Thinking approximately how to end up a participant inside the Atlas Corps fellowship but don’t recognize how? Are you faced with the project of setting up that thoughts touching utility so that you may be taken into consideration?

Well, don’t fear your quite head, we’ve crafted the 6 Sure pointers for Applying for Atlas corps fellowship, all simply as a way to come up with the status of being part of a life-changing enjoy.

What is Atlas corp?

Atlas Corps is an overseas fellowship for the world’s high-quality social trade leaders. Their undertaking is to address vital social troubles by using growing leaders, strengthening organizations, and promoting innovation through an remote places fellowship of skilled social zone specialists.

Below are all you want to make your application and be in your way to extremely good heights,!!

Biography Of Atlas Corps Fellowship

Asides your finished essays, your “Bio” is possibly one of the most important parts of your utility bundle.

Your 300-word bio may want to regularly be the figuring out component on whether you get into the Fellowship or now not. It is what capability Host Organizations examine earlier than selecting which applicant to interview for feasible selection.

Your bio summarizes the whole lot about you in 300 words and must provide an insight into who you are. If your bio is susceptible and not written well, it could hurt your possibilities, so I’ll recommend you pay proper interest to this.

Atlas Corps affords suggestions on a way to write your bio, and I’ll advise you follow the layout. Another method of getting this done is to get expert help in this regard, with a purpose to ensure that your bio efficiently tells your tale.

Sure recommendations for Applying for Atlas corps fellowship

To observe once and grow to be a beneficiary, follow this full manual below:

#1. Get Recommendations and Referrals

The first Sure tips for Applying for Atlas corps fellowship is to get advice and referrals.

As an Alumni of the Atlas Corps Fellowship, I have the possibility to refer and recommend sure exquisite folks who could be a great healthy for the Fellowship and could gain both for my part and professionally from the experience. Referrals and suggestions virtually don’t result in automatic selection for the Fellowship, it, however, complements as well as boosts your possibilities.

Remember that referrals and hints will not come from individuals who do now not know you for my part or who aren’t privy to your paintings and impact in the nonprofit area, so I’ll recommend you reach out to preceding Atlas Corps Fellows whom you realize nicely, and who are willing to write down a recommendation letter to your behalf. Please, don’t simply attain out to Fellows to invite for guidelines, it can no longer without difficulty come if there’s no previous relationship or credibility installed among both events. As stated, suggestions don’t cause automatic choice, however it does assist improve your chances.

#2. Engage someone to examine thru your software

While writing your essays, I’ll suggest that you depart gaps of an afternoon or two or even greater, relying on how much time you’ve got left in an effort to take a clean look another time at your essays. You’ll look at which you’ll frequently have areas to adjust and amend when you read it with a couple of “clean eyes.” Once that is accomplished, and you’re glad with the final results, it’s first-class to attain out to someone to help undergo, critique, or evaluation your essays.

For instance, I ask for not anything much less than 2-weeks to revert on any essays sent to me for assessment. Don’t make the error of sending your essays an afternoon to the deadline of submission, that doesn’t work and places unnecessary pressures on all events involved. Respect the time and schedule of your reviewer and ensure you get across to them very early.

#three. Take control of Your accomplishments 

Sometimes, we sense what we have done isn’t true enough or isn’t top notch enough so that you can get into the Fellowship. But, take into account that you want to present yourself permission to very own your accomplishments. It isn’t surely about how large your effect has been, several elements are considered in choosing who makes it into the Fellowship. Whatever your tale and accomplishments have been, “own” it, be pleased with it, and be confident enough to permit others into your global through sharing them.

#4. Provide Illustrations and data

Your essay reviewers may additionally maximum possibly be individuals who aren’t from your u . S . A ., and won’t be aware of sure facts and facts that you’re aware of. So, it’s very crucial that you provide as tons designated however concise background information when answering sections of your essay. Data, numbers, stats, and figures are very vital.

Rather than say “via my work, I have impacted the lives of younger humans in my community,” you could better positioned it this way, “through my paintings as the founding father of Let Girl’s Learn, a nonprofit employer based in Nairobi Kenya which makes a speciality of defensive the rights of the younger female’s in gaining access to exceptional education, we’ve impacted over 500 young girl’s by using supplying them get admission to to steering and counseling which has enabled them to make higher career picks and brought about over 250 gaining admission to the University of Nairobi over the last five years.”

#5. Provide  essays solutions  thoughtfully and actually

Lastly, that is another Sure tips for Applying for Atlas corps fellowship.

Getting into a Fellowship including Atlas Corps absolutely comes with a few level of expectancies concerning your in shape for the Fellowship, and how it may exchange your expert profession and trajectory. In a bid to put your satisfactory foot ahead, I virtually can’t overemphasize the significance of answering all essay questions thoughtfully and unquestionably. Remember that records don’t lie, and claims can continually be validated thru reference exams and other manner, so it’s very crucial which you make certain your responses competently addresses and answers the questions posed, and to ensure which you’re straightforward and sincere in them all.

What must I do after application?

After you’ve submitted your application, there’s regularly a ready length. Some waited for approximately three years before stepping into the Fellowship, and some got selected almost at once after applying. There’s just no difficult or rapid rule to this, cos there’s lots of factors that come into play.

After submission, I wouldn’t recommend which you preserve checking your emails to see if you’ve been shortlisted, just flow on and maintain being the splendid person which you are. With or with out the Fellowship, you’re going to maintain impacting and converting lives undoubtedly. If the congratulatory e-mail you’re watching for is available in, then I may as well say congratulations earlier.

If for any motive you’re not selected for a particular utility cycle, take into account that there are other cycles that you can continually get decided on into so long as you choose to remain inside the pool of applicants.