Costa Rica, officially referred to as the Republic of Costa Rica is a country in Central America. It is around the equal length as Lake Michigan, and slightly smaller than West Virginia.

Hence, it homes a number of the excellent high colleges inside the global.

If you are dwelling in Costa Rica, and also you desire to sign up your infant/ward in any of the pleasant excessive faculties, you can take advantage of the top 10 high faculties in Costa Rica that we’ve highlighted in this article.

These colleges are absolutely accepted and offer exceptional training to its students in coaching for the future.

Although, they’re majorly public faculties, it doesn’t have an effect on the standard of education being given off in these faculties.

Below is a table of content to guide you through analyzing.

Are Schools in Costa Rica Good?

Costa Rica has always placed schooling first in its country wide regulations. In truth, Its instructional device has been and continues to be an instance for the world.

More so, in the worldwide competitiveness report of 2013-2014, Costa Rica’s instructional system is ranked 20th and has frequently been defined as having a excessive first-rate.

The literacy fee in Costa Rica is ninety seven.9%. When as compared to Latin America and Caribbean countries, it’s miles 2 points better than them.

In the us of a, handiest less than 4% of the populace older than 15years old do now not know a way to read or write.

This shows that the colleges in Costa Rica are nicely ready, an offer first-class training to its students.

What is the School System in Costa Rica Like?

Costa Rica has a exceptional shape of schooling system that is contrary to the ordinary structure in other international locations.

For example, in Costa Rica the minimum age for preschool is 4years vintage as of 2018.

Furthermore, in excessive colleges, there’s from the 7th grade to the eleventh grade. It is split into organizations – the primary and the diverse. Basic high faculty grades are the seventh to 9th grade even as the assorted high school training is the tenth and 11th grades.

To graduate with a Costa Rica High School Bachelor’s Degree, you have to skip the general exams to prove you have got the necessary expertise obtained at some point of the route of look at.

Some excessive faculties in Costa Rica have the twelfth grade in which you would gain knowledge of abilities and on some events, be enrolled in a settlement of apprenticeship.

How Long is a School Day In Costa Rica?

The school day is divided into classes, the morning and the afternoon classes. Daily schedules range depending on the sort of organization but usually starts offevolved at 7:00 till 17:00.

In a day, you can have up to 12 durations, sharing the precise identical agenda as those to your institution, and then leave immediately from the final elegance at four:10.

The training range day by day, and also you might be capable of arrive later than 7:00 or move home before four:10.

What Does a High School In Costa Rica Look Like?

The workload in high colleges in Costa Rica is not too heavy on the scholars. The students nonetheless have sufficient time to engage in extracurricular activities. The homework is sparse and on some events, the lessons are both cancelled or there isn’t an awful lot work to be finished.

More so, the high colleges in Costa Rica have a very secure environment for studying and smooth assimilation of schoolwork. If you do no longer have a class, you are loose to relax and roam the school, or, go domestic.

Additionally, you can devour from the cafeteria, carry a packed lunch, or go away and go domestic to get a few food.

In public schools, the cafeteria lunch is generally loose while in non-public colleges the food is generally paid for by using the parent together with tuition. It is also an unspoken rule in excessive faculties in Costa Rica to sweep once you devour and to scrub your hands before and after lessons.

High schools in Costa Rica additionally have lenient conduct towards the usage of cell telephones and all electronic gadgets. The college students can employ their phones whenever they want.

They are also loose to access the internet every time they please even when lessons are in session. The excessive schools additionally have puppies that roam around the college with out a owners.

According to Costa Rican regulation, students are required to put on uniforms to high school to lessen the economic distinctions amongst classmates. The custom uniforms include a green polo pinnacle, khaki shorts, skirts, pants and closed-toe sandals or footwear.

There also are scholarships available for students in High Schools in Costa Rica to help fund their high faculty application. Education isn’t reserved for the wealthy however is a fundamental proper that would enhance the us of a.

To make sure all and sundry has access to education, the government has made several provisions for the transportation of students who live far faraway from their school.

Unlike numerous different colleges in other international locations, High colleges in Costa Rica aren’t geared in the direction of best passing information to the students. The colleges have also made provisions for the effect of numerous competencies. Hence, no longer handiest passing knowledge however additionally creating room for future possibilities.

Finally, maximum Costa Rica excessive school applications include a homestay. Your host circle of relatives will percentage their regular lives and customs with you. This will introduce you to new humans, cultures, languages and ways of life.

What are the Best High Schools In Costa Rica?

Below is a listing of the quality high colleges in Costa Rica. Our selection criteria of those schools are the schooling satisfactory, tuition, accreditation, and several other relevant factors.

More so, our records from reliable resources, testimonials, interviews, and also by contacting character schools. You will should read similarly to get information on the tuition data, and schooling satisfactory for these colleges.

  • Cientifico De Alajuela (Scientific College Of Alajuela)
  • Cientifico De Perez Zeledon: San Isidro De El General, San Jose
  • Cientifico De Liberia
  • Cientifico Del Atlantico: Limon, Limon
  • Cientifico De Cartago
  • Cientifico Costarricense San Pedro
  • Cientifico San Ramon
  • Saint Paul College: San Rafael, Alajuela
  • Experimental Bilingue Cartago, Cartago
  • Saint Francis Moravia, San Jose

#1.Cientifico De Alajuela (Scientific College Of Alajuela)

Cientifico De Alajuela (Scientific College Of Alajuela) is largely regarded as the satisfactory excessive school in Costa Rica.

As a public school, it turned into founded in 1990 with the goal of training college students with values, social and political capabilities, as well as sound understanding and capabilities in the basics of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and informatics.

Over the years, this organization has stood out as a national leader in performance and participation within the National and International Olympics.

It has raised the bar to be an alternative in high college with pre-interview imaginative and prescient and expert projection for college students from Alajuela.

Cientifico De Alajuela has the very best rankings in National Spanish Ranking and National Math Ranking, with a mean exam score of 95.Seventy nine%.

#2. Cientifico De Perez Zeledon: San Isidro De El General, San Jose

This organization has a mean examination score of ninety three.09%. Its National Spanish Ranking and National Math Ranking is 3 and four respectively.

#3. Cientifico De Liberia

The faculty has an average exam score is 92.Sixty eight%. Also, it has a National Spanish Ranking of two and a National Math Ranking of 6.

#four. Cientifico Del Atlantico: Limon, Limon

It has a median exam rating of 92.Fifty two%. It has its national Spanish ranking at 5 and its National Math Ranking at 5. The excessive college additionally has a graduation charge one hundred%.

#five. Cientifico De Cartago

It has its common examination rating of ninety one.7. It has its National Spanish Ranking at 34 and its National Math Ranking at 3.

#6. Cientifico Costarricense San Pedro

It has its common exam score of 91.Sixty five%. It’s National Spanish Ranking and National Math Ranking are at 15 and nine respectively.

#7. Cientifico San Ramon

This excessive faculty has its common exam score of ninety one.Forty four%. Its National Spanish Ranking is at 28 and the country wide math rating is at 2. It but has a graduation price of one hundred%.

#eight. Saint Paul College: San Rafael, Alajuela

Its average exam rating is ninety one.16%. The countrywide Spanish ranking and country wide math rating are at 12 and 22 respectively.

#9. Experimental Bilingue Cartago, Cartago

It has a mean exam score of 90.54. Its national Spanish ranking is four and its countrywide math rating is at eight.

#10. Saint Francis Moravia, San Jose

It has an average exam score of 90.21. It has its country wide Spanish ranking at 18 and its national math ranking at 18 too.

 All colleges indexed here all have a one hundred% commencement rate.

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Attending a excessive college in Costa Rica isn’t a terrible concept after all. The surroundings may be very conducive for mastering and expenses for training are quite reasonable. Their educational leader board scores are also very excessive.

Regardless, I hope this list of best high colleges in Costa Rica helps you make a decision in which to enroll your ward.

All the first-rate!