While you do now not want to be a top-tier student to get into Waseda, you want to be an excellent pupil with right grades, exquisite ratings, and complete of energy.

In this text, we’ll take you on a virtual excursion around Waseda University, this time not with photographs and films however with colorful words.

Waseda University, a top institution of higher schooling primarily based in crucial Tokyo, has approximately 50,000 students in 13 undergraduate and 21 postgraduate colleges. It turned into based on three ideas: independence of scholarship, realistic application of scholarship and fostering of right citizenship.

Before we pass on to render a brief history of Waseda University, take a brief have a look at the desk of contents under.

About Waseda University

A Japanese statesman who served as the prime minister, Shigenobu Okuma based Waseda University, then referred to as Tokyo Senmon Gakko, on October 21, 1882.

The institution turned into renamed Waseda Daigaku (Waseda University) in 1902, after obtaining reliable designation. In the first class, 80 college students enrolled inside the Departments of Political Science, Law, English, and Physical Science.

Apart from the primary campus, Waseda also operates out of extra campuses in Chūō, Nishitōkyō, Tokorozawa, Honjō, and Kitakyūshū. All of these campuses are situated in specific prefectures all through Japan. This makes the college in particular available to home students who do now not want to transport to Tokyo to pursue better research.

Waseda University holds as its founding concepts the renovation of the independence of scholarship, the promotion of the sensible software of scholarship, and the fostering of proper residents.

Wasenda has produced many CEOs in distinguished Japanese groups, which include Sony, Honda, Toshiba and Fujitsu, which can be brands renowned round the world for his or her fairly relied on, extraordinary and high-overall performance “Made in Japan” products.

Why Should I Study At Waseda University?

From substantial Japanese language courses to full-time tiers taught in English, Waseda offers an expansion of tutorial applications for every person.

There are a terrific quantity of reasons why you ought to examine at Waseda University and for the sake of emphasis, we’ll highlight the important thing motives why you ought to study at Waseda University.

#1 World Class Education

Waseda University affords a wide range of opportunities to help college students increase a global angle and cultural sensitivity that breaks the barrier of nationality, language and culture.

The college has produced CEOs in distinguished Japanese agencies; inclusive of Sony, Honda, Toshiba, and Fujitsu.

Offering over 2,400 English publications, and over 50 undergraduate and graduate degree applications that can be earned completely in English, Waseda University wears the crown because the top English-based totally degree company in Japan. 

According to the QS World Rankings by way of Subject 2017, Waseda is ranked pinnacle 50 for three subjects, specifically Sports-associated Subjects (nineteenth), Modern Languages (41st), and Mineral & Mining Engineering (50th). Under the same ranking, 9 subjects are ranked in the top 100 and 24 topics in the pinnacle 2 hundred. Waseda University is aiming closer to rating as a minimum 18 of its subjects ranked within the worldwide pinnacle 100 through 2023.

#2 A worldwide studies university

A leader in instructional studies, Waseda University is a founding member of RU11, a consortium of eleven of Japan’s main research universities.

It is also one of the thirteen colleges selected for the top “Type-A” class of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Top Global University Project. Waseda was also chosen for MEXT’s “Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities” as a university with splendid studies hobby at a global-elegance stage. The University has earned a reputation for research of the very best quality.

There are 2,000 researchers masking a huge range of fields which include humanities, social sciences, technology, and engineering. Additionally, the University’s Comprehensive Research Organization helps interdisciplinary research and selling exchange, and has set up about a hundred and eighty project studies institutes that transcend limitations throughout extraordinary research fields.

Waseda has instructional trade agreements with 560 universities in 86 nations and regions. The University has 15 studies institutes and global bases of its very own in over 10 nations, which assist its training and research projects.

In addition to investigate, Waseda is likewise acknowledged for its collaborative work with industries.

#3 It has an increasing global network

Ranking twenty sixth within the world for graduate employability, Waseda is becoming one of the top non-public university in Japan. Waseda’s liberal faculty spirit is characterised as open, various and fluid, and has produced endless leaders in industry, academia and authorities, inclusive of seven prime ministers as well as founders and CEOs of many across the world famous businesses.

In a bid to form global leaders, Waseda has educational change agreements with 779 international-renowned universities and establishments where college students and researchers join.

#four Safe Campus existence

Tokyo is ranked by means of a long way the safest city in the world. What is greater, Tokyo is known to be the pleasant for first-rate of existence among world towns. Students can experience a peace of thoughts, knowing that they’re inside the most secure united states of america within the world and can consciousness on their studies.

Waseda’s dormitories are open to students as quickly as they arrive in the usa, and stay-in House Masters (administrators) and Resident Assistants (RAs) are there to help. While respecting college students’ privacy, diverse possibilities encourage pass-cultural exchange amongst college students inside the dormitories and assist create lifelong networks.

#5 International students receive scholarship

Waseda presents over 250 unique scholarships, which include many that are unique to the University. Scholarships totaled over 21.1 billion yen for over 17, 000 college students in 2015, main in numbers in Japan. The University also provides all types of scholarships for global college students, with over 50% receiving a few kind of scholarship.

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Waseda University Rankings

Waseda continually ranks a number of the most academically selective and prestigious universities in Japanese university rankings. It is frequently ranked alongside Keio University, its rival, because the nice personal university in Japan.

In 2020–2021, Waseda ranked 189th in the QS World University Rankings. Waseda is most of the top type of pick Japanese universities assigned additional funding below the MEXT’s Top Global University Project to beautify Japan’s global instructional competitiveness.

According to the Asia Top MBA Business Schools Ranking by way of Asiaweek, Waseda Business School is ranked 2d in Japan.

Eduniversal also ranked Japanese commercial enterprise faculties and Waseda is 2nd in Japan (93rd inside the world). In this ranking, Waseda is one in every of handiest 3 Japanese business schools classified in “Universal Business faculties with major international influence”.

Furthermore, Waseda Law School is considered as one of the top Japanese law faculties, as Waseda’s successful candidates for bar examination was 5th in 2009 and 2010 in Japan.

Additionally, Waseda University Business School is awarded the best ranking 5 palms in the Eduniversal World Business School rankings.

To cap it up, usnews.Com ranks Waseda University #467 in Best Global Universities.

What Is Waseda University Acceptance Rate?

Waseda University’s attractiveness rate is anticipated to be 27%. This makes the group a relatively selective one. Therefore, to get commonplace is to get excellent grades even as in school, study for tests and get properly scores, and do meaningful extracurriculars.

Also, when you are applying, ensure you post the necessary documents and take note of all the tests.

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Programs Offered At Waseda University

With a focal point on teaching the not unusual human beings, Waseda University gives a terrific variety of undergraduate, graduate, and studies programs.

Undergraduate programs

Waseda’s undergraduate schools have a complete front ability of eight,800 students. Individual front capacities are denoted below:

  • School of Political Science and Economics – 900
  • School of Law – 740
  • School of Culture, Media and Society – 860
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences – 660
  • School of Education – 960
  • School of Commerce – 900
  • School of Fundamental Science and Engineering – 535
  • School of Creative Science and Engineering – 595
  • School of Advanced Science and Engineering – 540
  • School of Social Sciences – 630
  • School of Human Sciences – 560
  • School of Sports Sciences – 400
  • School of International Liberal Studies – six hundred

Graduate programs

  • Graduate School of Political Science
  • Graduate School of Economics
  • Graduate School of Law
  • Graduate School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
  • Graduate School of Commerce
  • Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
  • Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering
  • Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering
  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Human Sciences
  • Graduate School of Social Sciences
  • Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies
  • Graduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics
  • Graduate School of Information, Production, and Systems
  • Graduate School of Sports Sciences
  • Business School
  • The Okuma School of Public Management
  • Law School
  • Graduate School of Finance, Accounting, and Law
  • Graduate School of Accountancy
  • Graduate School of Environment and Energy Engineering
  • Graduate School of Journalism

Research institutes

  • Kagami Memorial Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology
  • Institute for Comparative Law
  • The Institute for Research in Business Administration
  • Institute for Research in Contemporary Political and Economic Affairs
  • Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences
  • Advanced Research Institute for Science and Engineering
  • Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Global Information and Telecommunication Institute
  • Institute for Advanced Studies in Education
  • Center for Japanese Language
  • Media Network Center
  • Environmental Research Institute
  • Environmental Safety Center
  • Center for Finance Research
  • Human Service Center
  • Comprehensive Research Organization (Project Research Institute)
  • Institute for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
  • Consolidated Research Institute for Advanced Science and Medical Care
  • Information Technology Research Organization
  • Organization for Asian Studies
  • Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS)

Waseda University Admission

WU gives undergraduate and graduate degree applications. To qualify for admission, you need to meet the requirements that fluctuate according to the distinct undergraduate colleges so that you can be indexed in few lines to return.

Waseda University Application

Here’s a rundown of the step-by way of-step technique to follow so that you can practice for admission at Waseda University:

  • Choose your application
  • Check requirements and schedule
  • Create an utility shape on-line
  • Submit software files
  • Screening end result declaration
  • Registration rate payment

With the admission necessities, specific to every software, you may visit the faculty internet site to choose your meant application and get admission to their admission necessities.

How Much Does It Cost To Study At Waseda University

The price of analyzing at Waseda University differs in line with application and path of study.

Undergraduate degree software tuition at Waseda University

Schools Admission Fee First-Year Tuition Second-Fourth Year Tuition
School of Political Science and Economics two hundred,000 999,000 1,199,000
School of Social Sciences 200,000 971,000 1,171,000
School of International Liberal Studies two hundred,000 1,390,000 1,590,000
School of Culture, Media and Society 2 hundred,000 1,009,000 1,209,000
School of Fundamental Science and Engineering 2 hundred,000 1,446,000 1,646,000
School of Advanced Science and Engineering 2 hundred,000 1,446,000 1,646,000
School of Creative Science and Engineering 2 hundred,000 1,446,000 1,646,000

Graduate Degree Programs (Master’s/ Professional) Tuition Fee

Graduate School/ Professional School Admission Fee First Year Tuition Second Year Tuition
Political Science 200,000 624,000 824,000
Economics 2 hundred,000 624,000 824,000
Law two hundred,000 875,000
Letters, Arts and Sciences two hundred,000 624,000 824,000
Commerce 200,000 624,000 824,000
Fundamental Science and Engineering 200,000 962,000 1,162,000
Creative Science and Engineering two hundred,000 962,000 1,162,000
Advanced Science and Engineering 2 hundred,000 1,071,000 1,271,000
Social Sciences two hundred,000 624,000 824,000
Sport Sciences (2 12 months) 200,000 926,000 1,126,000
International Culture and Communication Studies two hundred,000 745,000 945,000
Asia-Pacific Studies 200,000 1,373,000 1,573,000
Information, Production and Systems 200,000 1,114,000 1,134,000
Business and Finance (Full time, 2 12 months) 2 hundred,000 1,640,000 1,840,000

Graduate Degree Programs (Doctoral) Expenses

Graduate School/ Professional School First Year Tuition Admission Fee Second Year Tuition
Political Science 448,000 200,000 648,000
Economics 448,000 two hundred,000 648,000
Law 448,000 two hundred,000 648,000
Commerce 448,000 200,000 648,000
Letters, Arts and Sciences 448,000 2 hundred,000 648,000
Fundamental Science and Engineering 707,000 two hundred,000 907,000
Creative Science and Engineering 707,000 200,000 907,000
Advanced Science and Engineering 707,000 2 hundred,000 907,000
Social Sciences 448,000 200,000 648,000
Sport Sciences 677,000 2 hundred,000 877,000
International Culture and Communication Studies 548,000 two hundred,000 748,000
Asia-Pacific Studies 775,000 200,000 975,000
Information, Production and Systems 707,000 two hundred,000 907,000

Are There Available Scholarship Opportunities To Study At Waseda University?

Waseda University gives scholarship possibilities to particular nations.

Country Scholarship Programs Courses
China* The Special Admission for Postgraduate Study Abroad Program by using China Scholarship Council Doctoral application / Special Research Students program
Saudi Arabia Waseda University – King Abdullah Scholarship Program Undergraduate Course / Master’s Course / Doctoral Course
Recommendation System for Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Cultural Office Non-degree student software / Master’s Course / Doctoral Course
Myanmar AO admission of Full Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship exclusively for the Republic of the Union of MYANMAR
[Note] Application suspended (Sep23)
Master’s and PhD applications for 5years or PhD packages for 3years

* Only candidates with Chinese citizenship are eligible (aside from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau).

Other scholarship opportunities to have a look at in Waseda University:

Waseda University Alumni Network

Presently, there are over six hundred,000 alumni member of Waseda University Alumni Network. Among the brilliant alumni of Waseda University have come to be pinnacle politicians, businessmen, writers, architects, athletes, actors and plenty more.

The Waseda network includes over 50 alumni businesses, or “Tomonkai” on six continents.

Here’s a list of exquisite Waseda alumni

  • Masaru Ibuka, co-founder of Sony
  • Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo
  • World-renowned novelist Haruki Murakami
  • Prime Ministers of Japan Tanzan Ishibashi, Noboru Takeshita, Toshiki Kaifu, Keizō Obuchi, Yoshirō Mori, Yasuo Fukuda
  • Yoshihiko Noda; Li Dazhao, co-founding father of the Communist Party of China
  • Palme d’Or triumphing director Shohei Imamura
  • Tadashi Yanai, founder, and CEO of Fast Retailing and the richest man in Japan
  •  Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat


Waseda University introduced that it now has greater than 5,000 international students enrolled, strengthening its reputation as the pinnacle vacation spot for observe abroad in Japan.

With over five,000 global college students, Waseda University prides itself on being a pinnacle examine abroad in Japan vacation spot for internationals. The faculty welcomes applicants from all parts of the sector. Therefore, do well to go through this manual to discover a way to apply.

FAQs On Waseda University

Is Waseda University an excellent faculty?

Waseda ranks a number of the maximum academically selective and prestigious universities in Japanese college rankings. It is frequently ranked along Keio University, its rival, because the fine non-public university in Japan. In 2020–2021, Waseda ranked 189th in the QS World University Rankings.

Why Should I Study At Waseda University?

There are a whole lot of motives why you need to observe at Waseda University. To mention a few, Waseda as a global research college offers world-magnificence schooling to students.

Is Waseda University difficult to get into?

The popularity price at Waseda University is expected to be 27%. What this indicates is that Waseda University is quite selective.

Does Waseda University educate in English?

At Waseda, seven undergraduate colleges and 14 graduate schools provide Englishtaught diploma programs, together with the School of Political Science and Economics, the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, and the School of Creative Science and Engineering.


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