Choosing an internet high school may be a daunting procedure mainly in relation to deciding on a unique discipline of have a look at. To assist you inside the selection-making system, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Online Christian High School.

We invite you to take a deep inspect each faculty as we’ve furnished very pertinent information concerning what each college has to offer, tuition, trainer involvement, accreditation, electives, and MORE!

NorthStar Academy is the primary Online Christian School to receive its accreditation in November 2005 from AdvancED through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

This Accreditation through AdvancED, the largest accreditation group, and the fact that Northstar Academy become the primary online Christian School to earn their accreditation, is a primary cause why they made the top of our list.

Northstar Academy is likewise a number of the first institution of on line faculties to be accepted with the aid of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) this 12 months.  ASCI simply begin accrediting on line schools for the first time.

Teacher Access

Northstar Academy, as an internet high school, uses the Internet so that you can hyperlink college students with one another, as well as with licensed teachers to assist help in commands and get hold of grading.

Teachers put up their assignments, lead group discussions, examine college students, much like in a conventional brick and mortar college system. The completed assignments and assessments are submitted back to the trainer for grading. The instructor then evaluations the paintings with the scholar.

One on one scholar to instructor time is crucial in our choices in ranking faculties. Anytime a school gives a credentialed, exceptional teacher that could have interaction one on one with the scholar, it’s far a huge plus!

Bible Classes Available

  • Bible 6-Life of Christ
  • Bible 7- Dynamic Christian Living
  • Bible eight-Doctrines of God
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Doctrines Of The Bible
  • Downline Discipleship Institute
  • Foundations for the Christian Worldwide
  • Personal Evangelism

Electives – College Prep Classes

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Preparing for Academic Success
  • Preparing for Independent Life
  • Preparing for College Admissions
  • SAT Verbal/Writing Preparation
  • ACT Verbal/Writing Preparation
  • SAT Math Preparation
  • ACT Math Preparation
  • International Business
  • Veterinary Science
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Law and Order
  • Criminology
  • Forensic Science 1 and a couple of
  • Agriscience
  • Foundation of Personal Finance
  • Life Skills
  • Public Speaking
    …and lots of greater….

Dual Enrollment

Northstar college students can earn university credits as authorised on a case-by way of-case foundation. You will first need to be permitted through Northstar’s steerage counselor.

Northstar companions with LeTourneau UniversityMoody Bible InstituteBryan College, and Colorado Christian University in order to bring college students an possibility to earn college credits.

Social Programs

 Northstar college students can participate of their personal student newsletter, council, and different membership’s thoughts and hobbies they will have. Northstar Academy additionally has a “Student Cafe” with over sixty “interest gadgets” to participate in.

Cost Of Online Program  

The fee is $570 bucks in keeping with one-yr route credit score. There are reductions to be had… for instance the “sibling bargain”. Your pupil will want six credits according to 12 months to be qualified as a full-time pupil.

This is best the direction cost, there are other fees like registration expenses, delivery costs, books, and introduced guides. You can find a truly laid out web page on their internet site listed underneath.

You can go to Northstar Academy’s Website via clicking right here!



Calvary Preparatory Academy is authorised thru the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This accreditation is recognized across the US and internationally. Calvary Preparatory Academy turned into designed with accreditation in thoughts and have no longer found any issues in which their credit did not transfer to a specific college.

Calvary Preparatory Academy on a ordinary foundation stays updated on requirements that other colleges try for making Calvary a extremely good choice to your online faculty desires.

Teacher Access

Calvary Preparatory Academy has a program that consists of stay, interactive, instructor assist. Students are able to meet with their teachers so one can have their college students flip in their required assignments and then speak the assignments with their instructor.

This makes for a sense of a normal brick and mortar school device without all of the terrible which could include a ordinary college. One on one trainer to student interaction could be very important and changed into a deciding thing in making our decision to include them at the pinnacle of our listing of pinnacle on line high faculties. Parents are also welcome to take part in those virtual conferences.

Bible Classes

  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Tenets of the Christian Faith
  • Old Testament Independent Study
  • New Testament Independent Study
  • World Religions
  • Church History A and B

Electives Offered

  • College and Career Prep I and II
  • Computers in Business
  • Creative Writing
  • Intro to Computers
  • Intro to Typing A and B
  • Media Literacy
  • Musical Instrument
  • Reading Skills and Strategies
  • Student Leadership
  • Website Design
  • World Geography A and B
  • Writing Skills and Strategies
  • Yearbook

Dual Enrollment

Calvary Preparatory Academy has a program working with Apex Learning Virtual School that consists of, German 1 and a pair of, Latin 1 and 2, and Mandarin Chinese 1 and 2 with an extra fifty dollar fee. The student is challenge to approval.

Calvary also has several more programs that assist put together for university, including, Christian festivals, university-bound testing, scholarship help, resume assist, and more!

Social Programs 
Calvary Preparatory Academy has evolved an online social community via using Facebook a good way to hyperlink students and their families to create an internet network to participate in.

Cost Of Online Program
Calvary Preparatory Academy has an annual price for his or her on line program of $4,2 hundred for a twelve-semester course. Calvary, additionally, has a $2,900  option for twelve semesters according to yr, even though with this option you have got less get right of entry to to a number of the college’s gear and applications. There can be a few different small fees, as properly. You can touch the faculty for extra information or look at their internet website from the link under.

Calvary Preparatory Academy’s website is available with the aid of clicking here!


Liberty University Online Academy has accreditation through AdvancED is the arena’s biggest accreditation group.  AdvancED is also accredited through the Virginia Council for Private Education as legal by using the Virginia State Board of Education. With the accreditation thru AdvancEd, you need to don’t have any troubles with the switch of any credits earned via Liberty University Online Academy.

Teacher Access
Liberty University Online Academy offers your scholar get right of entry to to instructors that preserve superior tiers of their topics. Teachers will be accountable for your scholar’s homeschool curriculum, assess pupil’s paintings, and manage the day to day academics for every student.

Parents are also encouraged to participate of their pupil’s education making Liberty University Online Academy’s student, instructor, determine relationship more like a conventional brick and mortar college without any of the terrible issues that go together with brick and mortar and one of the reasons we selected Liberty in our pinnacle ten list.

Bible Classes

  • Apologetics (First year at LUOA)
  • Survey of the Bible (Second year at LUOA)
  • Life Applications (Third 12 months at LUOA)


  • French 1&2
  • Spanish 1,2&three
  • Academic Success and Career Planning
  • America’s Colonial Foundations
  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • College Planning and Preparation
  • Consumer Math
  • Creative Writing
  • History of the Constitution
  • Public Speaking
  • Trigonometry

Dual Enrollment
Liberty University Online Academy lets in students to finish assignments on their own agenda the usage of Liberty University Online’s flexible digital classroom. These on-line guides are in an eight-week path format using actual Liberty University Online publications a good way to permit your scholar to have interaction with a college professor and college peers while taking university guides.

Each university direction inside the twin enrollment application at Liberty University will earn three college credits together with 1/2 a credit score closer to his or her excessive school degree.

The following Dual Enrollment guides are available:


Social Programs
Liberty University Online Academy has on line groups through Facebook and Twitter that students can take part in along side some faith-based offerings that may be discovered on their internet site.

Full-time college students will need 26 overall credits at a value of $495 in step with credit. There are a few different small charges and extra route fees. Liberty University Online Academy also has charge alternatives along side part-time alternatives, as well. You can touch them, or discover extra data from their internet site listed underneath.

Check out what Liberty University Online Academy has to offer!


Oaks Christian Online School is authorized through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and is likewise accepted via the Southern Association of Independent Schools.  Having a strong accreditation is one in all our necessities for making the list, so having two accreditations makes the faculty simply that plenty better in our eyes.

Teacher Access
Oaks Christian Online School college students have get right of entry to to fantastically qualified Christian teachers, counselors, and a aid group such as a religious life adviser and university counselor.   Teacher get admission to is crucial that allows you to hold parents and college students from feeling as though they are going at it on my own! Oaks Christian Online School has you blanketed!

Bible Classes
Creation (humanity, made in God’s photo; advent is right; innate choice to recognize; God’s sovereignty)
The Fall (sin and its results; loss of life; humanity’s regular struggle with God)
Redemption (of humanity returned to God; the incarnation of God in Christ; salvation)
Future Hope (eternity; the temporal versus eternal global; the Second Coming of Christ)
God’s story and mine (9th grade)
Jesus’s Call: Discipleship (10th grade)
The Christian Life (eleventh grade)
Becoming rooted: Knowing What and Why You Believe (12th grade)

Dual Enrollment
Oaks Christian Online School does offer Dual Credit courses taught with the aid of an affiliated, permitted college. Oaks Christian Online Schools recommends that students test with the university they plan to wait approximately credit score transfer necessities. Courses are commonly open to juniors and seniors.

These courses are yr-long guides. Dual enrollment guides are presented thru Berklee College of MusicGrand Canyon University, and The King’s College of New York City.

Elective/AP Classes
AP Art History
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry (Coming in 2015 school year)
AP Computer Science
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Macro Economics
AP Micro Economics
AP Physics 1 (Coming in 2015 school yr)
AP Statistics
AP US Government
AP US History
AP World History

Social Programs
Oaks Christian Online School makes available to their students’ social applications including virtual events in the shape of clubs, online discussions, orientation, and virtual assemblies. Other programs also consist of Student Council, Performer’s Club, National Honor Society, Sports Club, Photography, Fine Arts, and Spiritual Life.

Annual: $7,750
AP Course: $775
Course books or different substances
Dual-credit score (College and High School) publications have additional fees
Tuition insurance: about $100 in keeping with year
Payment plan rate: $300 month-to-month, $one hundred fifty semi-annual
Additional prices for every day or week-long university counseling and spiritual life journeys
There is likewise a part-time plan to be had. You can discover all this and lots a good deal more, along with contact info via going to their website link under.

Oaks Christian Online School’s Website may be accessed here!


Western Christian Academy is authorised thru the North Central Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, imparting an training for college students in the sixth thru 12 grades. Western Christian Academy also has accreditation for its fifth grade and underneath via the National Association of Private Schools.

Teacher Access
Western Christian School has an “on name” teacher system in place that includes a built-in message gadget and subjective scoring. This saves mother and father time and is used for concept help, along side any questions that can arise.

Bible Classes
Bible Doctrine (Full Year Course)

Western Christian Academy has a huge choice of electives to pick out from inclusive of:

Business Courses:
Business Computer Information Systems (Full Year Course)
Digital Arts (Semester)
Essentials of Business (Semester)
Essentials of Communication (Semester)

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Courses:
(14 Categories)

Architecture & Construction:
Construction Careers (Semester)
Introduction to Careers in Architecture & Construction (Semester)

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications:
A/V Technology & Film Careers (Semester)
Introduction to Careers in Arts, A/V Technology & Communications (Semester)

Business Management & Administration:
Business Law (Semester)
Career Management (Semester)
Office Applications I (Semester)
Office Applications II (Semester)
Small Business Entrepreneurship (Semester)
Technology & Business (Full Year Course)

Education & Training:
Introduction to Careers in Education & Training (Semester)
Teaching & Training Careers (Semester)

Banking Services Careers (Semester)
Introduction to Careers in Finance (Semester)

Government & Public Administration:
Introduction to Careers in Government & Public Administration (Semester)
National Security Careers (Semester)

Health Science:
Careers in Allied Health (Semester)
Nursing: Unlimited Possibilities & Unlimited Potential (Semester)

Human Services:
Introduction to Consumer Services (Semester)

Information Technology:
Fundamentals of Computer Systems (Semester)
Fundamentals of Digital Media (Semester)
Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development (Semester)
Introduction to Information Technology (Semester)
Introduction to Information Technology Support and Services (Semester)
Introduction to Network Systems (Semester)
Network System Design (Semester)
New Applications: Web Development within the twenty first Century (Semester)
Software Development Tools (Semester)

Careers in Manufacturing Processes (Semester)
Introduction to Careers in Manufacturing (Semester)

Careers in Marketing Research (Semester)
Introduction to Careers in Marketing (Semester)

Middle School:
Career Explorations I (Semester)
Career Explorations II (Semester)
Keyboarding & Applications (Semester)

Engineering & Design (Semester)
Engineering & Innovation (Semester)
Engineering & Product Development (Semester)

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics:
Careers in Logistics Planning & Management Services (Semester)
Introduction to Careers in Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (Semester)

Language Courses:
French I (Full Year Course)
French II (Full Year Course)
Spanish I (Full Year Course)
Spanish II (Full Year Course)

Language Arts Courses:
American Literature (Semester)
British Literature (Semester)
Composition (Semester)

Mathematics Courses:
Consumer Math (Full Year Course)
Trigonometry (Semester)

Science Courses:
Astronomy (Semester)
Earth Science (Full Year Course)
General Science III (Full Year Course)
Geology (Semester)
Life Science (Semester)

Social Science Courses:
twentieth Century American History (Semester)
Bible Doctrine (Full Year Course)
Civics (Semester)
Civil War (Semester)
Life of Christ (Semester)
Mankind – Anthropology and Sociology (Semester)
State Histories (Semester)
Vietnam Era History (Semester)

Other Courses:
Health Quest (Semester)
High School Health (Semester)
Personal Financial Literacy (Semester)
College Planner (Semester)
Family and Consumer Science (Full Year Course)
Foundations for Living (Full Year Course)
Music Appreciation (Semester)
Music Theory (Semester)
Physical Education (Semester)
Physical Fitness (Semester)

Western Christian Academy has a fee plan that allows you to pay $219 bucks over 10 months, a quarterly plan that permits you to pay 4 bills of $527, a semester option that lets in you to pay 2 payments of $1,042, or an annual price of $2,048. There is also a small circle of relatives registration charge of $a hundred twenty five when you sign in your pupil. Western Christian Academy has a pleasing internet site that gives all the solutions on your questions and contact statistics. Just check out the link below!

Click right here to access Western Christian Academy’s Website


Alpha Omega Academy is approved thru the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement that is a department of AdvancED, the sector’s largest accreditation company. This accreditation lets in your pupil to get hold of an reputable diploma upon commencement.

Schools which are authorised have to surpass teachers that equal or surpass conventional brick and mortar schools. Being an authorized faculty is one of the necessities we had that allows you to make the list.

Teacher Access
Alpha Omega Academy provides one on one teacher aid. One on one guide is very essential which will allow your student to attain their studying desires and is better all round than the brick and mortar alternative wherein the instructor is dividing their attention among thirty other college students. Alpha Omega Academy’s instructors use a bendy yet based application that your student benefit from.

Bible Classes

  • New Testament Survey
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Bible Doctrine
  • Christian Faith and Living
  • Foundations for Living

Dual Enrollment
Alpha Omega Academy offers a dual credit program that lets in college students to get a head start on their university education, operating in partnership with the University of Northwestern – St. Paul.

Alpha Omega Academy gives full-time juniors and seniors the ability to earn high college credits and college credit at the identical time. Alpha Omega Academy gives over sixty five dual credit college publications to choose from, making Alpha Omega Academy a incredible desire.


  • English Grade Credit
  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Math Grade Credit
  • Consumer Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Science Grade Credit
  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science
  • Science
  • History and Geography
  • Civics
  • Civics and World Geography
  • State History and Government
  • Twentieth Century American History
  • U.S. Civil War
  • A/V Technology and Film Career
  • Business Computer Information Systems I-A
  • Business Computer Information Systems I-B
  • Digital Arts
  • Family & Consumer Science
  • Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development
  • Introduction to Information Technology Support and Services
  • Music Appreciation
  • Music Theory
  • New Applications: Web Development within the twenty first Century

Social Programs
Alpha Omega Academy makes it feasible for his or her college students to speak thru social networks like Facebook and Twitter, along with programs along with the National Honor Society, wherein they have got their own bankruptcy. Alpha Omega Academy also has a publication where they exhibit their pupil of the month, along side different such information.

Alpha Omega Academy does now not have a list of prices on their website. You should call to find out that records. Alpha Omega Academy desires your scholar’s facts, along side what courses your pupil desires to be enrolled in to design training round your desires. You can find this information along side touch facts on their website. Just click on the hyperlink supplied below.

Check out greater information from Alpha Omega Academy right here!


NFC is regionally approved by Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools with the intention to carry the first-class online program for each student, at the side of accreditation through the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, The National Council for Private School Accreditation and they’re, also, contributors of The International Association for K-12 Online Learning.

(iNACOL) is a non-earnings business enterprise that specializes in research, that lets in ongoing professional development in the school room. This is a very spectacular list, making NFC Academy a very good preference to your on-line college needs.

Teacher Access
NFC Academy has skilled instructors to help college students with their training dreams. All NFC instructors hold a college education of their field and are committed Christians who value the biblical worldview for your student.

NFC teachers act as the number one instructor, assisting the mother and father/college students in their daily needs. Access to instructors is very critical and one of the necessities that we look for in a faculty.

Bible Classes

  • New Testament Survey
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Bible Doctrines
  • Christian Faith and Living

Dual Enrollment 
NFC Academy does provide dual enrollment for college kids to get commenced on their university careers while nevertheless in excessive college. Through NFC Academy your pupil can be capable of reap their two yr AA degree or its equivalent.

Junior and Senior college students have this feature which lets in them to attend a fully authorized personal Christian University. NFC Academy works with the University of Northwestern, a Christ-centered college.

If you select to undergo a unique college in your dual enrollment desires even though, you will need to speak with the NFC Academy workplace to be able to determine what credit score they may obtain, even as meeting precise path commencement requirements as an non-compulsory path achievement in high school.
There aren’t any guides listed on their internet site, so that you will should contact the school so as to get records at the to be had courses. NFC Academy does offer university counseling.


  • English I
  • English II
  • English III
  • English IV
  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • World History
  • American History
  • American Government & Economics
  • Advanced United States History
  • Human Geography
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Advanced Calculus
  • Earth Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Classes for grades 9-12 training and costs for six lessons:
– Registration Fee, Full-Time – $a hundred (non-refundable)
– Registration Fee, Part-Time – $25 in keeping with direction (max. $seventy five, non-refundable)
– Monthly Tuition (10 payments) – $205
– Semi-Annual Tuition (2 bills) – $1002
– Annual Tuition (1 price) – $1967
– Additional 7th Course – $220
– Part-Time Student’s Courses – $385 (according to route consistent with 12 months)
– Honor’s Courses – $70 (additional per Honor’s Course)
– Graduation Fee – $50
– Stanford Achievement Test – Full-Time Students – $25
– Stanford Achievement Test – Part-Time Students – $40
– Smart Science Virtual Labs – $20 (annual)

Classes for grades 3-eight training and fees for six lessons:
– Registration Fee, Full-Time – $100 (non-refundable)
– Registration Fee, Part-Time – $25 in keeping with path ($75 max., non-refundable)
– Monthly Tuition (10 bills) – $189
– Semi-Annual Tuition (2 payments) – $925
– Annual Tuition (1 charge) – $1815
– Smart Science Virtual Labs – $20 (annual)
– Stanford Achievement Tests – Full-Time Students – $25
– Stanford Achievement Tests – Part-Time Students – $40

You can see all this and plenty greater on their internet site in case you click link supplied under.

NFC Academy’s internet site is to be had by way of clicking right here!


Christian Educators Academy is permitted thru AdvancED, the biggest accreditation institution. This accreditation means that the credit your student earns and their transcripts via Christian Educators Academy’s online high school application may be popular through high colleges, schools, and Universities nationwide. You can visit their “Graduates” page on their internet site to look a listing of schools which have typical graduates from Christian Educators Academy.

Teacher Access 
Christian Educators Academy does provide trainer get right of entry to to their college students. Teachers assess and grade their student’s paintings, determine the first-rate aid for his or her students, and in addition they mentor the scholar. All of Christian Educators Academy instructors meet AdvancED accreditation requirements.

Teachers ought to even have a Bachelor’s diploma from an accredited organization with a main in their assigned discipline or have a Bachelor’s degree together with six months of coaching enjoy with a carefully related challenge.

Bible Classes
Bible for a Firm Foundation
Overcoming Life

AP and Dual Enrollment
Christian Educators Academy does provide twin enrollment courses:
(Textbooks Required for AP Courses)

English Language & Composition; Literature & Composition
Calculus, Statistics
Biology, Chemistry, Psychology
US History, US Government, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics
Apologia Science Courses (Book Based)
Physical Science
Human Anatomy
Rosetta Stone Languages Available:
– Arabic
– Chinese
– French
– German
– Greek
– Hebrew
– Italian
– Japanese
– Korean
– Latin
– Portuguese
– Russian
– Spanish
– Swedish

There are alternatives available:

**Gradpoint High School College-Prep Option**

Core Courses:
English: I (Reading/Writing), II (World Lit), III (American Lit), IV (British Lit);
Math: Algebra 1, 2; Geometry, College Readiness Math, Business Math;
Math Alternatives: Algebra 1A, 1B; Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus;
Science: Environmental, Earth, Physical, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Forensic;
History: World Geography, World History, US History, US Government and Economics

Elective Courses
Agriscience, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Astronomy, Bible, Biotechnology, Criminal Justice
Computer Literacy, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Creative Writing, Criminology, Digital Photography
Entrepreneurship, Fashion & Interior Design, Gothic Literature, Great Minds in Science
Health, Health Science, History of the Holocaust, Hospitality & Tourism, International Business,
Law & Order, Manufacturing, Music Appreciation, Mythology, Peer Counseling, Personal & Family Finance
Philosophy, Psychology, Public Speaking, Parenting, Social Media, Social Problems, Sociology
Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Theater & Cinema, Veterinary Science, Women’s Studies, World Religions,
Spanish I & II

—– —– —– —–

**Apex High School – College Prep Option**

Core Courses:
English 9, 10, eleven, 12
Math: Algebra I, II, Geometry; College Readiness Math, Pre-Calculus
Math Alternatives: Introductory Algebra, Liberal Arts Math, Personal Finance, Probability & Statistics
Science: Foundations, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
History: World Geography & Cultures, World History, US History, US Governments & Economics
History Alternatives: World History Pre/Post Renaissance, US History Pre/Post Civil War

Elective Courses:
English: Media Literacy, Creative Writing
Spanish 1,2,3; French 1,2
Music Appreciation, Art History, Fine Arts, Dance, Voice
College & Career Prep I&II, Nursing I & II
Financial Literacy, Business Applications, Information Technologies
Health, HOPE, PE, Organized Sports, Personal Fitness, Sociology, Psychology, Religious Studies
High School Honors – Apex
English 9,10,11,12; Creative Writing
Algebra I, II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
World Geography & Cultures, World History, US History, US Government & Economics
World History Pre/Post Renaissance, US History Pre/Post Civil War
Spanish 1,2; French 1,2;
Health (Christian/Textbook)

Tuition Cost
Tuition includes most effective one curriculum – Either Apex or Gradpoint options

2016 Full-Time Tuition, Paid In Advance
– High School Tuition: Full 12 months = $2,four hundred, Per semester = $1,six hundred, 3 month extension = $500
– Middle School Tuition: Full 12 months = $1,600, Per semester = $900

High faculty enrollment consists of up to 6 courses – 4 core + 2 electives
Middle college enrollment includes as much as five publications – 4 center + 1 non-compulsory
Honors/AP guides are $a hundred extra in keeping with semester according to course
Rosetta Stone World Language Courses are included with Gradpoint, $two hundred more with Apex
Apex college students can take Gradpoint Electives for $250/path
Advanced Middle School Courses – $200 greater per year or $100 in keeping with semester
Christian Educators Academy additionally has a application for making installment bills available.

You can see all this and lots greater statistics on this faculty through travelling their internet site the use of the school’s link we supplied for you below.

Christian Educators Academy Website Link


A Beka Academy is approved via the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, along with the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools preserving this on-line college updated with high requirements which can be recognized nationally and internationally.

Teacher Access 
From what we collect on A Beka Academy’s website approximately trainer get admission to is that it is more of a video, pupil/figure kind layout faculty with much less trainer interaction. Not a wealth of statistics is to be had from their website as to what the function of the trainer is.

If you’re a parent that desires to have more of the “trainer” roll for your baby’s schooling,  this could be the appropriate school for you. The internet site hyperlink at the lowest of the page is where you can locate touch records at the side of greater data on instructors.

Bible Classes

  • Hebrew History: Kings of Israel
    Bible Doctrines
  • New Testament: Jesus and His Followers
  • Old Testament: Genesis

Physics (honors)
(prerequisite—Algebra 1)
Consumer Math
Business Math
Spanish 1
Spanish 2 (honors)
(prerequisite—Spanish 1)
Speech (one sem.)
Keyboarding (typing)

Cost of Tuition
Grades 7–12 Payment In Full Payment Plan:
– $250 down and 6 month-to-month payments of $eighty four.Sixteen
** Total value of this fee option = $755.00

Grades 7-12 Tuition and Books “Best Value” Option:

– $250 down and 6 month-to-month bills of $129.Sixteen
** Total fee of this charge choice = $1,0.5.00

Individual Courses:
Grades 7–12
• Accredited courses available for grades nine–12
• Independent Study courses to be had for grades 7–12
• DVD or Video Streaming Options
Tuition for Individual Courses = $320 consistent with credit score
Books $75
Tuition & Books “Best Value” for Individual Courses = $395 in keeping with credit

Please Note:
• Tuition Only — Includes use of videos, the video guide, and development reports. Also blanketed with the training at no additional fee are the Test/Quiz books and Test/Quiz keys.
• Tuition & Books — Includes all gadgets in the Tuition Only bundle, plus all pupil workbooks and instructor substances. More information to be had on their internet site furnished in the link under.

A Beka Academy’s Website Link…click on right here!


Cornerstone Christian Schools is accredited via AdvancED the biggest accreditation institution, along with The Association of Christian Schools International and the International Christian Accrediting Association.

Cornerstone Christian Schools is licensed by way of the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission and is recognized by way of the State of Texas Education Agency and the State Commissioner of Education.

Teacher Access
Cornerstone Christian Schools offers a one on one scholar to instructor surroundings with instructors that maintain a minimum of a 4-yr diploma and every instructor is nation certified of their prospective regions. Parents can be confident that Cornerstone Christian Schools instructors and curriculum meet high standards.

Bible Classes

  • Bible – 3rd thru eighth
  • ninth – New Testament Survey
  • 10th – Old Testament Survey
  • 11th – Bible Doctrine
  • 12th – Christian Faith and Living


  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Business Computer Information Systems
  • Civil War
  • College Planner
  • Digital Arts
  • Essentials of Business
  • Foundations for Living
  • High School Health
  • Music Appreciation
  • Music Theory
  • Personal Financial Literacy
  • Physical Education
  • Physical Fitness
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II
  • Speech
  • Trigonometry
  • Twentieth Century American History
  • Vietnam Era
  • State History

Tuition Cost

  • $150 – First-time Student Registration Fee
  • $one hundred – Re-Enrollment or element-time college students (for returning students – no placement checking out.)
    Part-Time students can also check in for .5 to 3.5 publications.
    Students with four or greater guides are taken into consideration complete-time college students.
  • $400 according to on line complete-credit score path
  • $200 in line with half of-credit (semester) direction

(All 2016-17 courses will mirror an increase at $450 consistent with complete-credit path and $225 for half-credit score direction)

Additional charges:

  • Graduation Fee – $50
    The commencement fee covers diploma and professional transcript handiest.
  • MAP Testing Fee – $50
    Standardized testing charge required of all college students in grades 3 thru eleven.
  • Lab Fees – $50
    Chemistry and Biology charge for digital labs on an external website.

Payment Plans:
Registration fees are billed at time of registration. CCS Online School offers a tuition price plan, for full-time college students best, as follows:

  • 1st fee – 50% of Total Tuition – Due after placement, before curriculum is assigned.
  • 2nd price – 50% of Total Tuition – Due 120 days after first training fee.
    Payment 2 ought to be made before 2nd-semester publications can be activated.

Note: Tuition may be paid by way of debit or credit card handiest. This statistics and lots more can be discovered at the college’s website link that I actually have furnished below.