In Nepal, the volunteers gets superior aid from the experienced IVHQ software manager in conjunction with the nearby crew with a view to make sure you experience well supported and secured in every of your steps from the making plans to certainly volunteering in Nepal.

Also, the ones who have implemented for the volunteering challenge will get the web education earlier than they actually join this system making them nicely proper to the program earlier than. For IVHQ in Nepal, the safety of volunteers is at the top thus making sure you secure in Nepal. The IVHQ in Nepal is having excessive requirements of chance management in Nepal making sure you with a trustworthy and relaxed group.

Similarly, as a volunteer in Nepal, you will get the loose choice to explore Nepal at the side of your nearby newfound friends and partners.    

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Are there a few paid possibilities for volunteering in Nepal?

Yes, there are numerous paid opportunities for volunteering in Nepal is to be had. Here on this united states of america, numerous projects run that encompass medical consultation, teaching, baby care, women empowerment, sustainability, agriculture, and NGO supports, and plenty of more. 

People from all around the international can take volunteer placement in Nepal in distinctive towns consisting of Kathmandu, Chitlang, Chitwan, and Pokhara. Also, Nepal enables the volunteer with very low journey fees making the volunteering application more low cost for them. 

In Nepal, you could paintings on exceptional volunteering projects like toddler care. The position is to assist the child care facilities in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and so forth in instructing and exciting the youngsters, fostering the nearby Nepalese youngsters to examine in a laugh approaches.

Also, Nepal volunteers are allowed to take part in renovation and production programs in Nepal. This volunteering program in Nepal demands the volunteer to assist in building buildings, making them catastrophe-evidence, and many extra and additionally contend with their protection. 

There is a scientific software also available in Nepal inviting volunteers from everywhere in the international to outreach the clinical and health associated campaign in Nepal turning in the nearby groups with fitness care centers.

Your responsibility as a health care volunteer in Nepal is to provide and spread health care services to the local communities in Nepal from the consolation of their neighborhoods. 


The clinical Elective volunteering Nepal undertaking is a excellent opportunity for the medical doctors, physicians, and the nurses to volunteer in Nepal at high pay. The position of the volunteers running in this mission is to decorate the health care centers in Nepal. 

Also, as a volunteer in Nepal, you may assist NGOs in extraordinary network-related projects for the empowerment of girls and other problems, environment conservation, schooling, fitness, and many extra. 

Those who are volunteering in Nepal also can provide training and care centers to the children who are requiring special wishes.

A sustainable agriculture mission is some other beneficial volunteering challenge in Nepal that assists the farmers and livestock holders with superior technology and methods for the cultivation and rearing of livestock. 

The volunteers in Nepal can also make contributions their function in coaching English in Nepal both private as well as authorities schools. Also, if you are having correct coaching abilities, you can make contributions to enhancing girls’s schooling in Nepal by means of imparting training to ladies.

There are many extra paid volunteering Nepal projects additionally for folks who want to volunteer in Nepal. 

How you’ll be able to emerge as a volunteer in Nepal?

In order to enroll in the Volunteering assignment in Nepal, you may want to open the volunteer society Nepal website. 

  • There you will fill a shape as in keeping with your abilties. Later you’ll get the placement this is most suitable for you.
  • Also, you may open the internet site International Volunteer HQ. There pick out your vacation spot that is Nepal and your chosen task. 
  • After this, you will be shown numerous initiatives related to your abilties running there. 
  • Apply for your chosen challenge, fill in the required records, and right here you move. 
  • Pay for the registration expenses, if there, and get ready to volunteer in Nepal
  • In order to reach Nepal, you’ll need to pay for the flight fees, visas, fees, travel coverage, transportation expenses, and many others along with the registration charges for this system.
  • Though there are a few loose volunteering programs in Nepal as properly and thus you can be part of them additionally.

How can one Find Volunteering Nepal possibilities in 2021?

There are numerous web sites on the internet with a view to offer you the information regarding the volunteering tasks going for walks in Nepal.

The most truthful website is the International Volunteer HQ website in which you may pick out the destination this is Nepal and your competencies. 

The subsequent web page will show you the related initiatives going for walks in Nepal. After this, you may practice for your selected volunteering task and volunteer abroad in Nepal.                                 

Also, there are numerous extra similar sites also displaying the statistics concerning the volunteer tasks running in Nepal.

Using those web sites, you could apply without delay for the venture you’re looking for in Nepal, pay the prices, affirm your volunteer initiatives. 

Best 10 volunteering in Nepal possibilities in 2021

There are numerous volunteering projects running in Nepal inviting volunteers from all over the world. The great of those projects includes:

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1. Childcare volunteering Nepal venture in Kathmandu

This is a childcare project for volunteering in Nepal with the intention to increase access to education for the neighborhood Nepalese youngsters.

The task calls for the volunteer to offer 3 to five hours per day for volunteering. The charges of this undertaking start from $250. 

Duration for the childcare volunteering project in Kathmandu is from 1 to 12 weeks and the projects begin from each first Monday and third Monday of each month.

The role of volunteers on this assignment is to assist the local Nepalese youngsters in a infant care center in Kathmandu via instructing, exciting, and being concerned for them at the same time as their mother and father work. Your role is to foster them for getting to know in a a laugh way.

This assignment type is suitable for all who have teaching abilties and are relaxed taking care of youngsters. In this undertaking also, you will get in-united states support, accommodation, loose breakfast, and dinner, choose up from the airport, and orientation.  

2. Construction and Renovation challenge for volunteering in Nepal

This is another incredible volunteering Nepal assignment in which you want to assist network improvement.

This assignment demands 3 to five volunteering hours in step with day.

Like the last challenge, this venture additionally begins every first Monday and the 1/3 Monday every month.

The fees for this volunteering mission start from $three hundred. The period of this project is 1 to 12 weeks. By collaborating on this mission, you will get the choice to assist Nepalese in constructing and maintaining the building.

This form of volunteering task is properly appropriate for folks that are eager to paintings as a volunteer and are secure in offering bodily, arms-on paintings. 

Those with production and civil engineering competencies can follow for this task. The assignment prices include the facility for pick out up from the airport, accommodation, breakfast, dinner, and in us of a support.  

3. Medical campaign volunteering in Nepal

It is some other great volunteering alternative in Nepal where you’re position is to beautify the fitness and properly-being of the local Nepalese humans. The volunteer so as to be a part of this project will want to pay the expenses of $ 395.

Here in this project additionally, the volunteer needs to offer the three to 5 hours of volunteering in Nepal and the length of this assignment is 1 to twelve weeks.

Like other applications, it also begins each first and 0.33 Monday each month.

This mission is mainly designed for people who are volunteering to outreach the medical and health-related marketing campaign in Nepal delivering the primary health care provider to the neighborhood groups from the consolation in their neighborhood.

Here on this challenge, your purpose have to be to provide health offerings to the local community human beings. This venture is suitable for 8 to 10 clinical experts or scholar members organizations. 

With the undertaking, the Nepal authorities will offer the facility of choose up from the airport, lodging, food together with breakfast and dinner, and in-us of a guide.          

4. Medical elective volunteering Nepal assignment

Like the already cited venture, the position of the volunteer is to enhance the fitness and properly being of nearby people.

After giving the three to 5 hours of volunteering according to day, you can volunteer for two to 12 weeks in Nepal country.

It additionally starts offevolved on the first and third Monday every month and you will need to pay the charges of $500. This project is suitable for docs and nurses. 

five. NGO help

The charges for this assignment begin from $640 and your role as a volunteer is to support the network improvement. There is a need to work for four to 8 hours consistent with day.

The duration of this task is from 4 to twelve weeks and it begins on the primary and 0.33 Monday each month. 

6. Special needs care volunteering Nepal task in Kathmandu

This task is for enhancing the fitness and well-being of kids with unique desires.

In this challenge, your role is to provide care and education to nearby youngsters with unique needs. Everyone with teaching competencies and who is familiar with the wishes of disabled youngsters can follow for this challenge.

The charges of this mission begin from $250 and require you to volunteer for 3 to 5 hours according to day. The duration of this undertaking is 1 to 12 weeks and it additionally begins from the first and 1/3 Monday every month. 

7. Sustainable agriculture volunteering Nepal task

With 4 to eight hours of volunteering in Nepal, you can contribute to preserving the surroundings in Nepal.

All the agriculture and veterinarian college students are relevant for this challenge.

The length for this project can range from 3 to twelve weeks and it starts every first and 0.33 Monday.

The registration expenses for this project start from $510 and here you can make contributions via assisting nearby farmers with their cultivation and livestock-associated tasks.  

eight. Teaching English volunteering Nepal venture

With this mission, the volunteer will get the risk to contribute to increasing get admission to to education in Nepal.

By volunteering for three to 5 hours an afternoon, you can offer your valued enter in making the area people analyze English. The challenge runs for 1 to twelve weeks and it begins on the first and 1/3 Monday every month.

The fees for this challenge begin from $250. Those with top English abilities are appropriate for this venture. 

nine. Women’s Education in Kathmandu

By paying the fees of $250, you could contribute to growing girls’s training and therefore the empowerment of women in Nepal.

This mission can run from 1 to twelve weeks and it also begins on the primary and 1/3 Monday each month.

10. Childcare in Pokhara

For those with child care competencies and teaching children abilities can join this task with the aid of paying $250. With this challenge, you may make contributions to growing get admission to to early education in Nepal.

It also runs for 1 to twelve weeks and starts on the first and third Monday each month. 

Most of the undertaking starts offevolved in thirds and first Monday each month. The registration prices of all the projects include the choose-up facility of the volunteer, the accommodation facilities, breakfast and dinner, orientation, and an in-country aid facility.    

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In Conclusion

From the captivating nature’s splendor to the terrific way of life and friendly locals, there are numerous reasons that attract you to volunteer in Nepal.

The locals here will welcome all the volunteers with their huge palms making sure you sense secure and as part of their own family. 

Summarily, Nepal is the suitable destination with a plethora of volunteering opportunities allowing humans from all around the international to volunteer and make contributions to the development of the usa.