Do you stay in India and you’re into jewelry? Here is a life-time opportunity to end up famous thru the Jewelers Choice Design Awards in 2021.

Indian Jeweler mag (IJ) invites earrings manufacturers, retailers, and architects from throughout India to participate in Jewelry Design competition  2021 India and also use the platform to exhibit their creativity to the sector.

It’s time to take step one to turn out to be the celebrities of the valuable stones and jewelry enterprise in India.

It is our lifestyle to honor and apprehend art, creativity, and innovation at the best degree and to offer a platform to offer to the global.

The 2021 edition of JJS-IJJCDA this 12 months have to be larger and better than before, to attain unheard of degrees of consciousness, prestige and media insurance.

About the Jewelry Design Competition

The 8th edition of JJS-IJ Jewelers Choice Design Awards, the prestigious awards ceremony acknowledges and honors the top notch designs by using hooked up in addition to upcoming designers, manufacturers, and stores, whose works can be the muse for the many.

From biggest and renowned earrings houses to a budding fashion designer or newly established retailer, jewelers Choice Design Awards highlight only people who are the high-quality inside the enterprise.

Over the beyond seven years, jewelers Choice Design Awards has honored pinnacle earrings design skills from across India. It has been our tradition to salute and understand the best stage of art, creativity, and innovation and present a platform to showcase it to the world.

Level/Field of Study

The opposition has three classes –

  • Dancing Stone
  • Platinum
  • Tahitian Pearl.

Their respective themes are New Fashion Tech, Platinum Attitude, and Asymmetric Perfection. Design entries need to mirror the desired subject matter while highlighting the respective fabric’s excellent features.

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Host Nationality

Jewelers Choice Design Awards is hosted by means of Indian Jeweler mag in India.

Eligible Nationality for Jewelry Design Competition 2021 India

Jewelry Design Competition 2021 is for Indian students.

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Jewelers Choice Design Awards Worth

All triumphing works within the category might be featured inside the December-January 2021 issue of Jewelry Design Competition.
• All winners and finalists within the category can be blanketed inside the IJ Jewelers’ Best of the Best Award, if you want to be despatched with the January or February issue of IJ.
• All winners and finalists get hold of an IJ Jewelers’ Choice Award emblem and support fabric to sell their prize.
• All winners within the category get hold of an IJ Jewelry Choice Design Award on the awards ceremony.

• All winners and finalists within the category acquire a certificates from the organizer.

Number of Jewelers Choice Design Awards:

The variety of jewelers Choice Design Awards supplied annually is not particular.

Eligibility for Jewelers Choice Design Awards

  • Eligible Entrants: The contest is open to businesses and people who design, manufacture and sell earrings. For agencies coming into the united states, the individual filing a registration on behalf of a organisation ought to be at the least 18 years antique at the time of entry and be duly legal to behave on behalf of that enterprise.
  • Attendees need to be at the least 18 years of age at the time of registration. Employees (and their near family and household individuals) of “IJ Magazine” or “JH Group” (“Organizer”), their mother and father, affiliates, affiliates, advertising and marketing, and sales organizations or different sponsoring businesses. Charges are not eligible. Where there may be no law forbidden.
  • Eligible cash: To be eligible, the jewel must be (i) commercially to be had, (ii) be of unique layout and (iii) meet the necessities of the class (everyday and specific) for each class in which it’s far sold. Is saved.

The requirements for the class are listed below.

  •  A design that has been assigned someplace can not participate.
  • Creations/earrings made in 2017-2018 can only take part.
  • The product classes are supposed for jewelry producers handiest.
  •  Best of the Best categories are for jewelry stores and outlets wherein manufacturers take part.

Requirements of the overall layout category:
• Each access must be commercially to be had. A single piece can be entered so long as it’s far commercially available.
• Prototypes and/or CAD drawings can be disqualified. Send handiest snap shots of the completed earrings.
• Half-uprights need to be marked with a center factor so citizens can see the drawing. You must specify inside the description if the fee applies handiest to the semi-assembly. The class selected for a semi-meeting need to refer handiest to the rate of the semi-meeting, excluding the center stone.
• All-herbal diamond rings (ie Degraded) need to comply with the Kimberley Process Guarantee System.

Specific category request:

Only herbal diamonds. Stones created by means of the laboratory will not be ordinary. All remedies (lasers, HPHT) ought to be disclosed. The access may additionally incorporate a single item (instance: a necklace or earrings, not each).

Only herbal stones. All remedies must be announced. Synthetic and laboratory stones are not popular for this class. The access may contain a single item (instance: a necklace or earrings, not each)

At least 18 ct. Yellow, White, Pink, and Multi-Tone are all certified. The entry ought to include simplest one item (for instance a necklace or rings, now not each).
Designer rings:

participation only in clothier labels. The disclosure of plastics, gems created inside the laboratory is necessary. All treatments have to be announced. In this category, synthetic and laboratory stones can be accepted. Minimum of 18 carats or ninety two.Five of silver. The access need to comprise only one object (example: it have to be a necklace or jewelry, not both).

CZ Jewelry:

The disclosure of plastics, gemstones created within the laboratory is needed. All remedies have to be announced. Synthetic and laboratory stones can be prevalent for this class. The access must include only one object (for instance a necklace or rings, now not both).

The class includes bridal earrings (ie the combination of a necklace, rings, rings, bracelets, and so forth.) of Mangalsutras.

  •  Temple earrings of the year:

At least 18-carat gold. The yellow, antique and multi-tone are qualified. Gems and semi-precious stones may be used.

Temple rings is to be had in distinct designs including:
(i) Traditional like waves, dots, and features.
(ii) A pattern such as floral shapes like a lotus flower, birds like a peacock and swans.
(iii) A summary along with zig-zag and dispersion of paperwork.
(iv) Temple drawings which include gods and goddesses, dancers and royal collectible figurines.

Jewelry of the year based on topics – Architecture:

Jewelry directly stimulated by homes, monuments or cities. Jewelers and designers must create cutting-edge, practical and aesthetic designs in terms of appearance and sense. All sorts of alloys (metals) are certified. No legal add-ons The entry can handiest incorporate one object (instance: a necklace or earrings, not each)

A minimum of 14 carats of gold and 750 in silver is everyday. Accessories may additionally include hairpins, hairpins, cufflinks, tie pins, a brooch, a pen, a smartphone case/clip, a purse, a pockets, a handbag, a calangi, and buttons, and so forth.

How Do I Apply for the Jewelers Choice Design Awards in India

Submit your Applications to IJ Attn Magazine: IJ Jewelers Choice Design Awards
Indian Jeweler Magazine, Journal House, Colony A-ninety five Janta, Jaipur – 302004 India
• Submissions need to be acquired with the aid of August 31.
• To be whole, an access must consist of:

(1) a completed and signed registration shape (complete all fields);

(2) pix on CD that meet the photo submission criteria set out in the software shape; and

(3) price of the registration fee calculated in accordance with the registration/processing fee desk indicated on the registration shape.
• Delayed and incomplete entries might be disqualified. Once submitted, no additional or substituted images or copies can be ordinary.
• You can send as many entries as you need and you may input a guide in numerous classes. Each submission for every category calls for a separate submission shape, a picture submission CD and charges (for example, one piece is needed for diamond jewelry and gold rings at Rs 2). , 50,000), a separate registration shape, a photograph CD and costs for every class).

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Closing date of the Jewelry Design Competition 2021 India

Application Deadline for jewelry Design Competition 2021 India is yet to be introduced via the organizers of this contest. .

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